Only One Way Home: An inspirational novel of history, mystery & romance (The Rewinding Time Series) (Volume 2)

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Note to self: Do NOT fall in love with Matthias Frailey—he’s been dead for over 175 years!

Professor Merrideth Randall’s latest after-hours research project takes her and friends Abby and John to a small southern Illinois town, where with the help of her time-rewinding software they become virtual eyewitnesses to the arrival of the Cherokee via the Golconda Ferry on December 3, 1838. 

They cannot tear their eyes away from the unfolding tragedy—nor from Matthias Frailey’s heroic response to it. The people are herded down Main Street on their Trail of Tears, bound for the Oklahoma Country, while the townsfolk only watch, or even cheer. But not Matthias. He does what he can to help them, especially a very spirited—and very pregnant—woman named White Dove who insists on walking so others may ride in the wagons. 

After spending so much time inside Matthias’ head, Merrideth has no doubt that he is as kind and selfless as he appears to be, and so she must remind herself not to fall in love with a man who has been dead for over 175 years. 

Meanwhile, in the here and now, handsome Golconda historian Aaron Landis is doggedly pursuing her. And back home her McKendree College colleague Professor Brett Garrison keeps calling, impatient for her return. But are they—or any man—worthy of her trust? Too bad there isn’t a way to time-surf in their heads. Now that would be a dating tool she could really put to good use!

What Readers Are Saying…
Each novel adds new historical elements and develops more excitement between the characters than the last! Love the whole concept!” (Susan A Demoreston)

I think the author is one of the best I’ve read.”(Janis Maderia)

The story ties the past and present together with a ribbon of romance.” (Martha J. Biesk)

If you love old houses, history, and true romance, then these books are for you!!”

Everything Heal writes is riveting! I am torn between not being able to put it down, to trying to slow down, hoping to make these new friendships last!” (Barbara McCaslin)

The author doesn’t shy away from shining a light on some pretty horrific history, and it’s painful at times to read about, but while the history can be dark, there is hope and even joy to be found.”

Merrideth’s historical adventures and her search for love and faith continue with book 3 in the series, How Sweet the Sound

The Rewinding Time Series: Christian time travel with a unique twist—computer software that “time-surfs” through the history of old houses. It’s also squeaky-clean romance, guaranteed to be flinch-free. And the kind of historical fiction you like to read—believable! 

And check out the History Mystery Trilogy, the prequel to the Rewinding Time Series. Meet Professor Randall as a “bratty 11-year-old” and see the origin of her amazing computer program.

The Max Porter Box Set: Volume 2 (Max Porter Paranormal Mysteries Box Set)

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The magic continues when North Carolina history mixes with the paranormal in the Max Porter Paranormal Mysteries. This highly addictive series will keep you turning pages late into the night. Fun, funny, suspenseful, and scary, this omnibus edition includes THREE books in the bestselling series with hundreds of excitement-filled pages!

Times are rough for Max and Sandra. They’ve lost their income, live in a trailer, and struggle to make ends meet – all due to the resurrected Tucker Hull. To make matters worse, the ghost detective, Marshall Drummond, refuses to move on and resides in their trailer.

Barely able to afford food, they are desperate to get back on their feet. So, when Max’s sole client is murdered in the mysterious Baxter House, he knows they’ve reached the breaking point. And there’s only one way out – push on through.

Max, Drummond, and Sandra will face secret societies, stolen gold, hidden codes, the darkest magic, and of course, the Hulls. The only question – will they live through it all?

Max and Sandra Porter have encountered many frightening things in North Carolina — witches, curses, covens, and evil families to name a few — encounters that left them broke and broken. Now, just as Max and Sandra are getting their lives back together, they meet a pregnant woman convinced her house is trying to possess her baby.

But this is no ordinary haunted house.

Every avenue they investigate leads Max to the same daunting conclusion — there is no ghost doing the haunting. Yet something supernatural clearly is involved. Along with his trusty partner, the ghost of a 1940s detective named Drummond, Max will use all his skills and the aid of those he cares about to uncover the truth. But a long-hidden truth is a dangerous thing. For Max and Sandra, it might even be deadly.

When Max and Sandra moved to North Carolina, they walked into a world of ghost, witches, and curses. Over the years, and with the help of the ghost of 1940s detective Marshall Drummond, they have fought to build a life for themselves.

But now, it all goes on the line. No fight of their past can match what awaits when the Hull family and the Magi Group go to war. Caught between the magic and muscle of these groups, Max and Sandra will have to call in all the help they can find if they are to survive.

Only one thing is for sure. Everything will change.

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History of the United States, Volume 2

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This book was converted from its physical edition to the digital format by a community of volunteers. You may find it for free on the web. Purchase of the Kindle edition includes wireless delivery.

