Masters of Classical Music: Antonin Dvorák – Symphony No. 9

By Berlin Philharmonic, Claudio Abbado, Michael Beckerman, Antonín Dvořák, Paul Smaczny & Günter Atteln

The series Masters of Classical Music allows the listener to experience and enjoy great music from the Baroque period up to the present day in an entirely new way, offering a combination of documentary material and a complete performance of the featured work. This episode includes a live-recording of Antonín Dvorák’s popular Symphony No. 9 “From the New World” from the Teatro Massimo in Palermo in 2002 with the Berlin Philharmonic under Claudio Abbado. In the documentary explains host Michael Beckerman how Dvorák combined elements of American folk music with the great European symphonic tradition to create one of the most popular Romantic masterpieces.

Tranquil World: Relaxation With Music & Nature – Tropical Lagoons

By Unknown

Take a virtual vacation by the turquoise water of a lagoon. Hear the roar of the waves in the sea breaking against the reef in the distance, while walking barefoot along the soft white sand. The lagoon is like a huge tropical aquarium filled with fish and marine wildlife of the most sparkling colors of the rainbow. Relax and enjoy as birds sing from around a lagoon and waves lap gently on glistening sandy beaches. Experience a peaceful retreat to a remote tropical lagoon. Visiting a lagoon sanctuary drives a desire to explore and a longing for inner peace and quiet. Hear the roar of the sea in the distance. The banks of the coral reef keep breakers and waves at bay and give the lagoon its sense of warmth and security. Sunlit, glittering, turquoise water calms restless souls. Be captured by the aura of the lagoon with its white sandbanks, the splashes of the waves in the shallows and the beach covered with palm trees. This tropical world allows an escape from our performance-oriented society. Just for once, at least for a while, we can live without watches and appointments and give in to the ocean’s concept of time. Nature dictates the course of the day; daylight and temperature dictate time. We owe ourselves this escape to one of the last paradises. Open your mind and enjoy the harmony of the colors, scents and sounds…pause to rediscover inner peace, to listen to the music, to await the return of the pearl fishermen and to patiently watch the sun set on the sea. Find the feeling of warmth and security and once again begin to notice exotic flowers and glittering neon-colored shoals of fish. There are no fears hidden here in the solitude and the timelessness, for they have no place in nature’s harmony. On the contrary, learn to understand that man is not the measure of all things, that there must be a higher Might than man…who else could have created this wonder in perfect harmony? While we listen to the last birdcalls, sleep slowly overcomes us.

Rainforest Impressions: Tranquil World – Relaxation with Music & Nature

By Unknown

The voices of the deep… wildlife unite in harmony like an orchestra, on our way through the rainforests we are accompanied by a tropical requiem. The rainforests are the true paradises on this earth, for nowhere other than in this humid, warm climate has evolution offered us such a huge diversity of plants and animals. Melodious birdcalls begin a delightful excursion through the beautiful impressions of the rainforest. Enjoy a rich palette of relaxing sounds and views from one of the world’s most prolific ecosystems. A blanket of fog rises from the mist of the night, close and humid like a wall. Soon the triumphant sun peels back the fog to show us a sunlit forest. The fog disappears behind the cliffs and the wildlife announces daybreak. The liveliness can be felt from everywhere, from the musty vegetation on the ground to the upper layers of the jungle where the light from the sun makes everything shine and blossom. The diversity of animals and plants is more than can be taken in becoming part of the most wonderful tropical scenery. Giant ferns, orchids, and lianas accompanied by screeching parrots, bustling hummingbirds, colorful and playful butterflies, inhabit this tropical paradise. The gigantic trees grow as tall as 250 feet. The clouds that quench the thirst of the rainforest rise from under the gigantic treetops. For millions of years, a rainforest belt has been spreading on both sides of the equator across the continents. This is nature’s treasure trove, creation of a higher Might, surviving alone in a permanent state of evolution and decay. The original inhabitants, with their well-built bodies wet and shiny from the rain, move with grace, agility… how faraway his world is. Enjoy the visually and acoustically recorded impressions of the rainforest to help endure daily routines. Rainforest Impressions / Relaxation Soundtrack

