Ratchet Girls Club Chicago


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Quita and Apple grew up in the hood where heroine and jail had fragmented their families at an early age and threw them into survival mode. All the ratchet girls had was their hustle. Their world was changed in an instance when their usual hustle prostituting and robbing unsuspecting men went horribly wrong. When the customer died on them, they were immersed into a world they only dreamed about. The money was good, but that world came with a big price tag that caused casualties of war, even within their family that ripped their souls. When the stakes are high, who can be trusted in a web of deceit when everything is not what it appears to be.

Ratchet Wives Club: Episode One


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*Re-edited in February 2016*

Wives of DC’s biggest ballers.
Each hiding a dark secret…
They’re all RATCHET.

Has everything a woman could dream of.
Certified bad bitch with a sexy husband, adorable daughter, money making law career…
And an addiction to coke.
Michaela’s little sister. Just quit being a video model, owes her ex thousands and trying to get back on the pole to earn money.
Her future looks grim.
Bitter about her pending divorce from NBA baller husband Cairo.
Nothing like her husband’s cousin to take the edge off…
Has a demanding job, an absent husband and twin toddlers. Now her father wants to borrow money.
But there’ll be a steep price to pay.

The Ratchet Wives Club is your new favorite soap opera in book format.

Ratchet Wives Club: Episode 2


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The Drama Continues…

Michaela: Who walks in on her while she is on the floor smoking crack in the bathroom at Tiasi’s party?
Tiasi: Major drama disrupts her life but is it because her cousin finally find out about her and Malik?
Priscilla: She finds a creative to pay her father’s debts but at a steep cost!
Maya: After Bobby saves her she feels indebted. But how far will she go to pay him back?

Ratchet Wives Club: Episode 3


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What will happen to Michaela once Cameron finally finds her?

Can Knowledge protect Maya from Bobby?

What happens now that Tiasi’s secret is out?

And will Priscilla ever find happiness in the wrong she’s done?

Find out in this latest episode of Ratchet Wives Club: Episode 3.

Everyone’s secret is out of the closet, but is there more to the story?