PlayStation 3 Broadcaster Headset

$19.96 - $19.77

(as of Sep 14,2018 11:30:37 UTC – Details)

The PS3 Broadcaster Headset offers hign quality stereo sound while playing on the PlayStation Network. The headset includes a high fidelity microphone with an adjustable boom, volume control and a mute switch for yourself or muting other players. Also includes a 15ft able and connects directly into the USB port on your PlayStation 3. 15 foot cable.Hign Quality Stereo Sound
High Fidelity Microphone With An Adjustable Boom, Volume Control & A Mute Switch
Connects Directly Into The Usb Port On Playstation 3
Includes A 15-ft Cable
The headset includes a high fidelity microphone with an adjustable boom, volume control and a mute switch for yourself or muting other players
Includes a 15ft able and connects directly into the USB port on your PlayStation 3. 15 foot cable
Broadcaster Headset offers high quality stereo sound while playing on the PlayStation Network.

Tomee S-Video AV Cable for PS3/ PS2/ PS1


(as of Sep 14,2018 01:55:34 UTC – Details)

Achieve superior picture quality with the Tomee S-Video AV Cable for PS3/ PS2/ PS1. Maximize the clearness and crispness of your TV’s resolution. Enjoy the best possible resolution for your television. The Tomee S-Video AV Cable for PS3/ PS2/ PS1 provides higher resolution for TVs featuring S-video or AV inputs. The included connector allows you to connect light guns connector to your TV without unplugging your existing cable.Connect your PlayStation to a television with s-video or video connection and achieve better picture quality
Replace the standard cable included with the PlayStation system
Compatible with Playstation3, Playstation2 and PSX system
Easy connections with the color-coded connectors
Enjoy better gameplay with clear graphics and sharp pictures

Nyko Charge Link VR for PlayStation VR – PlayStation 4

$14.99 - $8.81

(as of Sep 13,2018 15:55:50 UTC – Details)

Charge Link VR for PlayStation VR grants new freedom to the PlayStation move motion Controllers by allowing the ability to charge and play with the Controllers simultaneously. The extra long 10 foot USB to mini USB cable plugs into any free USB port on the PS4 Console and provides plenty of room to move around with the Controllers and keep them charged. The split cable with adjustable slider lets you customize the cable length for your Arms to move freely while playing. The charge Link can also be used with other mini USB compatible devices like PlayStation 3 Controllers.Charge & play – recharge two PlayStation move motions Controllers simultaneously while you play
10 ft. Cable – provides plenty of slack to move around while playing VR games
Y-cable – split cable with adjustable slider lets you customize the cable length for your arms to move freely while playing
Mini-usb – charge other mini USB compatible Devices like PlayStation 3 Controllers

Turtle Beach – Stealth 350VR Amplified Virtual Reality Gaming Headset – Variable Bass Boost – Mic Monitoring – PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

$79.95 - $59.95

(as of Sep 13,2018 07:53:26 UTC – Details)

The Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR gaming headset delivers Virtual Reality audio loud and clear with battery-powered amplification, Variable Bass Boost and an ergonomic “built for VR” design that provides clearance for VR headbands and cables. The Stealth 350VR’s large 50mm speakers ensure a rich, expansive audio experience, while the lightweight design and smooth, fabric-wrapped memory foam over-ear (closed) cushions ensure a comfortable fit. The removable noise-cancelling microphone provides crystal clear chat even when movement in the real world creates background noise, while Mic Monitoring lets gamers hear their own voice inside the headset to avoid shouting at other players. Cable management is made easy via the Stealth 350VR’s detachable audio cables, while on-board audio controls are always within reach, mounted right on the headset.


  • 3.5mm Audio and Mic Connection

  • Specifications:

  • Speakers: 50mm Speakers with Neodymium Magnets
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Ear-cup Design: Over-Ear (Closed)
  • Microphone Design: Unidirectional Noise-Cancelling Gaming Microphone
  • Amplified Audio – Louder is better. Get over 30 hours of amazing, amplified Virtual Reality gaming audio
    Variable Bass Boost – Enhance powerful rumbling lows by increasing the bass
    Mic Monitoring – Say it, don’t shout it thanks to the ability to hear the volume of your own voice inside the headset
    Active Noise-Cancelling Microphone – The removable noise-cancelling microphone provides crystal clear chat even when movement in the real world creates background noise
    Lightweight Comfort – Reduce fatigue during long VR gaming sessions with this lightweight headset, with smooth, fabric-wrapped memory foam ear cushions

    Drive Girls – PlayStation Vita


    (as of Sep 12,2018 22:59:03 UTC – Details)

    Aksys Games proudly announced that the super-charged Drive Girls will be driving into action on the PlayStationVita with both physical retail and digital release in North America on September 8th. An experience with the style and splendor of Japan, Drive Girls is developed by the ever-popular Tamsoft and features characters designed by popular illustrator UGUME. In a world under assault by an army of mechanized Bugs it’s up to the Drive Girls – five girls with the power to transform into souped up supercars – to defend their home of Sun Island, cross the finish line, and save the day!Crash Head-on Into Battle- Play as any of the five Drive Girls in this action, driving, hack ‘n’ slash hybrid, and battle it out in human or supercar form to reign victory over the enemy.
    Cruise Through Sun Island- Featuring an extensive single-player campaign and local or online multiplayer for up to four players.
    Tune Up and Roll Out- Players can boost the Drive Girls’ stats in the garage by tuning and customizing their ride with new parts and sleek decals using the currency earned after every mission.

