Dance Music of White and Black

By Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight

Jeanne’s revival boosts morale of the French army, as they clash with the English at the Tourelles complex. Jeanne and Ulysses Noire face off once again, however Jeanne becomes dismayed after finding out that Montmorency was engaged to Catherine.

Gumby Music Video / Lost in Chinatown

By The New Adventures of Gumby: The 1980s

Gumby Music Video: Lights! Camera! Action! Gumby and his band get to make their first music video and everyone pitches in. Lost in Chinatown: Minga and Granny head out to do some shopping in Chinatown, but while Granny is occupied, Minga decides to don a replica of a royal robe and do a little time traveling through a tapestry.