NEO G Philadelphia Collar – LARGE – Medical Grade Quality, lightweight & flexible collar HELPS support chin & occiput, weak or injured neck, immobilize the neck, manage pain in the neck – Unisex

$27.99 - $17.99

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To size, measure neck circumference (cm):
Small: 9.8 – 11.8 In / 25 – 30 cm
Medium: 12.2 – 14.9 In / 31 – 38 cm
Large: 15.4 – 18.1 In / 39 – 46 cm

The Neo G Philadelphia Collar is constructed from Polyethylene (Plastazote) and provides a firm support designed to help immobilise the neck following soft tissue or disc trauma. Especially useful following surgery and in rehabilitation, the collar also has an opening to allow tracheal access. The moulded structure helps place the cervical spine in sight protraction, helping with relief for flexion injuries, promoting correct cervical posture and alignment. This collar helps cervical musculature to rest and recover by reducing movement at the neck and ensuring muscles and tendons are not overstrained. It is designed to mould comfortably above the collarbones and under the chin, helping to relieve some of the gravitational pressure caused by the weight of the head on the neck. This product should not be used for long periods of time but only as an adjunct to recovery from a neck injury. Always seek medical advice prior to fitting in case assistance is required.Helps immobilize the neck after soft tissue injuries
Helps support a weak or injured neck and manage pain in the neck
Lightweight and flexible material for comfort and durability. Contoured design helps support chin and occiput
Unisex, available in 3 sizes. Paediatric size also available
Registered with the FDA USA as a Class 1 Medical Device

BraceAbility Philadelphia Hard Cervical Collar | Post-op Neck Immobilizer Alignment Brace – Stabilizes C-Spine after Fusion, Surgery, Whiplash, Broken Neck – Prevents Movement & Rotation (S)


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Although wearing a neck collar isn’t the most attractive accessory, it can be vital in recovering from an injury to your neck or cervical region. Since your neck plays an important part in your everyday life, it’s even more important to completely support it while heals. This philadelphia neck is a great tool to help those recover from a broken or fractured neck, whiplash, sprain/strains, cervical surgery, and more.

Features that make our two piece cervical collar stand out from the rest:

– This foam material helps prevent any uncomfortable rubbing against the skin, making it tolerable enough to sleep in the collar.
– This head support is waterproof, enabling individuals to bathe or shower while recovering.
– The perforated hole at the front allows additional breathability and gives access to the trachea, pulse, and bandaging in case of an emergency or medical issue.
– Application is easy and simple as the brace is secured by Velcro closures.
Material: This cervical alignment collar is comprised of a hypoallergenic, non-toxic cell foam material and is latex free.
Color: Neutral beige.

Using a soft/fabric tape measure, measure the circumference around your “Adam’s Apple,” in inches. Size S fits neck circumferences of 10″-13″
This philadelphia neck immobilizer is great for those healing from a broken, fractured neck, cervical neck surgery, whiplash or trauma, sprains/strains, or chronic neck discomfort.
The soft, foam material allows you to customize the brace to your neck shape and is completely waterproof.
You can wear this neck immobilizer for as long as your doctor recommends, even at night when sleeping.
The neck support is secured by Velcro closures, allowing effortless application and features a perforated hole at front for extra ventilation.