Planet 6: Book One of the SkyRider Chronicles


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From the writer of “The Inner Light”…

…the episode of TV Hollywood Reporter recently called “Star Trek’s most beloved story,” comes a wild sci-fi adventure set on an Earth colony 300 years from now.

Zed Hellfinger, age 19, has a problem.

His Commandant wants him out of the corp.

The opposition army wants him dead.

And the thief known as The Chameleon, stealer of military secrets, needs to kidnap him to save his own skin.

“Reminded me of the science-fiction stories from the ’50s and ’60s”

“The sci-fi novels from that era really captured your imagination and told a grand story. That’s the feeling I got while reading Planet 6. – Linda Zaruches, Science Fiction Event Planner and Senior Recruiter, GoDaddy

In 2357 Earth has harnessed space-warping technology to colonize nine planets throughout the galaxy. Most of these are sparsely populated and are patrolled by the SkyRiders, an airborne military unit. When outworld intruders try to take over Colonial Planet 6-2 using stolen technology, it’s up to our young hero to find the thief and prevent the outbreak of war.

Zed trusts no one. He needs to speak to his Commandant alone. And so…

“Zed didn’t necessarily feel the bits and pieces that flashed into his consciousness congealing into a plan. Rather, one minute he was standing there, turned toward Commandant, and the next he was striding confidently to the Emergency Escape Module. Commandant was mid-pace and so missed seeing Zed fling open the door, step inside the 5-meter long module and yank down the manual lever to open the exterior hatch. Once exposed to airless space, anything not nailed down – including Zed, Commandant and their supply of breathable air – was launched toward the freezing cold vacuum of space. It was an extreme measure designed to get Zed and Commandant away from prying ears and hopefully not become dead in the process. Zed had exactly four seconds to act…

With a nod to the Horatio Hornblower series of naval warfare novels, Planet 6 is the first of a multi-volume SkyRider Chronicles that will follow the humorously introspective and often insubordinate Zed Hellfinger as he rises up the ranks and is thrust into adventures across multiple planets.

Morgan Gendel has written the perfect vacation book

He’s written for Law & Order, Star Trek: The Next Generation and The 100. He brought The Dresden Files to TV. He’s co-written with Mark Hamill. Now, here comes his debut novel, a sci-fi adventure page-turner with a character whose exploits you’ll want to follow for the next 20 years.

And speaking of vacations…

Planet 6 by Morgan Gendel is a rapidly paced sci-fi adventure where even the hero’s ‘vacation’ is filled with espionage, torture and deceit. Fans of the recent Marvel Star Wars comics will enjoy this, as would followers of military, sci-fi, adventure and espionage novels.” – Mike Mann, co-host of the Making It So Star Trek podcast.

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The Gospel according to Science Fiction: From the Twilight Zone to the Final Frontier

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In this thorough and engaging book, Gabriel McKee explores the inherent theological nature of science fiction, using illustrations from television shows, literature, and films. Science fiction, he believes, helps us understand not only who we are but who we will become. McKee organizes his chapters around theological themes, using illustrations from authors such as Isaac Asimov and H. G. Wells, television shows such as Star Trek and The Twilight Zone, and films such as The Matrix and Star Wars. With its extensive bibliography and index, this is a book that all serious science fiction fans–not just those with a theological interest–will appreciate.

Battlefield Earth: Pulse-pounding Sci-Fi Action

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If you liked Dune, Atlantis Gene and Star Wars—you will love Battlefield Earth!

In the year A.D. 3000, Earth is a dystopian wasteland, plundered of its natural resources by alien conquerors known as Psychlos. Fewer than thirty-five thousand humans survive in a handful of communities scattered across the face of a post-apocalyptic Earth.

From the ashes of humanity rises a young hero, Jonnie Goodboy Tyler. Setting off on an initial quest to discover a hidden evil, Jonnie unlocks the mystery of humanity’s demise and unearths a crucial weakness in their oppressors. Spreading the seeds of revolt, Jonnie and a small band of survivors pit their quest for freedom in an all-out rebellion that erupts across the continents of Earth and the cosmic sprawl of the Psychlo empire.

For the fate of the Galaxy lies on the Battlefield of Earth.

