for LG 19V LED LCD Monitor Widescreen HDTV Power Cord Replacement Charger Adapter for 19” 20” 22” 23” 24” 27” Power Supply, 19V, AC, DC, 8.5Ft.

$24.99 - $16.99

(as of Oct 24,2018 11:41:45 UTC – Details)

About the product:
GloryBear is aiming at providing the best replacement power charger cord for your device. It’s compatible with LG OEM device with extended 8.5 Ft. long cord for your better use.

Rated Parameters:
Cord Length: 8.5Ft
Input: AC100 – 240V~1.5A 50/60Hz
Output: DC19V – 2~4A

Reference Compatible Models:
25UM57, 25UM57-P, 25UM58, 34UM58-P, 34UM68-P, 29UM58-P, 25UM56-P, 25UM57-P, 29UM57-P, 34UM57-P, 29UM67-P, 29UM55-P, 25UM64-S, 25UM65-P, 29UM65-P, 29UM65-P, 25UM58-P25UM64 , 25UM65
19EN33T-B, 19EN33S, 19EN33S-B,19EN33SW-B,19EN33SW,19EN33T
20EN33S, 20EN33S-B, 20EN33SS, 20EN33SS-B, 20EN33TS, 20EN33TS-B, 20EN33T, 20EN33T-B
LG FLATRON 22″ LED MONITOR 22EA53T-P, 22LB4510, 22LB4510-PU, 22LN4510, 22EN33S, 22EN33S-B, 22EC33T, 22EC33T-B, 22EN33T, 22EN33T-B
LG LED MONITOR FLATRON IPS236V, IPS236-PN, LG FLATRON 23″ LED 23EA63V-P, 23EA63T, 23EA63V, 23EA63V-P, 23MP65HQ, 23MP65HQ-P, 23EA63V-P, 23EN33S, 23EN33S-B, 23EN43V, 23EA, D2343PB, D2343PB-BN
24MP48HQ-P, 24EA53T, 24EA53V, 24EA53V-P, 24EC53V, 24EC53V-P, 24EN33T, 24EN33TW, 24EN33V, 24EN33VW, 24EN33VW-B, 24EN43T, 24EN43V, 24EN43V-B, 24LB4510, 24LB4510-PU, 24MP56HC, 24MP56HN, 24MP56HQ, 24MP56HQ-P, 24EN33S 24EN33T, 24EN33T-B, 24EN33V, 24EN33V-B, 24EN33TW, 24EN33TW-B, 24EN33VW , 24EN33VW-B, 24EN43V, 24EN43V-B, 24EN43VS, 24EN43VS-B, 24EA53V, 24EA53V-P , 24EC53V, 24EC53V-P
27UD68-W, E2750VR-SN, 27″ FLATRON LED 27EA63V-P, 27EA31V, 27EA63V-P, 27EA53V, 27EA53V-P, 27EA53VQ-P, 27EN43V, 27EN43V-B, D2743PB

Trouble Shooting
Q1: Is there any quality warranty insurance for this product?
A1: Sure, our products is with FCC Certification and we promise a 180-day warranty.【Quality & Warranty Guaranteed】- We promise a 180-day warranty for all our customers. Any situations that broken within this period are allowed to return and get a new replacement.
24EA53T , 24EA53V , 24EA53V-P , 24EC53V , 24EC53V-P , 24EN33T , 24EN33TW , 24EN33V , 24EN33VW , 24EN33VW-B , 24EN43T , 24EN43V , 24EN43V-B , 24LB4510 , 24LB4510-PU , 24MP56HC , 24MP56HN , 24MP56HQ , 24MP56HQ-P , 25UM64 , 25UM65 , 27EA31V ,32LH570B 24EN33S 24EN33T 24EN33T-B 24EN33V 24EN33V-B 24EN33TW 24EN33TW-B 24EN33VW 24EN33VW-B 24EN43V 24EN43V-B 24EN43VS 24EN43VS-B 24EA53V 24EA53V-P 24EC53V 24EC53V-P 23EA63V-P 27EA63V-P 27EA53V 27EA53V-P 27EA53VQ-P 27EN43V 27EN43V-B D2343PB D2343PB-BN D2743PB
19EN33S 19EN33S-B 19EN33SW 19EN33SW-B 20EN33S 20EN33S-B 20EN33SS 20EN33SS-B 22EN33S 22EN33S-B 23EN33S 23EN33S-B 20EN33TS 20EN33TS-B 22EC33T 22EC33T-B 19EN33T 19EN33T-B 20EN33T 20EN33T-B 22EN33T 22EN33T-B 23EN43V 23EA
【Extended Long Cord】 – With 8.5 Ft cord in Length, you don’t have to worry the wall plug is hard to reach. It’s much convenient for you to reach anywhere in your house.
【Reference Compatible Models】 – LG Electronics UM57 25UM57 25UM57-P . 25UM58, 34UM58-P, 34UM68-P, 29UM58-P, 25UM56-P, 25UM57-P, 29UM57-P, 34UM57-P, 29UM67-P, 29UM55-P, 25UM64-S, 25UM65-P, 29UM65-P, 29UM65-P, 25UM58-P, 27UD68-W, 24MP48HQ-P, LG LED Monitor Flatron IPS236V, IPS236-PN, E2750VR-SN. LG Flatron 22″ LED Monitor 22EA53T-P, 23″ LED 23EA63V-P, 26″ Class Slim LED 26LN4500, 27″ Flatron LED 27EA63V-P 22LB4510 , 22LB4510-PU , 22LN4510 , 23EA63T , 23EA63V , 23EA63V-P , 23MP65HQ , 23MP65HQ-P