Philadelphia Bottle Opener, Made from a real Baseball, The BaseballOpener, Cap Catcher, Fridge Magnet


(as of Apr 30,2019 17:24:09 UTC – Details)

A bottle opener made from a real leather baseball with a Philadelphia Baseball graphic printed on it. We start with a real blank baseball, cut it in half with a bandsaw, smooth out the edges, and add a stainless steel opener plate. The plate is held to the baseball using 4 stainless steel screws. Under each screw is a strong rare earth magnet. Those 4 magnets catch the cap when you crack open a beer and hold the opener to the fridge or any metal surface. Each screw has a specialized black rubber washer so its the washer that makes contact with any surface the opener sits on (not the screws). If you like beer and baseball, or know someone who does, you won’t find a better gift. It’s perfect for Father’s Day, Birthdays, Chrismas (perfect size and price for a stocking stuffer), Thank You Gifts, Wedding Favors, …. almost any occasion really.Made from a real regulation leather baseball.
Philadelphia inspired design printed directly onto the baseball.
Sticks to the fridge, never dig through drawers for an opener again.
Catches the bottle cap so it doesn’t fall onto the floor.
Made in Buffalo, NY by Buffalo BottleCraft (est. 2013)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, City, Skyline, River, PA, Souvenir Magnet 2 x 3 Fridge Photo Magnet


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Our Refrigerator Magnets are made in the USA. We offer hundreds of images in the following topics; Travel, Religion, Movie, Entertainment, Art, Animals, Political, History, Famous People, Sports, Sayings, Humor, and more. Our magnets make a great collectible, look great on any locker or fridge. Have you every traveled somewhere and you forgot to buy a gift or remembrance. Our magnets are the same fridge magnets found in hotel gift shops, museums, airport shops, beach stores all over. So shop here and save time by buying them all in one place. We have thousands of images available, so send us your want list. Custom Magnets are also available upon request.Size: 2″ x 3″ inches
Made in the USA!
Image over Metal Shell, Full Size Magnet Back
All Magnets are Brand New!
The Perfect Gift or Souvenir Item!

Philadelphia Patriotic Liberty Bell Souvenir Refrigerator Magnet with a USA Flag Backdrop


(as of Nov 04,2018 18:04:05 UTC – Details)

Our Philadelphia Liberty Bell magnet is perfect for the home and office for all those who love Philadelphia and the great country of the United States where we remember our independence with this magnetPhiladelphia High Quality souvenir magnet
Magnet features the Philadelphia Liberty Bell and has a backdrop of the USA Flag that is very patriotic!
This is the perfect gift for independence day otherwise known as July 4th with so much rich history withing philadelphia in that bell that you can remember every day
This Magnet is made from Poly Reson Materials
Perfect Magnet for putting on refrigerator at home or in the office