“Over 1,000 pages of thrills, spills, vicious aliens and noble humans. I found Battlefield Earth un-put-downable.”—Neil Gaiman

“Battlefield Earth is a terrific story! The carefully underplayed comedy I found it delicious. A masterpiece.”Robert A. Heinlein

“Pulse-pounding mile-a-minute sci-fi action adventure that does not stop. It is a masterpiece of popular adventure science fiction.”Brandon Sanderson
“Space opera that hits the right notes. It’s provocative, exhilarating and genuinely enjoyable.”—SCIFI.COM

“Like the Harry Potter series, its got concepts like good vs. evil, the noble savage and the hero’s journey—and people go crazy over it!”

—Dr. David Powers, Educator

Awards and Accolades: Top 100 science fiction books

  • Top three of the best 100 English language novels of the 20th century by the Random House Modern Library Readers Poll
  • US Golden Scroll and Saturn Awards
  • Tetradramma d’Oro Award
  • Gutenberg Award

Read the novel that changed the shape of science fiction


* Over 4,000,000 copies sold * Translated in 25 languages * 21st Century edition with expanded content: author’s never-before-published handwritten notes & an exclusive author interview

An engaging read for STEM learning

The imaginative diversity of the novel’s characters and alien races, its military artifacts and striking technologies and mathematics make it the perfect motivation for STEM learning. “Want to get your kid excited about STEM? Battlefield Earth will give you the talking points, in fact, they’ll already be talking about it.”—S.G. Educator

  • Accelerated Reader level 5.8, students earn 62 points
  • Lexile 780
  • Discussion guide available for book clubs and educators.

Galaxy Pr Llc

Classical Traditions in Science Fiction (Classical Presences)


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For all its concern with change in the present and future, science fiction is deeply rooted in the past and, surprisingly, engages especially deeply with the ancient world. Indeed, both as an area in which the meaning of “classics” is actively transformed and as an open-ended set of texts whose own ‘classic’ status is a matter of ongoing debate, science fiction reveals much about the roles played by ancient classics in modern times. Classical Traditions in Science Fiction is the first collection in English dedicated to the study of science fiction as a site of classical receptions, offering a much-needed mapping of that important cultural and intellectual terrain.

This volume discusses a wide variety of representative examples from both classical antiquity and the past four hundred years of science fiction, beginning with science fiction’s “rosy-fingered dawn” and moving toward the other-worldly literature of the present day. As it makes its way through the eras of science fiction, Classical Traditions in Science Fiction exposes the many levels on which science fiction engages the ideas of the ancient world, from minute matters of language and structure to the larger thematic and philosophical concerns.

Speculative Japan: Outstanding Tales of Japanese Science Fiction and Fantasy

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The time is long overdue to present the work of Japanese science fiction and fantasy writers to the world in English. The first book in a planned series, Speculative Japan presents a selection of outstanding works of Japanese science fiction and fantasy in English translation… and a glimpse into new worlds of the imagination. Drawing on the talents of some of the most famous and respected fiction writers of Japan, this anthology will guide you to new dimensions of wonder. First released at Nippon 2007, the 65th World Science Fiction Convention in Yokohama, Japan, it is now available worldwide.Used Book in Good Condition

The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Lost Girl: (humorous fantasy and science fiction for young adults)


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How did the young gods – Bernie, Suzie and Lenny – first meet?

Not long ago, a young girl disappeared, and all of God Town feared for her life. After extensive searches, little Emily could not be found. Only the woods remained to be searched – but that was a problem. The gods were so afraid of the woods, they would not venture there – not even to save the young girl’s life. Armed with nothing but courage and a magic stick, Bernie and his friends, Suzie and Lenny, enter a dark world filled with terrifying monsters. It will take a miracle of godly proportions to save them, and even that may not be enough… If you liked Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, or the tales of Terry Pratchett, this is a story for you. Join a new kind of hero on a great adventure as our young gods do something even the adults do not dare. Begin the adventure today. An extraordinary world awaits you…

****************This is book #3 in the Universe Builders Series. The first book, Bernie and the Putty, won 16 national and international awards for excellence.

