JARBO M231 Compatible Brother Label Tape MK231 M-K231 Black on White, 4 Packs, 0.47 Inch x 26.2 Feet (12mm x 8m), Used for Brother P-Touch Label Maker PT-65 PT-70 PT-70SR PT-70BM PT-90 PT-M95 Printer

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JARBO label tape, ease your mind, easy your life.

About product:
Model: Compatible Brother M-K231 Label Tape
Quantity: 4 Packs
Color: Black on White
Size: 0.47 Inch x 26.2 Feet (12mm x 8m)

Compatible Brother PTouch label maker
Brother P-Touch PT-90 Label maker;
Brother P-Touch PT-M95 Label maker;
Brother P-Touch PT-80 Label maker;
Brother P-Touch PT-80SCCP Label maker;
Brother P-Touch PT-85 Label maker;
Brother P-Touch PT-70 Label maker;
Brother P-Touch PT-70SR Label maker;
Brother P-Touch PT-70BM Label maker;
Brother P-Touch PT-65 Label maker;
Brother P-Touch PT-65SL Label maker;
Brother P-Touch PT-45M Label maker;

Application: Home, Office, School, Hotel, Factory, Lab;

Easy to install and use;
Water-resistant, UV-resistant, Temperature-resistant, Scratch-resistant, Oil-resistant, Chemical-resistant
Great adhesive, Easy to clean.What in the Box: Brother Ptouch Label Tape MK231 M-K231, 4 Packs, Black Print on White Tape, 1/2 inch x 26.2 feet ( 12mm x 8 m).
Compatible for Brother P-Touch Label Marker PT-45M PT-55BM PT-55S PT-65 PT-65SB PT-65SCCP PT-65SL PT-65VP PT-70 PT-70BBVP PT-70BM PT-70BMH PT-70HK PT-70HOL PT-70HOT PT-70SP PT-70SR PT-80 PT-80SCCP PT-85 PT-90 PT-M95 PT-100 PT-110 Printer.
Suitable for indoor use, easy to install, print clear and good-looking labels, For quality labeling of your files, folders, accessories and more.
JARBO tapes are ideal for indoor and light use, Conveniently extend the life of your labeler.
ISO-9001 and MSDS certificate approved. All JARBO brand products are backed by 1 years money back guarantee, which covers any quality, reliability and performance issues

Brother Genuine P-touch M-231 Tape, 1/2″ (0.47″) Standard P-touch Tape, Black on White, for Indoor Use, Water Resistant, 26.2 Feet (8M), Single-Pack

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The P-touch M-231 ½” (0.47″) black-on-white tape allows you to create bold, yet easy to read labels, that are easy to peel, perfect for indoor use. This half-inch (0.47-inch) standard direct thermal non-laminated P-touch Tape is resistant to water damage and will not smear or smudge. They have been designed to install seamlessly with Brother P-touch labelers. Brother M tape is compatible with 26 P-touch label printers and are perfect for labeling kitchen, shelving, and supply cabinets.

This replacement label tape for Brother P-touch label printers has been engineered for simplicity. The Brother M-231 black and white labels are easy to print and apply to different surfaces. The split back of the P-touch tape can be removed with ease, which makes Brother M replacement label tape simple to peel and apply to tables and shelves made of steel, wood, plastic and more.

This product is a Brother Genuine replacement product, which will help reduce the possibility of damage to the P-touch label maker. Using Brother Genuine supplies delivers the best results and protects your P-touch from damage. The M-231 measures 12mm (0.47-inch) x 8M (26.2 ft.) and is Black on White tape that is sold as a single pack. This product is compatible with the following products: PT-45M, PT-55BM, PT55S, PT-65, PT65SB, PT65SC, PT65SCCP, PT65SCSE, PT65SL, PT65SP, PT65VP, PT-70, PT70BBVP, PT-70BM, PT70BMH, PT70DIY, PT-70HK, PT-70HOL, PT-70HOT, PT70SP, PT-70SR, PT-80, PT80SCCP, PT85, PT-90, PT-M95.

