Saint Dorinda Medley Prayer Candle – Virgin Mary – Celebrity Parody – Real Housewives


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Follow us on Instagram @SaturdayMorningGlow! Celebrate woman who make it nice with a prayer candle in honor of Saint Dorinda Medley of the Housewives of New York City as the Virgin Mother Mary. Original artwork on a clear label placed on a white unscented pillar. Designed in L.A., 2018. Candles will burn for 7 days. Never leave burning candle unattended. 8″ tall. If a package is returned or damaged, a refund will be issued.

Sociable: A Novel

$24.95 - $16.96

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“Extremely funny.” –Bethanne Patrick, The Washington Post

An exuberant comedy of manners set in the world of digital media, Sociable is a deliciously irreverent satire about the capriciousness of internet fame, the bewildering sexual mores of online dating, the preening male ego in the workplace, and about what it means to be young, broke, dumped, and scarily good at creating viral content.

When Elinor Tomlinson moved to New York with a degree in journalism she had visions of writing witty opinion pieces, marrying her journalist boyfriend, and attending glamorous parties with famously perverted writers. Instead, Elinor finds herself nannying for two small children who speak in short, high screams, sleeping on a foam pad in a weird apartment, and attending terrible parties with Harper’s interns wearing shapeless smocks and clogs. So when Elinor is offered a job at, the digital media brainchild of a Silicon Valley celebrity, she jumps at the chance. Sure, her boyfriend is writing long think pieces about the electoral college for a real website while Elinor writes lists about sneakers and people at parties give her pitying glances when she reveals her employer, but at Elinor discovers her true gift: She has a preternatural ability for writing sharable content. She is an overnight viral sensation! But Elinor’s success is not without cost. Elinor’s boyfriend dumps her, two male colleagues insist on “mentoring” her, and a piece she writes about her personal life lands her on local television. Destitute, single, and consigned to move to a fifth-floor walkup, Elinor must ask herself: Is this the creative life she dreamed of? Can new love be found on Coffee Meets Bagel? And should she start wearing clogs? With wry humor and sharp intelligence that skewers everyone from grand dame newspaper columnists to content farm overlords to peacoat-wearing lit bros, Sociable is a hilarious tale of one young woman’s search for happiness.

Cloud Frame CPF1051, 10.1″ IPS HD Touch Screen, free Cloud Storage, Google Play Store & Apple App Store app to send photos from smartphone to Cloud Frame. Movies, Social Media, Browser, multi-function

$129.95 - $117.71

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With the 10” cloud digital photo frame, you can have photos sent to and displayed to the frame from your computer, tablet, or smart phone so you can forget about having to connect to a such devices to have files transferred. Simply register the frame and have it connected to a Wi-Fi router and you can start setting up albums and slideshows to push to the frame from your device. You can send photos to the frame at home while still on your summer vacation so when you return, they’ll be right there already on display, or you can share your account information with family so they can share the experiences with you on the frame. There are 18GB of free storage readily available on this cloud frame (10GB of cloud storage and 8GB of internal storage) and for added memory, you can plug in a SD card or USB flash drive (up to 32GB). it doesn’t stop there. You can also access popular online photo hubs, including Flickr, picas, and snap seed as an additional photo display option. In addition to photos, you can also watch movies on Netflix and videos on YouTube…both available on the cloud frame. Add in social media options such as Facebook and Instagram, and you have an optimal amount of options to work with on this frame. To top it all off, this frame has an IPS touch screen to display photos and play videos in beautiful vibrant detailed color. Start watch your photos come to life on the CPF1051 10 inch cloud digital photo frame!

Included in packaging: frame, quick start Guide, AC adapter, and warranty card

Send photos to cloud frame from smart phone, computer, or tablet from anywhere in the world, and anyone that you please.
Store photos in free cloud storage and view photos sent from your family members and friends no matter the city, state, or Country they live in
Manage photos remotely from your smart phone. For example, you can manage your parents’ cloud frame in new York or grandparents’ cloud frame in Chicago from your home in Las angels
Share photos with your family members and friends using the unique grouping function. You can see photos they shared with you and they can see photos you shared with them
Multifunction with Netflix, YouTube, browser, social media, weather report, SD card port, USB flash Drive, touch screen, and more. Offers more than others. Unbeatable.

