Philadelphia’s Black Mafia: A Social and Political History (Studies of Organized Crime)

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Philadelphia’s ‘Black Mafia’ could be used as primary reading in deviance and organized crime courses. Academicians in the fields of criminology, sociology, history, political science and African-American Studies will find the book compelling and important. This book provides the first sociological analysis to date of Philadelphia’s infamous “Black Mafia” which has organized crime (with varying degrees of success) in predominantly African-American sections of the city dating back to the late 1960’s.
Philadelphia’s ‘Black Mafia’:

-is a first step in developing both data and sophisticated theoretical propositions germane to the ongoing study of organized crime;
-uses primary source documents, including confidential law enforcement files, court transcripts and interviews;
-explores the group’s activities in detail, depicting some of the most notorious crimes in Philadelphia’s history;
-thoroughly examines the organization of the Black Mafia and the group’s alliances, conspiracies and conflicts;
-challenges many of the current historical and theoretical assumptions regarding organized crime.

Secret Philadelphia: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure


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History and hermits. Museums and murals. Graveyards and churches and plenty of cheesesteak. These are the secrets of Philadelphia. They reveal a city of curious contradiction, one with a rich history dating back to 1682 but also with an eye on the future. Come for the Liberty Bell­, but stay for the secrets uncovered in Secret Philadelphia: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure. Journey to the places you’ve never heard of and back to those old haunts you thought you knew, but never like this. Discover where you can . . . Enter through a gate full of artistic hands, Peruse art between arrivals and departures, Throw a penny on a Founding Father’s grave (and learn why you should), Sample a sandwich on both sides of the street, Learn how 19th-century surgeries were performed, Explore the cell where Al Capone paid his debt to society, Discover the cave of the first doomsday cult, Come face to face with the bird that inspired two famous authors, Follow the footsteps of famous boxers both real and fictional, Encounter the real heroes of the Revolution, Greet neighbors in the oldest neighborhood in the country, Roam through dinosaurs and walk away with a butterfly, See slides of Einstein’s brain… From the festive fantasy of the Mummers to the disturbing reality of the Mütter, Philadelphia is a city with stories to tell. Uncover your own favorites in the pages of Secret Philadelphia.

Stopping Pickett: The History of the Philadelphia Brigade

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Drawing on a wealth of primary sources, the story of this distinguished Civil War brigade is told in a scholarly yet readable style. Readers journey through the roller coaster of the war, from the euphoria of the early days to the grim reality that replaced it. The volume includes b&w historical photos and illustrations of soldiers and battles.Used Book in Good Condition

Boathouse Row: Waves of Change in the Birthplace of American Rowing

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The history of Philadelphia’s Boathouse Row is both wide and deep.Dotty Brown, an avid rower and former editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer, immersed herself in boathouse archives to provide a comprehensive history of rowing in Philadelphia. She takes readers behind the scenes to recount the era when rowing was the spectator sport of its time—and the subject of Thomas Eakins’ early artwork—through the heyday of the famed Kelly dynasty, and the fight for women to get the right to row. (Yes, it really was a fight, and it took generations to win.) 

With more than 160 photographs, a third of them in full color, Boathouse Row chronicles the “waves of change” as various groups of different races, classes, and genders fought for access to water and the sport. Chapters also discuss the architectural one-upmanship that defined Boathouse Row after Frank Furness designed the stunning and eclectic Undine Barge Club, and the regattas that continue to take place today on the Schuylkill River, including the forgotten forces that propelled high school rowing.

Beautifully written and illustrated, Boathouse Row will be a keepsake for rowers and spectators alike.

Temple University Press

Sex among the Rabble: An Intimate History of Gender and Power in the Age of Revolution, Philadelphia, 1730-1830 (Published by the Omohundro Institute … and the University of North Carolina Press)

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Placing sexual culture at the center of power relations in Revolutionary-era Philadelphia, Clare A. Lyons uncovers a world where runaway wives challenged their husbands’ patriarchal rights and where serial and casual sexual relationships were commonplace. By reading popular representations of sex against actual behavior, Lyons reveals the clash of meanings given to sex and illuminates struggles to recast sexuality in order to eliminate its subversive potential.

