Angelina’s Fancy Tutu / Angelina and the Musical Theater

By Angelina Ballerina

Angelina recounts the story of how she found a fancy new tutu. Not only does she entertain her friends with her Cinderella parody, but she also has to do some creative problem solving to find the tutu’s rightful owner. Who could it be? When the stars of “Mousical the Musical” from New Cheese City have to cancel their scheduled performance at Camembert, Viki convinces her friends they can put on their own show. The mouselings’ disappointment quickly vanishes as they realize that in some ways, Viki’s routine is even better than the real thing — and, they get a very special surprise at the end!

HBO Storybook Musicals: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

By HBO Storybook Musicals

What a day Alexander is having! He’s got gum stuck in his hair, he trips on his skateboard and he can’t find his favorite glow-in-the-dark yo-yo. Things go from bad to worse in this charming animated musical based on the book by Judith Viorst.

A Musical Bridge

By Fame

Leroy (GENE ANTHONY RAY) openly challenges the school system with his antagonistic attitudes to all academics. Confronted with losing control of the class as well as her inability to reach Leroy as a student, Ms. Sherwood (CAROL MAYO JENKINS) discovers a shattering secret when she attempts to contact his parents before the situation reaches a crisis stage.Student-teacher differences also arise between Bruno (LEE CURRERI) and his mentor, Shorofsky (ALBERT HAGUE) when the lure of a recording contract momentarily detracts from studies which promise a more rewarding musical career.

And Musical Chairs

By Four Weddings

Editza will exchange vows in an all-Spanish, Christian ceremony while Tara will wed in a traditional Native American garden ceremony. But will they best Alana’s black tie wedding, complete with a yacht cruise or will Kati’s laidback approach win it all?

Sesame Street: Elmo the Musical

By Kevin Clash, Ken Diego & Joey Mazzarino

Get ready for a fun-filled musical adventure! Elmo stars in his very own musical, imagining himself as an athlete, a sea captain, the president, a prince and even in a circus! Everyone’s favorite furry red monster and his supporting cast must use their math skills to solve problems and save the day. Kids can sing, dance, play, problem solve, and imagine along with Elmo on these math-filled adventures.

Elmo’s Musical Adventure

By Emily Squires

Elmo and all your favorite Sesame Street characters get together to show how music and imagination can tell a story in this delightful Sesame Street special! The fun begins when Baby Bear goes to hear the Boston Pops Orchestra play the musical story of Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf,” where he imagines Elmo, Big Bird, Oscar and the rest of his Sesame Street friends as characters who help bring the story to life. The result is sheer Sesame Street magic, as Baby Bear and Elmo both learn the secret to making beautiful music!

Sesame Street 25th Birthday – A Musical Celebration!

By Mustapha Khan & Jon Stone

Everyone’s invited as Sesame Street celebrates its 25th birthday! The whole family will want to sing along with this special hour-long collection of favorite Sesame Street songs, featuring “C is for Cookie,” “Bein’ Green,” “Monster in the Mirror,” and many, many more! Ernie sings a medley of Duckie songs, including “Do De Rubber Duck,” “Put Down the Duckie,” “The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree,” and, of course, “Rubber Duckie.” Big Bird leads the whole cast in a rousing finale of “Sing.” You’re sure to treasure this wonderful collector’s edition of Sesame Street for years to come.

Sesame Street: Elmo the Musical, Volume 2 – Learn and Imagine

By Kevin Clash, Joey Mazzarino, Ken Diego, Scott Preston & Matt Vogel

It’s volume two of Elmo’s 7 math-filled musicals! Elmo is the “The Count-by-Two Kid” in his own cowboy musical. Will he be able to escort six kitty-cows through a canyon to the Double Double Dude Dude Ranch Ranch? Then imagine along with Elmo as he dons a detective hat to investigate the secret behind all the sneezing. Seven musicals of music, adventure, math, friendship and fun, little learners will love to sing along!