MightySkins Skin for LifeProof Next iPhone XR Case – Big City Monkey | Protective, Durable, and Unique Vinyl Decal wrap Cover | Easy to Apply, Remove, and Change Styles | Made in The USA


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Do You Want Your LifeProof NEXT iPhone XR Case To Look Different Than The Rest?

You’re in the right place because we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for! This Big City Monkey skin is the perfect way to show off your style! Or with hundreds of other MightySkins designs, you can be sure to find one that you’ll love, and that will show off your unique style!

Do You Want To Protect Your LifeProof NEXT iPhone XR Case?

With MightySkins your Gear is protected from scratches, dings, dust, fingertips, and the wear-and-tear of everyday use!

Cover your LifeProof NEXT iPhone XR Case with a beautiful, stylish decal skin and keep it protected at the same time!

Easy to apply, and easy to remove without any sticky residue!

Make your favorite gear look like new, and stand out from the crowd!

Order With Confidence – Satisfaction Guaranteed!

MightySkins are durable, reliable, made in our state-of-the-art production facility in the U.S.A., and backed by our satisfaction guarantee!

Product Details:

Vinyl decal sticker
Matte Finish
Ultra-Thin, Ultra-Durable, Stain Resistant
Hundreds of different designs
LifeProof NEXT iPhone XR Case is not included.SET THE TREND: Show off your own unique style with MightySkins for your LifeProof NEXT iPhone XR Case! Don’t like the Big City Monkey skin? We have hundreds of designs to choose from, so your LifeProof NEXT iPhone XR Case will be as unique as you are!
DURABLE PROTECTION FOR YOUR DEVICE: Manufactured with ultra-thin, ultra-durable, stain-resistant laminate vinyl in order to effectively protect your gear from dings, scrapes, dust, and the wear and tear of everyday use! MightySkins a SOFT vinyl skin cover, is not made of rubber, silicone or plastic & it is NOT a HARD case
GOES ON AND COMES OFF EASY: Apply your MightySkins vinyl decal easily & with precision on your LifeProof NEXT iPhone XR Case thanks to a patented low grip air release adhesive that’s built to last but removes easily and leaves no sticky residue when you’re ready to switch to a different design!
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help and customer satisfaction is our top priority! If you have any issues with your order or you’re not happy for any reason, just let us know and we’ll be there to help!
PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: Buy with confidence from an American owned and operated company! MightySkins are produced in our state-of-the-art facility in West Palm Beach, Florida, proudly made in the U.S.A.!

Real Sic York Enamel Pin NYC Lapel Pin – I Love York Souvenir Pin for Jackets, Backpacks, Bags, Hats & Tops


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Love where you’re from. Forget about it, it’s New York City!

Great little pin to show your love for the big city!

This series of pins are quite tiny, 1 inch across, don’t get this thinking it is a big, bold pin. This heart pin is super cute tiny size.

This super stylish pin can be yours! Just Grab this city pin by clicking “Add To Cart” Option

– 28mm wide, super cute
– Gold Nickel & Hard Enamel
– Single posted to be more secure
– Exactly what NYC needed, another I <3 NY WHO WE ARE
– Real Sic is a Unisex Fashion Accessories brand that promotes inclusivity and self-expression.
– Located in Athens, Georgia we design high-quality accessories in limited runs for the coolest people on Earth! Our enamel pins have been featured across Americas.
– We are a young, fiercely independent, international and inclusive company. We strive for the highest quality product along with the best customer service.
– Real Sic also creates small-batch runs of enamel pins for artists and organizations on a commission basis. Contact us to turn your design into a reality.
– Our line of products includes or will include: Keychains, watches, bracelets, sunglasses, bags and “new age basics”.FOR NEWYORK LOVERS – Love where you’re from. Forget about it, it’s New York City Pin!
PREMIUM QUALITY LAPEL PIN – We go above and beyond to use the highest quality material to deliver the best product to you. Black and Gold Hard Enamel
PERFECT SIZE – 28mm wide super cute city pin. Premium enamel pin, well-suited for denim, jackets, backpacks, suits, & shirts for men and women
SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Our label pins comes in a retail secured package
AMAZING GIFT – We Love Spreading Happiness! Share this pin with a loved one or yourself. Send us your pin photos by tagging us on Instagram, @realsic