Proxima Rising: Hard Science Fiction


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Late in the 21st century, Earth receives what looks like an urgent plea for help from planet Proxima Centauri b in the closest star system to the Sun. Astrophysicists suspect a massive solar flare is about to destroy this heretofore-unknown civilization. Earth’s space programs are unequipped to help, but an unscrupulous Russian billionaire launches a secret and highly-specialized spaceship to Proxima b, over four light-years away. The unusual crew faces a Herculean task—should they survive the journey. No one knows what to expect from this alien planet.

Old Futures: Speculative Fiction and Queer Possibility (Postmillennial Pop)

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Traverses the history of imagined futures from the 1890s to the 2010s, interweaving speculative visions of gender, race, and sexuality from literature, film, and digital media
Old Futures explores the social, political, and cultural forces feminists, queer people, and people of color invoke when they dream up alternative futures as a way to imagine transforming the present. Lothian shows how queer possibilities emerge when we practice the art of speculation: of imagining things otherwise than they are and creating stories from that impulse. Queer theory offers creative ways to think about time, breaking with straight and narrow paths toward the future laid out for the reproductive family, the law-abiding citizen, and the believer in markets. Yet so far it has rarely considered the possibility that, instead of a queer present reshaping the ways we relate to past and future, the futures imagined in the past can lead us to queer the present. 
Narratives of possible futures provide frameworks through which we understand our present, but the discourse of “the” future has never been a singular one. Imagined futures have often been central to the creation and maintenance of imperial domination and technological modernity; Old Futures offers a counterhistory of works that have sought––with varying degrees of success––to speculate otherwise. Examining speculative texts from the 1890s to the 2010s, from Samuel R. Delany to Sense8, Lothian considers the ways in which early feminist utopias and dystopias, Afrofuturist fiction, and queer science fiction media have insisted that the future can and must deviate from dominant narratives of global annihilation or highly restrictive hopes for redemption.
Each chapter chronicles some of the means by which the production and destruction of futures both real and imagined takes place: through eugenics, utopia, empire, fascism, dystopia, race, capitalism, femininity, masculinity, and many kinds of queerness, reproduction, and sex. Gathering stories of and by populations who have been marked as futureless or left out by dominant imaginaries, Lothian offers new insights into what we can learn from efforts to imaginatively redistribute the future.

Science Fiction (The New Critical Idiom)

$29.95 - $21.19

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Science Fiction is a fascinating and comprehensive introduction to one of the most popular areas of modern culture. This second edition reflects how the field is rapidly changing in both its practice and its critical reception. With an entirely new conclusion and all other chapters fully reworked and updated, this volume includes:

  • a concise history of science fiction and the ways in which the genre has been used and defined
  • explanations of key concepts in Science Fiction criticism and theory through chapters such as Gender, Race, Technology and Metaphor
  • examines the interactions between Science Fiction and Science Fact
  • anchors each chapter with a case study drawn from short story, book or film, from Frank Herbert’s Dune to Star Wars, from The Left Hand of Darkness to Neuromancer.

Introducing the reader to nineteenth-century, Pulp, Golden Age, New Wave, Feminist and Cyberpunk science fictions, this is the essential contemporary guide to a major cultural movement.


The Chemical Mage: Supernatural Hard Science Fiction (Extinction Protocol)


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Humanity has reached out into the stars – and found a ruthless enemy. It took us two hundred years to establish fifteen colonies on the closest habitable planets to Earth. It took the Ghosts only 20 years to destroy them. Navy pilot Colm Mackenzie is no stranger to the Ghosts. He has witnessed first-hand the mayhem and tragedy they leave in their wake. No one knows where they came from, or how they travel, or what they want. They know only one thing for sure:

Ghosts leave no survivors.

When Colm is fired from the Navy, the disgraced pilot accepts a position with an alien government to build a ring of defense in the Kuiper Belt. The goal: prevent the Ghosts from reaching Earth and utterly demolishing humanity.

All hope seems lost when the Ghosts infiltrate the Belt. But Colm may have stumbled upon a secret that could change the course of the war. The key is buried in his own past… The Chemical Mage is Book 1 of Extinction Protocol, a two-book hard science fiction series with the richness and breadth of a space opera. New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Felix R. Savage delivers non-stop action and startling plot twists in an adventure that races from the Kuiper Belt to Betelgeuse … and into the depths of the unknown. Extinction Protocol 1. The Chemical Mage 2. The Nuclear Druid (December 2017)