TummyZen Complete Heartburn Relief with Zinc and Calcium – 120 Doses (4 Boxes of 30) Plus Guide


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Total Heartburn Relief TummyZen is the better way to relieve heartburn and acid indigestion. Take just one dose to experience complete acid reduction with the power of calcium and zinc.

Supports Stomach Health Sick of acid reducers with serious side effects? Mineral-based TummyZen actually works to improve your stomach health by protecting your tummy’s natural defense system.

Experience the Zen Stop chewing your way through handfuls of chalky tablets or popping pills! TummyZen works in minutes and lasts for hours. Get hours of relief from one or two easy-to-swallow, tasteless pills.

Our Customers Natural Choice We can not say it better than TummyZen users: “When I have occasional heartburn I take one of these and literally in 5 minutes it is gone. Has never failed me and works very quickly.”

Guide to Relief on the Go TummyZen co-founders Dr. John Geibel MD, DSc, AGAF and long-time heartburn sufferer Hasan A. Ansari contributed to this helpful booklet that you can keep handy for better GERD awareness.

About TummyZen TummyZen is the result of revolutionary patented research and clinical testing conducted by Yale University School of Medicine. This ground breaking research has been reported by CBS News, Philadelphia Inquirer, ABC and many others.

TOTAL HEARTBURN MEDICINE + POCKET GUIDE TO RELIEF – Unlike most acid reducers, TummyZen utilizes a revolutionary balance of minerals, zinc and calcium to neutralize and regulate acidity for occasional acid reflux relief.
ONE DOSE RELIEF – Stop chewing and popping chalky tablets and pills! TummyZen works in minutes and lasts for hours. One dose is all it takes to experience long-lasting heartburn relief.
QUICK REFERENCE HEARTBURN GUIDE INCLUDED – Our 12 page pocket guide explains how heartburn and GERD happens, tips for staying heartburn free without taking antacids, foods to avoid, recipes and more!
GOOD FOR YOU – Thanks to its natural mineral ingredients, TummyZen supports the stomach lining, protecting your stomach’s own natural defense against acid.
FAST-ACTING, LONG LASTING – Unlike pills that take hours to work or handfuls of chewable tablets, TummyZen gives quick acid reduction and hours of relief from one or two easy-to-swallow pills.

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