Sexuality became the vehicle for exploring currents of liberty, freedom, and individualism in the politics of everyday life among groups of early Americans typically excluded from formal systems of governance–women, African Americans, and poor classes of whites. Lyons shows that men and women created a vibrant urban pleasure culture, including the eroticization of print culture, as eighteenth-century readers became fascinated with stories of bastardy, prostitution, seduction, and adultery. In the post-Revolutionary reaction, white middle-class men asserted their authority, Lyons argues, by creating a gender system that simultaneously allowed them the liberty of their passions, constrained middle-class women with virtue, and projected licentiousness onto lower-class whites and African Americans.

Lyons’s analysis shows how class and racial divisions fostered new constructions of sexuality that served as a foundation for gender. This gendering of sexuality in the new nation was integral to reconstituting social hierarchies and subordinating women and African Americans in the wake of the Revolution.

Used Book in Good Condition

Philadelphia Eagles: The Complete History

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This set is a complete history of one of the NFL’s oldest franchises, beginning with the Eagles’ founding in 1933 by the legendary Bert Bell through the team’s loss in last year’s NFC Championship game. Along the way we’ll relive some of the most memorable -and infamous – moments in team history. They’ve won three National Football League championships, appeared in one Super Bowl and produced legendary sports figures such as Steve Van Buren, Chuck Bednarik, Norm Van Brocklin, Tommy McDonald, Dick Vermeil, Randall Cunningham, Reggie White and Donovan McNabb. They’ve called five stadiums “home,” including Veterans Stadium with the 700-level that’s reached folkloric proportions. Go behind the scenes and out on the field with unparalleled access to sidelines and rousing talks inside the huddles with the players that proudly wear midnight green. Through spectacular game footage, stirring memoirs and in-depth interviews, these action-packed DVDs bring the team to life like never before. No history of the Eagles like this has ever been attempted – it’s a sure bet to please one of the NFL’s most loyal fan bases.Officially Licensed
Highest Quality Recording

Philadelphia: The World War I Years (Images of America)

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In 1914, Philadelphia was the third largest city in the United States with a population of just over one and a half million people. It was fitting, therefore, that during World War I, Philadelphia mobilized itself for the war effort perhaps more than any other large American city. Nicknamed the “Workshop of the World,” Philadelphia saw its manufacturing and textile companies converted, almost overnight, to full wartime production. Meanwhile, private and city-sponsored organizations sprang up to send relief to the people of war-torn Europe and prepare for the possibility of American involvement. The Great War would forever alter the city’s landscape and its people. Architecturally, demographically, and socially, Philadelphia would experience sweeping change, and the people of William Penn’s “greene country towne” would come together as never before to support the war effort at home and their boys abroad.

Center City Philadelphia in the 19th Century (PA) (Images of America)

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Philadelphia, as laid out in the 1680s, extended from the Delaware River to the Schuylkill River and from Vine Street to South Street, an area known today as Center City. As its population grew, the settled areas expanded westward from the Delaware River beyond early important landmarks such as Christ Church, the Pennsylvania State House, and Pennsylvania Hospital. By the mid-19th century, commercial, religious, and cultural institutions arose along Broad Street, and exclusive residential neighborhoods developed even farther west in areas previously undeveloped or used as industrial sites. Bustling shopping districts anchored by stores such as Wanamaker’s Grand Depot and Strawbridge and Clothier ran for blocks along Chestnut and Market Streets. Center City Philadelphia in the 19th Century highlights the buildings, people, and activities of this area from the 1840s until the end of the century.Used Book in Good Condition

Philadelphia Then and Now (Then & Now)

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A look at the history of Philadelphia, with stunning modern and historic photography and captions describing the development of this famous city. Part of the highly successful “Then & Now” series, this book looks at the changes in this historic city.

Used Book in Good Condition