The Ritualization of Mormon History and Other Essays

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How did the Latter-day Saints of the nineteenth century defend their unpopular plural marriage system? What kind of poetry was written on the Mormon frontier, and what social function did it perform?
In a collection intended to convey the excitement and variety of Mormon history, the respected Mormon historian Davis Bitton considers these and other issues, showing how a religious group survives and maintains its sense of identity in the face of change and adaptation to new circumstances.
Bitton not only presents the Mormon case for polygamy but places it in the context of nineteenth-century American political-social rhetoric. He narrates and analyzes the stormy case of B.H. Roberts, who was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives but was refused his seat because of polygamy. His exploration of the life of Brigham Young, Jr., relies on his subject’s unpublished journals and finds this namesake of a famous father a fascinating example of the transition from the nineteenth to the twentieth century.
In the title essay, Bitton shows how Mormons have simplified and memorialized their history in monuments, parades, pageants, and print. He also considers whether Mormons, in ritualizing their own history, are doing what all Americans do.

Great Stories from Mormon History

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Looking for some real heroes for your children? This book is full of them: men and women from the early days of the Church who stayed strong through enormous trials and witnessed incredible miracles. Watch Church history come alive for your family as you share these inspiring experiences, some from prophets and Church leaders, others from Saints whose stories are less well known but just as exciting. A marvelous resource book for home evenings and children’s talks, Great Stories from Mormon History is a classic you and your children will return to again and again.Used Book in Good Condition

500 More Little-Known Facts in Mormon History

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This colorful and informative collection is a great sequel to George Givens’ popular 500 Little-Know Facts in Mormon History. For example, did you know . . .

* At a special conference in Nauvoo, Sidney Rigdon was sustained as a Counselor to Joseph Smith in spite of the Prophet’s objections
* When Johnston’s army marched through Salt Lake City, one single soldier removed his hat in respect for the Mormons. Who was it, and why?
* Many have speculated over whether or not Joseph and Hyrum were wearing their temple robes at the time of their martyrdom in Carthage. Here’s John Taylor’s definitive statement on the subject.
* Martin Harris returned to the church late in life; read about how he was found in Kirtland by a family member returning from a mission to England and invited to join the Saints in Utah where he spent the remainder of his days.Used Book in Good Condition

Prince Malkijah – The Missing Chapter of Book of Mormon History, Geography, and Prophecy


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This title is not fiction, but the true account of Prince Malkijah, otherwise known as “Mulek” in the Book of Mormon. Prince Malkijah was the only remaining heir of the Judean Empire through King Zedekiah, and God brought him to America to preserve the Royal Davidic Bloodline. In the Book of Mormon, the Jaredites were a people whom God destroyed because they would not repent and turn to Him. Their lands and promises were forfeited and given to the people of Prince Malkijah and the tribe of Judah, not Nephi or the tribe of Joseph. The author clearly establishes that the family of Lehi (& tribe of Joseph) forfeited Book of Mormon lands by bringing with them wicked Laman & Lemuel (& the wicked sons and daughters of Ishmael). Most wars in the Book of Mormon were the result of the wicked whom they brought with them. The author makes the case that Sariah bears the title of “The most wicked person in the Book of Mormon” because she would not leave her wicked sons behind. The author establishes that the entire Book of Mormon narrative whitewashes this family dynamic and rewrites land prophecies and promises to favor the tribe of Joseph and the Nephites when the truth is, the lands were given to Prince Malkijah, and the promises and prophecies should be understood through the tribe of Judah. The author postulates that the Royal Davidic Bloodline was preserved in the ships of Hagoth and that the descendants of Prince Malkijah relocated to the Toronto area and are now found among the nations of the Iroquois Confederacy in western New York. The story goes deep into the details of who may have traveled with Prince Malkijah and explains how the Urim and Thummim and High Priest’s Breastplate made it to America. Mormon purposely left out the history of Mulek and the source of these sacred items in an attempt to sanitize the “Nephite record” of any credit going to the tribe of Judah. The book clears up conflicting Book of Mormon Geography details and traces exactly where Prince Malkijah landed and where they settled. It also bears out with specificity how the New Jerusalem prophecies were fulfilled by the “Remnant of the Seed of Jacob” and defines who that remnant is, dispelling all myths about any “special” remnant by the self-righteous, disenfranchised Mormon Church offshoots. The author shows parallels between Lehi being led far from Book of Mormon lands (they landed deep in Lamanite territory) and Joseph Smith being removed from Book of Mormon lands (western NY to Kirtland OH) – both because they refused to adhere to the requirements of God strictly. The vision of the Tree of Life was a warning to both Lehi and Nephi not to bring wicked Laman and Lemuel.

