News Anchor Dan Rather

By StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Host Neil deGrasse Tyson features his interview with iconic reporter and former CBS news anchor, Dan Rather. Tyson is joined in the Hall of the Universe by comedian co-host Paula Poundstone and journalism professor Jeff Jarvis, to discuss sharing science and knowledge through the news. They also tackle how information availability has affected news and its consumption.

News at 11

By Forensic Files

A talented television news anchor was shot to death outside her home; it appeared to be a crime of passion, perpetrated by an obsessed fan. A police dog tracked the scent of the killer through the adjacent woods and back to the crime scene. Could the murderer be one of the onlookers, watching the police conduct their investigation?

NBC News Presents the Inauguration of Barack Obama

By NBC News Barack Obama Specials

All the history. All the spectacle. All the extraordinary events of January 20, 2009, as covered by NBC News. Witness Democracy’’s definitive ceremony -— the peaceful transfer of power according to the will of the people. See the swearing-in ceremony at the Capitol, and hear President Obama’’s historic Inaugural Address in its entirety. Follow all the fanfare as he travels up Pennsylvania Avenue to The White House. This is your front-row seat for all the emotions and memories of one of our nation’’s most remarkable days.