Maps, Mystery and Interpretation: 2. The Mystery: Oak Island Speculation (Volume 2)

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Oak Island in Perspective: The search for buried treasure lies, for most, in dreams and fantasy – requiring little to spark an interest which, for most people, rapidly fades. It is rare to find tangible and verifiable clues as to the existence of a treasure hoard. When treasure is found, it may have been pursued (for example, by metal detector), but is usually found by chance, and its location is more than likely random. This is not so with Oak Island. It is said that, in 1795, three young men discovered indications of a buried treasure on this island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. In a clearing, they found an oak tree with a tackle-block overhanging a depression in the ground. This opened up into a shaft that later excavation revealed to be over one hundred and twenty feet deep with a supposed treasure platform which, with the treasure within reach, crashed into the depths. Over the last two hundred years, exploration on the island has revealed many mysterious markers and ground features – but no treasure. The quest for answers to the mystery has generated much speculation. Who was responsible, and what, and where are its origins? In this work, the author looks at some of the thinking that has been applied to the Oak Island mystery, and the possible implications of the discovery of treasure maps that, for a time, were believed to have applied to the island and its treasure.

A Study of History, Vol. 2: Abridgement of Volumes VII-X

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Acknowledged as one of the greatest achievements of modern scholarship, Arnold Toynbee’s A Study of History is a ten-volume analysis of the rise and fall of human civilizations. Contained in two volumes, D.C. Somervell’s abridgement of this magnificent enterprise preserves the method, atmosphere, texture, and, in many instances, the very words of the original. First published in 1947 and 1957, these two volumes are themselves a great historical achievement. Volume 2, which abridges Volumes VII-X of Toynbee’s study, includes sections on Universal States, Universal Churches, Heroic Ages, Contacts Between Civilizations in Space, Contacts Between Civilizations in Time, Law and Freedom in HIstory, The Prospects of the Western Civilization, and the Conclusion.

Of Somervell’s work, Toynbee wrote, “The reader now has at his command a uniform abridgement of the whole book, made by a clear mind that has not only mastered the contents but has entered into the writer’s outlook and purpose.
Oxford University Press USA

It’s a Mystery, Volume 2: Puzzles of World War II

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“I have been interested in the Second World War since listening to my Grandparents’ conversations as a child and I’ve always enjoyed books on the subject. Cheryl Pula’s latest book ‘It’s a Mystery: Puzzles of World War II’ takes the reader on an intriguing journey through some of the major mysteries of the conflict – Rudolf Hess, The Philadelphia Experiment, The Amber Room, Glenn Miller and Raoul Wallenberg. A very good read and a must for anyone interested in WW II.” Lucy London, Granddaughter of a WW1 Old Contemptible who also served in WW II., England. “This really is a fascinating read. Although I knew about some of the subject matter already, Cheryl Pula goes into a lot more depth and really makes you want to find out more about these great conspiracies. I have seen movies about the Philadelphia Experiment and Raoul Wallenberg in the past but Cheryl’s research helps to separate fact from the fiction. Even if you are not keen on books about the Second World War, you are sure to find something of interest here.” Paul Breeze, Broadcaster & Media Consultant, “Another great book from Cheryl Pula. ‘It’s a Mystery’ sheds light on events that took place in WWII. This book is a great addition to her recent WWII series of the B-17 crews of the 8th Army Air Force. This one you cannot put down, every page is loaded with events that make you wonder. I recommend this book …” Joe Shay (Captain World Airways).

The Mandie Collection, Vol. 2: Books 6-10

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A New Five-in-One From Bestselling Author Lois Gladys Leppard

Mandie fans young and old alike will love reading or re-reading the young adventurer’s mysteries when they’re all wrapped up in the second volume of the MANDIE COLLECTION. Follow Mandie’s and Sallie’s terrifying kidnapping in Mandie and the Medicine Man, or join the excitement as Mandie and her friends follow a treasure map to find the hidden treasure in Mandie and the Hidden Treasure. This second volume also includes Mandie and the Charleston Phantom, Mandie and the Mysterious Bells, and Mandie and the Abandoned Mine.

The Ghost of Lady Liberty: A time travel historical fiction mystery book (Mysteries In History) (Volume 2)