Mormon Rebellion, The


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Archival documents and stunning re-creations bring the defining moments of the standoff to life, and Mormon historians explore the legacy it left behind. THE MORMON REBELLION reveals the truth behind an often-overlooked chapter in American history.Factory sealed DVD

Mormon Polygamy: A History

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 In this comprehensive survey of Mormon Polygamy, Richard Van Wagoner details, with precision and detachment, the tumultuous reaction among insiders and outsiders to plural marriage. In an honest, methodical way, he traces the origins, the peculiarities common to the midwestern and later Utah periods, and post-1890 new marriages. Drawing heavily on first-hand accounts, he outlines the theological underpinnings and the personal trauma associated with this lifestyle.

What emerges is a portrait that neither discounts nor exaggerates the historical evidence. He presents polygamy in context, neither condemning nor defending, while relevant contemporary accounts are treated sympathetically but interpreted critically. No period of Mormon history is emphasized over another. The result is a systematic view that is unavailable in studies of isolated periods or in the repetitions of folklore that only disguise the reality of what polygamy was.

Scattered throughout the western United States today are an estimated 30,000 fundamentalist Mormons who still live “the principle.” They, too, are a part of Joseph Smith’s legacy and are included in this study.

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500 Little-Known Facts in Mormon History

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Do you know?
* What happened to the stone box that held the gold plates?
* There were once two other sacred buildings scheduled to be built in Kirtland?
* Which apostle died before he knew he had been called to the Quorum of the Twelve?
* Why Relief Society Meetings were suspended for 23 years?
* The name of the Indian chief who consecrated all of his tribe’s property to the Church?
* Who was ordained an apostle at age eleven?
* How Teddy Roosevelt tried to help the Saints?
* Plus hundreds more interesting facts from LDS Church history!Used Book in Good Condition

Mormon Genesis


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Mormon Genesis is a comprehensive secular study of the development and maintenance of the Mormon (LDS) scriptural community, including its scriptures, rites and official establishment of the faith. These Rocky Mountain (Latter-day) Saints arguably constitute the first scriptural community since Islam. Like the Jews with their Torah, the Christians with their New Testament, and the Muslims with their Qur’an, the Mormon community of believers derive their identity and even their sobriquet (Mormon) from their own foundational scripture, the Book of Mormon. This text posits a thousand-year history of Israelites in pre-Columbian America, with a population in the millions, and over forty cities by 200 BCE. The world is changing. Extensive high-tech archaeology has been done throughout the Americas. The Mayan writing system has been deciphered, yielding king lists, city names and religious inscriptions. The Egyptian hieroglyphs have been deciphered, enabling scholars to translate the Joseph Smith (so-called Abraham) papyri. DNA research has been done, not only on living descendants of pre-Columbian populations, but an increasing number of ancient human remains. This represents serious challenges to the keystone scriptures, which make a number of unusual assertions that are amenable to objective testing. The level of official LDS concern can be gaged by the major assets allocated to institutions and researchers at Brigham Young University to defend the faith. Mormon Genesis evaluates some of their more striking claims, and the origins and development of the movement. With 45 tables, it presents information and data sets never before published.