    Muv-Luv Alternative – PlayStation Vita

    $39.99 - $49.58

    (as of Sep 12,2018 12:44:15 UTC – Details)

    Experience the definitive version of a masterpiece in the muv-luv trilogy’s thrilling conclusion. The BEST visual novel of all time is finally coming to the West, revamped and for the first time in English! what begins as a tongue-in-cheeks romantic comedy ultimately transforms into an action-packed thrill ride in a war-torn alternate reality.Western release: this is the first time this grandiose story is release in English, with an official translation!
    Fresh new look: muv-luv was fully revamped for this PS Vita release, with updated graphics, interface and game engine!
    Highly-acclaimed story: muv-luv alternative is the highest rated visual novel of all time, a story that demands to be experienced!
    Turn back the clock: after the tragic events of muv-luv unlimited, go back in time to rewrite the story
    A gripping tale: get ready for 50 to 70 hours of visual novel, where the Fate of MANKIND rests in your hands!

    MIZAR Replacement Ac Adapter For Ps2 Slim

    $11.49 - $11.00

    (as of Sep 12,2018 04:31:07 UTC – Details)

    Don’t let a frayed or dead power cord stop you from enjoying your PS2 Slim! Engineered by KMD, the AC Adapter for the PS2 Slim is the perfect replacement to power up Sony’s classic gaming console with 100-240 volts of juice. Featuring a built-in power supply and over six feet total length for convenient placement, this AC Adapter lets you plug-in and play your favorite PS2 games again.Compatible with all PS2 Slim systems
    Over six feet in total length
    ac: 100V-240V, DC: 8.5V
    Replacement Ac Adapter For Ps2 Slim

    PowerA Complete Charging Station for PS4 – PlayStation 4


    (as of Sep 11,2018 18:41:44 UTC – Details)

    The Complete Charging Station for PlayStation 4 allows you to keep your DUALSHOCK 4 controllers and headset fully charged, displayed and ready for gaming in one convenient spot. Officially licensed by Sony and designed by PowerA, the Complete Charging Station features a snap-down dual charging station that charges up to two DUALSHOCK 4 controllers and an added USB port for your gaming headset.Officially licensed by Sony for PlayStation 4
    Charges two DUALSHOCK 4 Wireless Controllers and displays one headset.
    Additional USB port allows you to charge a wireless headset or additional controller.
    Click-down Charging
    Includes Dual Charging Station, Removable Headset Stand and AC Adapter.

    Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4

    $99.95 - $84.95

    (as of Sep 11,2018 09:21:49 UTC – Details)

    The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 is the latest wireless surround sound gaming headset for PlayStation4. Debuting an all-new modern style, the Stealth 600 delivers virtual surround sound plus chat audio through powerful 50mm over-ear speakers, and features Turtle Beach’s renowned high-sensitivity mic that can be flipped-up to mute. For comfort, the Stealth 600 dawns the latest iteration of Turtle Beach’s unique Prospects glasses friendly design, and has breathable mesh fabric-wrapped headband and ear-cushions. The Stealth 600 also includes Turtle Beach’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting, Variable Mic Monitoring, audio presets including Bass Boost, and a 15-hour rechargeable battery. All for an MSRP of $99.95. “…amazing audio quality and comfort keeps the Stealth 600 headset well worth the money…” -PlayStationLifeStyle100% wireless – the included wireless USB adapter uses Smart channel-hopping Technology for a best-in-class wireless game and chat audio experience
    Turtle Beach Virtual Surround Sound – Experience powerfully immersive surround sound audio for your games, movies and music on PS4
    High-quality audio – a bigger speaker delivers better quality audio, and the stealth 600 features large, powerful 50mm speakers to delivery crisp highs and deep, thundering lows
    Glasses friendly comfort – the ear-cushions are wrapped in a breathable mesh Fabric for comfort, and feature Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs glasses friendly design which removes pressure on your glasses
    Superhuman Hearing – from Quiet footsteps sneaking-up from behind to enemy weapon reloads just before an ambush, Turtle Beach’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing sound setting lets you hear it all.Speaker Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz

    Valthirian Arc – PlayStation 4


    (as of Sep 10,2018 22:34:19 UTC – Details)

    Have you ever wondered where all the powerful Knights and wizards come from? no-one is born a hero. It is your job, as principal of valthiria academy, to train the most promising students to become heroes of Legend! with the five queendoms vying for control of the land, your academy plays a vital role in bringing peace back to valthiria. Meanwhile, a dark Shadow looms to the North.Become the greatest principal: Overseer the development of your hero school, build structures, upgrade facilities, and manage the day-to-day activities of your students
    Help the citizens of valthiria: Deploy students on timed errand missions across the world or head out to take on quests with your own squad to experience the adventure first-hand
    Master might and magic: use powerful skills and cast explosive spells in real-time combat with a party of four students
    Develop your students: train your Warrior, Mage, and Ranger students to hone their abilities and unlock powerful sub-classes such as paladin, scholar, harlequin and more!
    Craft a wide variety of weapons and armor: Gather materials from enemies and develop recipes to craft more powerful equipment to enhance your student’s abilities