The Dark Horse

By James Napier Robertson

An inspiring true story based on the life of charismatic and brilliant chess champion, Genesis Potini. His emotionally-charged story is about finding the courage to lead, despite his own struggles – finding purpose and hope in passing on his gift to the children of his community.

Blood Road

By Nicholas Schrunk

Rebecca Rusch is among the greatest female ultra-endurance mountain bikers in the world. Although she’s used to pushing her body to its limit, nothing could prepare her for the emotional journey she took in 2015 when she pedaled 1,200 miles of the Ho Chi Minh trail in search of the crash site that claimed the life of her father during the Vietnam War. Joined by Vietnamese competitive biking champion Huyen Nguyen, Rusch travels through the dense jungles of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. While Nguyen helps Rusch understand the cultural context of her quest, the women forge a deep bond triggered by a shared experience of war and loss. They also glean the tragic history of the ‘Blood Road,’ which leads them through the heart of darkness and into the light of local villages and Buddhist monasteries still marked by the painful relics of war, and populated by generous townspeople who share their stories. Throughout her journey, Rusch continues to synthesize how her family’s story flows into the river of history that continues to define the lives of generations of Southeast Asian people.

Werner Herzog Film Collection: Fitzcarraldo

By Werner Herzog

Fitzcarraldo is an obsessed opera lover who wants to build an opera in the jungle. To accomplish this he first has to make a fortune in the rubber business, and his cunning plan involves hauling an enormous river boat across a small mountain with aid from the local Indians.

What We Started

By Bert Marcus & Cyrus Saidi

Featuring a powerful cast of electronic dance music superstars, including Carl Cox and Martin Garrix, this critically acclaimed documentary explores the past, present and future of electronic dance music. What We Started is the definitive film of the genre, and includes an exclusive look into a widely misunderstood and well-insulated industry on its way to global domination.

Police Story: Lockdown

By Ding Sheng

Police Captain Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan) knows all about sacrifice. He’s always been too busy chasing bad guys to be a father to his daughter Miao (Jing Tian). Tonight, he’s seeing her for the first time in years – and meeting her fiancé, club owner Wu Jiang (Liu Ye). But Wu knows Zhong. And his plans for the evening include taking Miao, Zhong, and the entire club hostage. Zhong knows about sacrifice. What will he give up to save his daughter?

Still Bill

By Bill Withers

Still Bill is an intimate portrait of soul legend Bill Withers, best known for his classics “Ain’t No Sunshine,” “Lean On Me,” “Lovely Day,” “Grandma’s Hands,” and “Just the Two of Us.” With his soulful delivery and warm, heartfelt sincerity, Withers has written the songs that continue to resonate deeply within the fabric of our times. Filmmakers Damani Baker and Alex Vlack follow Withers and offer a unique and rare look inside the world of this fascinating man. Through concert footage, journeys to his birthplace and interviews with music and sports legends, his family and closest friends, STILL BILL presents the story of an artist who has written some of the most beloved songs of our time and who truly understands the heart and soul of a man.

Jack Johnson: En Concert

By Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson:: En Concert A Live Film and Album. Words by Emmett Malloy (filmmaker) I began making films about 10 years ago with Jack. We became good friends right away, and seemed to be into the same sort of films, but both of us did not know a whole lot about the process. So we started with what we knew best.making surf films. We made a couple of films together, and it wasn’t long before Jack figured out making music was his real calling. So I lost my favorite cinematographer in Jack, but gained a new favorite musician. Now several years later, I have been lucky enough to be able to document the last decade of Jack’s music career. This past summer, a couple of friends and I went to Europe with Jack and his band for a tour supporting his last record, Sleep Through the Static. We brought a couple of cameras and microphones because it seemed like a great tour to capture. Jack Johnson::En Concert was the result of that decision. There was a point in the middle of the European tour where I was on stage behind Jack as he sang one of his most intimate love songs, “Better Together”. Looking through my lens I focused in on Jack standing alone in front of 20,000 fans. Lighters and cell phones lit up the crowd, illuminating most all of the audience that was singing along. It was the biggest backup vocal section I had ever witnessed, and it looked and sounded beautiful. As I focused my camera on the crowd, I began to see all the details of the fans. What went through my head was that we were in Paris, France, and suddenly the language barrier had no restrictions. Everyone knew the translation for Jack’s simple message, that “it’s so much better when we’re together.” This connection with the fans continued to happen in every country we traveled to around the world. These simple messages and testaments of love and family are what make Jack’s music so popular around the globe. As the filmmaker I really enjoyed being able to document the honest relationship between an artist and his fans. No matter where we were in the world that year, it was clear that everyone understood and believed in what Jack was singing about. Jack Johnson:: En Concert is a documentation of Jack and his band playing some of the most historic venues throughout Europe, and everything interesting they did in between shows. Jack really does not like to be on the other side of the lens. Getting a shot of him is kind of similar to getting a shot of the Loch Ness Monster; it’s a rare occurrence. Surprisingly, he let our cameras really join him on this tour. I just knew that I better keep a guitar or surfboard in his hands, because with either of those weapons he seemed to never know we were there. Enjoy the film. Emmett Malloy JACK JOHNSON EN CONCERT

Transylvania 6-5000

By Rudy de Luca

Tabloid reporters Jack Harrison (Jeff Goldblum) and Gil Turner (Ed Begley, Jr.) are sent to Transylvania with two choices: find the Frankenstein monster or find new jobs. But before the jumpy journalists can dig up their big story, they must first face the horrors of an extremely clumsy butler (Michael Richards), a nymphomaniac vampire (Geena Davis) and a semi-mad doctor (Joseph Bologna), as well as assorted mummies, werewolves and more Transylvanian oddballs. Can these two bumbling heroes unravel this monstrous mystery or are they in for some very scary surprises? John Byner, Carol Kane, Jeffrey Jones and Norman Fell co-star in this hilarious horror spoof written and directed by Rudy DeLuca (co-writer of Caveman and High Anxiety). For laughs, screams and a good time, call TRANSLYVANIA 6-5000!

Scary Movie 5: Unrated Version

By Malcolm Lee

The SCARY MOVIE franchise is back with hilarious send-ups of the latest and greatest horror and genre movies including PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, MAMA, SINISTER, THE EVIL DEAD, INCEPTION, BLACK SWAN, and more. Laugh ‘til you cry with the biggest and baddest celebrities around including Ashley Tisdale, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Snoop Dogg, Katt Williams, Molly Shannon, Terry Crews, Simon Rex, Jerry O’Connell, Sarah Hyland, Katrina Bowden, Tyler Posey, Shad Moss aka Bow Wow, Kate Walsh, Heather Locklear, Mac Miller and Mike Tyson. Directed by Malcolm Lee (UNDERCOVER BROTHER) and written by David Zucker (AIRPLANE, NAKED GUN FRANCHISE) and Pat Proft (POLICE ACADEMY), SCARY MOVIE 5 will leave you in stitches.