Saint Sonja Morgan Prayer Candle – Virgin Mary – Celebrity Parody – Real Housewives


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Follow us on Instagram @SaturdayMorningGlow! Celebrate woman who make it nice with a prayer candle in honor of Saint Sonja Morgan of the Housewives of New York City as the Virgin Mother Mary. Original artwork on a clear label placed on a white unscented pillar. Designed in L.A., 2018. Candles will burn for 7 days. Never leave burning candle unattended. 8″ tall. If a package is returned or damaged, a refund will be issued.

Between Two Dogs

$17.99 - $7.00

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With a camera and a bucket of treats, Shaina Fishman set herself up in a photo studio and watched puppies and their parents at play. The result is a wealth of delightful, irresistibly cute images: dogs laughing, playing, sneezing, yawning, and finally cuddling and going to bed.

The lush, vivid photographs show a side of puppies that we’re usually not privy too—what they do when there’s no humans around. The images include dogs from a wealth of breeds, including golden retrievers, pugs, French bulldogs, dalmatians, and more! The dogs are big and small, young and old—some traditionally cute and a handful with a face that “only a mother could love” (and as you’ll see, she does!). And as a bonus, a model roster reveals the names and ages of the dogs, and some of their favorite treats and activities, so readers can get to know them. There’s also a foreword from Shaina revealing her photography process and insider information on getting a finicky pet to smile.

All photos inside are clear, crisp, and inviting—and without exception smile inducing. This is the perfect pick-me-up book: a treat for oneself as well as a gift destined to be cherished and returned to again and again for a good laugh.


$14.99 - $12.28

(as of Dec 06,2018 09:13:24 UTC – Details)

“Packed with tension, pathos, and vitality . . . This is a potent first novel from a formidable talent.” — Minneapolis Star Tribune
“The best fictional account I’ve read of the way the internet has shaped our inner lives.” Guardian (UK)
At twenty-three Alice Hare, a loner, arrives in New York with only the vaguest of plans: to find a city to call home. Instead she discovers the online profile of a Japanese writer called Mizuko Himura, whose stories blur the line between autobiography and fiction. Alice becomes infatuated with Mizuko from afar, convinced this stranger’s life holds a mirror to her own. Realities multiply as Alice closes in on her “internet twin,” staging a chance encounter and inserting herself into his orbit. When Mizuko disappears, Alice is alone and adrift again. Tortured by her silence, Alice uses the only tool at her disposal, writing herself back into Mizuko’s story, with disastrous consequences.
“A smart and lyrical evocation of that murky emotional terrain between our online and offline selves.” — Vice (UK)

“At once a riveting mystery and a literary tour de force, Sympathy had me spellbound from the first page to the last.” Emily Gould, author of Friendship

New York City: Photos from the New York Times Book of Postcards


(as of Nov 28,2018 09:45:14 UTC – Details)

Since it first published a photographic halftone in 1896, The New York Times has engaged some of the worlds best photojournalists to record the life and times of a uniquely vigorous town. This book of postcards presents thirty photographs that could only have come from twentieth-century New York. Some are pure news history (a spectacular shot of the Sherry-Netherland Hotel ablaze at night, 1927; the crowd that formed before the Stock Exchange on Black Tuesday, 1929). But most are evocative of the distinct time and place that viewers will instantly recognize as New York City in the past century. Much news may be evanescent, but great news photography turns out to be a long-lasting pleasure.