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The adventure of a lifetime is only one click away!
Sid Cooper is a soon-to-be sixth-grader who loves history, travel and photography—which come together in this second chapter book in a series about travel and adventure while solving a mystery in history.
A visit to the Statue of Liberty takes an unexpected turn when Sid and his sister Meg are magically transported… over 130 years into the past, to when the pedestal was being built, and the statue was still in pieces waiting to be assembled!
Sid and Meg get a first-hand history lesson, but soon realize that the statue may never be built! Sightings of a ghost are scaring the construction workers, who plan to leave the island without completing the pedestal. How will Sid and Meg solve the mystery of the ghost of Lady Liberty and get back to the present?
In The Ghost of Lady Liberty, author Lyndon Cerejo transports young readers yet again on a time-travel adventure at another historic monument. They can follow along as Sid and Meg try to save history-and themselves-while learning about the Statue of Liberty. History, interesting facts, recent photographs and illustrations enhance the realistic narrative, making this an educational and entertaining book for readers aged 5-10.
Ananya Chopra, a sixth-grader like Sid, once again lends her talent to the Mysteries in History series, illustrating Sid’s journey to Lady Liberty in her friendly style.
Let your child open their minds and their hearts as they go on a journey back in time and learn about the Statue of Liberty. From her origins in France, to her delayed and challenging reconstruction in America. They will learn that she wasn’t always green, why her torch was replaced, why people can no longer climb up to her torch, and much more!
So let your child open their minds and their hearts to this exciting tale… as a magical land of adventure awaits!

An Uncommon History of Common Things, Volume 2

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This vivid, engrossing book reveals the fascinating stories behind the objects in your world, what you wear, what you eat, what entertains you, and more. Discover the history behind the world’s tallest skyscrapers, find out when people first started drinking caffeine and why it wakes us up, and learn how GPS came to be. 
For those who loved the first installment of An Uncommon History of Common Things come even more short entries illustrated by full color photos. These incorporate quirky anecdotes about the history of everyday objects, including the personalities and pitfalls along the path to innovation and unusual facts behind things we frequently see and use. Smart, surprising, and informative, this book is the ultimate resource for history and trivia buffs alike. Dive into these entertaining pages and let your curiosity to run wild!
 National Geographic Society

The Mystery of History, Volume II, Quarter 4: The Early Church and the Middle Ages

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The Mystery of History, Volume II (c. A.D. 33–1456), provides a historically accurate, Bible-based approach to learning the history of the Early Church and the Middle Ages. By incorporating hands-on activities along with reading, writing, and research projects, The Mystery of History offers something for all learning styles and supports all methods of education.

Chronological – Beginning with Creation, The Mystery of History four-volume series presents world history in chronological order, covering every significant corner of the globe. Volume II specifically focuses on people of the Early Church, like Paul, St. Augustine, and Jerome, and weaves them into the traditional stories of the Middle Ages, such as the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the invasion of the Vikings, and the Crusades of Richard the Lionhearted. In this exciting journey through time, students will also meet world figures like Vladimir I, El Cid, William Wallace, and Joan of Arc while learning about the Magna Carta, the Black Death, the Forbidden City, and much more.

Christian – The Mystery of History is distinctively written from a Christian worldview. Creation-based, Christ-centered, and standing on the authoritative Word of God, lessons in The Mystery of History are like fragments of a mosaic that, when put together, reveal a much bigger picture and tell a much larger story. They point toward God’s redemptive plan for mankind through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Complete – Divided into twenty-eight weeks of study (seven weeks per quarter), The Mystery of History, Volume II, is easy to use for one student at home, ten in a co-op, or hundreds in a school. Reading three lessons a week, students and teachers can implement any of the following components contained in this volume to make it a complete, customized course in the Early Church and the Middle Ages.

Ebook Edition: Each quarter of The Mystery of History, Volume II is sold separately and contains the lesson text found in the paperback version. To make a complete curriculum, you should also use the Companion Guide (available from which contains:
—The Companion Weekly Pretests
—Hands-on and Research Activities for Younger, Middle, and Older Students
—“Memory Cards” (student-made flashcards)
—“Wall of Fame” Timeline Instructions
—Mapping Exercises (with outline maps and answer keys)
—Cumulative Quizzes, Exercises, and Games
—Quarterly Worksheets
—Semester Tests
—Lists of “Supplemental Books and Resources” (divided by topic, lesson, and age level)
—Student Notebook Guidelines
—Grade Record Sheet

Other volumes in The Mystery of History series:
Volume II: Creation to the Resurrection (c. 4004 B.C.– c. A.D. 33–1456)
Volume III: The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations (1455–1707)
Volume IV: Wars of Independence to Modern Times (1708–2014)

Additional resources for The Mystery of History, Volume II:
Illuminations. A complete curriculum using The Mystery of History as its spine. Includes Bible, Literature, Geography, and much more!
The Mystery of History, Volume II, Super Supplemental CD — containing Challenge Cards, Coloring Pages, Notebooking Pages, and Folderbooks
The Mystery of History, Volume II, Reproducibles CD — for easy printing!
The Mystery of History, Volume II, Audio Book — read by the author

Linda Lacour Hobar, a native-born Texan, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baylor University where she first fell in love with world history. With seventeen years of homeschool experience, seventeen years in ministry with Campus Crusade for Christ, and several years of teaching all ages, Linda brings a wealth of perspective and a biblical worldview to the pages of history. Her warm, passionate, and personable writing style appeals to students young and old. Linda and her family presently reside in Tennessee.