Music from the Big House

By Bruce McDonald

In MUSIC FROM THE BIG HOUSE, Rita Chiarelli, Canada’s Queen of the Blues, takes a pilgrimage to the birthplace of the blues, Louisiana State Maximum Security Penitentiary a.k.a Angola Prison – what used to be the bloodiest prison in America. Rita’s trip turns into a historic jailhouse performance – playing with inmates serving life sentences. Their shared bond of music, and Chiarelli’s vivacious personality, draw striking revelations from the inmates. Rather than sensational stories of convicts, we witness remarkable voices of hope as their love of music radiates humanity and redemption on their quest for forgiveness.

Masters of Classical Music – Johann Sebastian Bach – Brandenburg Concertos

By Freiburger Barockorchester, Robert Levin, Johann Sebastian Bach, Paul Smaczny & Günter Atteln

The series Masters of Classical Music allows the listener to experience and enjoy great music from the Baroque period up to the present day in an entirely new way, offering a combination of documentary material and a complete performance of the featured work. The six Brandenburg Concertos rank among the undisputed favorites of all baroque fans. This episode includes a live-recording of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos from the Cöthen palace with the Freiburger Barockorchester. The Brandenburg Concertos have become a firm mixture in music education and an integral part of our international musical heritiage. In the documentary the internationally acclaimed pianist and Bach expert Robert Levin, explains the secret of the Brandenburg Concertos.

Irish Prayers: Irish & Celtic Music with Gregorian Chants (Tranquil World)

By Unknown

Mystic Ireland – rich in culture, forgotten, rediscovered and is now more popular than ever. Ireland’s musical tradition stretches far back into the past. Irish songs and ballads have many of their origins in the ancient Gaelic poetic tradition, and are characterized by idiosyncratic Irish rhythms and verse order. This is true of the prayers set to music here; they derive from the Middle Ages (parts of them have even come down to us in the Gaelic language), and they were collected and written down by Benedictine friars from the Emerald Isle. The music conjures up a mystical image of the atmosphere of long-ago days, a journey back into the roots of Celtic culture. Using the instruments native to Ireland such as the fiddle, harp and guitar ­ the mystical ballads presented here will carry you away into a world of harmony, calm and meditation. [1] ANTIPHON TO MARY: “O Frondens Virga” [2] SUNDAY MORNING: “Invocation of the Light” [3] PRAYER OF CEMETERY: “Joyful Resurrection” [4] SANCTI, VENITE: “Draw Near and Take the Body of the Lord” [5] GUARDIAN ANGEL PRAYER: “Angel of God” [6] IRISH FOLKTUNE [7] THE LORD’S PRAYER: “Our Father – Pater Noster – Ár n-Athair” [8] PSALM 150: “Praise God in His Holy Place” [9] NIGHT PRAYER I [10] ST. PATRICK’S BREASTPLATE: “Irish And Celtic Pray” [11] NIGHT PRAYER II: “O Come, Bless the Lord” [12] SUNDAY EVENING: “Evening Praise for the Light” Performed by ST. PATRICK BOYS / Words: Manuscripts and Book of Prayer, 16th century

Portraits: The Piano Music of Scott Wheeler

By Fern R Lopez

A behind-the-scenes look into the first major recording of Scott Wheeler’s piano music, including several musical portraits. Wheeler, best known for his operas, started composing musical portraits while studying under Virgil Thomson. The pieces are performed by pianist Donald Berman. It is hosted by Katie Northlich. Wheeler, Berman, and music producer Adam Abeshouse are interviewed. This documentary also features interviews with some of the portrait subjects: author Megan Marshall, artist Shane Crabtree, director Fern R Lopez, soprano Nancy L. Armstrong, and organist James Woodman. Excerpts from their musical portraits are heard so you can decide for yourself the first question that inevitably comes to mind: Does the portrait sound like it’s subject?