DURABLE LABELS – Brother Genuine P-touch M231 Direct Thermal Non-laminated Tape is resistant to water damage and will not smear or smudge.
EASY TO APPLY – The split back design of Brother P-touch tape is simple to remove, which makes it easy to peel and apply to multiple surfaces.
PERSONAL AND HOME USE – Brother Genuine P-touch tape is perfect for indoor/light use and can be used to label cabinets, folders, shelving and more.
FEATURES – M-231 label tape is water resistant and durable.

Jofoce Compatible 6 Pack Brother M231 MK231 M-k231 M-231 Black on White 12mm (1/2 inch) X 8m (26.2ft) Label Tape, Work with Brother P-Touch PT-65 PT-70 PT-80 PT-90

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Product Info
Model: M231
Quantity: 6 Packs
Color: Black on White
Size: 12mm (1/2 Inch) Width X 8m (26.2ft) Length
100% compatible with Brother P touch label makers:

(1) Split-back design: Easy to peel, install and use.
(2) Easy to clean: Remove labels, leaving no residue.
(3) Laminated, strong adhesion: Stick to clean, smooth and flat surfaces, including plastic, paper, metal, wood and glass.
(4) Resistance: Water, Fade, Temperature, UV rays, Oil, Scratch, Chemical.
(5) Custom use: Custom text & length.
Home: Kitchen, Garden, Storage
Office: Document
School, Hospital, Hotel: Name tag, Key
Shop: Price tag
Factory, Warehouse, Lab

After-sales Service (1:1 replacement for any defective products and 1 year Money Back Guarantee.)
Product listing > Click Sold by ‘HLINK’ > Ask a question.
Log into Your Account > Your Account > Your Order > Find the order > Contact Seller.Content: Brother M231, Quantity: 6 Pack, Color: Black on White, Size: 12mm (1/2 Inch) Width X 8m (26.2ft)
Work with: Brother P touch PT-45M PT-65SL PT-65 PT-70SR PT-70BM PT-70 PT-80SCCP PT-80 PT-85 PT-90 and so on.
Laminated, Strong adhesion, Easy to peel. Resistance: Water, Fade, Temperature, UV rays, Oil, Scratch, Chemical.
Widely used in indoor and outdoor: Good for home, kitchen, garden, office, school, shop, hospital, hotel, factory, lab and so on.
12 months Money Back Guarantee. Any issues please email us via clicking “Sold by HLINK” under the price > Ask a question. Our customer service team will reply within 24 hours.

Label KINGDOM 2 Pack Compatible Brother P-touch M231 MK231 M-k231 Label Tape 12mm (1/2 Inch) Width X 8m (26.2ft) Length, Black on White M Series Tapes Use for PT-65 PT-90 Label Printer

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2 pack M231 M series label tape

Size: 12mm(1/2″)

Length: 8m(26.2ft)

Color: black print on white tape

Applicable equipment: 100% compatible for brother p-touch label printers

Feature :
1. Non-laminated brother M tape is great for home, school and home office labeling. It can be used indoors. Best for flat, dry surfaces.
2. Personalize your labels for file folders, storage bins, school items, gift bags and more. It’s easy to add a personal touch with the various font styles, frames and fun deco patterns.
3. M tape for lasting labeling of shelves, storage boxes, cabinets, and archivesNON-OEM MK-231 M231 M non-laminated tape. Warranty: two years. Color: black on white. Size: 12mm (1/2 inch) x 8m (26.2ft). Material: PET/ ABS.
Use with brother p-touch PT-65 PT-90 PT-70BM PT-70SR PT-80 PT-M95 PT-100 PT-110 PT-45M PT-55BM PT-55S PT-65 PT-65SB PT-65SCCP PT-65SL PT-65VP PT-70 PT-70BBVP PT-70BMH PT-70DIY PT-70HK PT-70HOL PT-70HOT PT-70SP PT-80EU PT-80SCCP PT-85 label printer.
M series tape cartridge for p-touch labelers
Create labels for home, home office, school or hobby applications. Help you categorize, customize, and streamline your entire operation.
Easy to install, easy to use, peel and stick, easy to ready.