Shoes Deodorizer | Natural Spray for Stinky Foot Odor Eliminator | 18 Thai Herbs,Fight Bacteria,Fungi causing Smelly feet | Athlete’s foot

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Your Smelly Feet Be Gone We’re looking at the totality of scientific data and preparing extracts using ­ratios that were studies to be most effective for shoe smell eliminator spray,ANTI BACTERIA AND ANTI FUNGUS. More traditional and less scientific.

With traditional way of extraction, will give us a synergy of all constituents affects the final product for deodorizing shoe. On the other hand, to ensure that the final extracts contain specific compounds – we still extract by the highly scientific method of standardization in some herbs. Great alternative to shoe disinfectant, best deodorant spray for ฺฺfoot, boot and shoe. Natural shoe deodorizer SAFE for toddler, kids, bowling, Nike, adidas, timberland, gym, tennis, running, leather, golf, basketball shoes, better choice than foot and shoe deodorizer powder,

4 Proven Reasons P&F Stinky Feet Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray is THE BEST DEODORIZING FOOT AND SHOE:

♦ All ingredients are carefully selected from many Thai traditional herbs and Ayurvedic medicinal plants in order to obtain optimal anti-fungal and anti-microbial performance.

♦ The finest and most effective herbs to bring the most healing properties to eliminate bad odors caused by sweat.

♦ Less toxic and enhance health for a longer period. Contains zero of synthetic chemicals, fragrances and preservatives.

♦ More safe with botanical raw herbs source from our own farm, which spans nearly 100 acres.

INGREDIENTS: 18 Super Herbs – They will be shown in below “Important information” ⇓ ⇓More traditional and less scientific for most effective in shoe smell eliminator and ELIMINATING stinky foot odor CAUSES from FUNGI and BACTERIA
We’re aiming for an even balance between traditional use and science for most effective of deodorizing shoe
More “SAFE” shoe disinfectant with botanical raw herbs source from our own farm. We also extract each herb by different methods for most effective in eliminating the causes of feet smell. Inappropriate extraction method will not give the accurate results.
Proudly present powerful traditional herb extracts and herb essential oils which are qualified to terminate unpleasant smell from your feet and deodorant for shoes. Thailand has a long history of using herb plants that offer biologically active compounds. Herbal plants known as Sa-mun-phrai in the local Thai language have long been used as a traditional source of healing in Thailand. Ideal for any athlete, runners, cyclists, hikers and skiers.
ฺฺBoot deodorizer spray fights foot and shoe smell eliminator spray, freshens feet, sport or bowling shoes and sneakers. Antifungal Remedies – spray directly for feet and deodorizer directly in shoes.

Clear Gear Disinfecting Spray 8 Ounce Bottle – Disinfectant, Cleaner and Deodorizer for Protective Gear and Facilities – Kills Odor and Leaves a Fresh Scent


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A Ready-To-Use Disinfectant Spray, Clear Gear Sports Spray is specifically engineered to protect today’s athlete. When used as directed on personal protective gear, athletic equipment, mats and in athletic facilities, Clear Gear Sports Spray kills infectious bacteria and viruses. In addition, Clear Gear deodorizes, cleans and is an effective fungicidal. Clear Gear’s ready-to-use formula begins working immediately and kills a wide variety of germs including Staph, Strep and MRSA. Clear Gear is also effective against influenza, athlete’s foot, ringworm, mold and mildew. Great for sweaty exercise equipment and funky gym odors. Portable 8 Ounce bottle is great for use at home and on the go.Effective: Unique, EPA-approved formula kills over 100 germs and viruses including MRSA, Staph, and Strep
Easy to Use: Simply spray on to any athletic gear or protective equipment and let dry. Formula disinfects as it dries – no need to scrub or wipe clean. Leaves no residue.
Safe: Clear Gear is water based so it causes no skin irritation and can be used on any equipment – football helmets & pads, hockey pads, wrestling mats, soccer shin guards, workout machines – without causing any corrosion
Deodorizes: Not only will Clear Gear disinfect, it will remove athletic odors from all gear & equipment
Used by over 20 professional NFL, MLB, and NHL teams to keep their players safe

GloveGlu Goalkeeper Formula


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Enhance your glove’s grip in all conditions with one quick spray. Gloveglu works on all brands of gloves. It can be easily applied before and during training and matches simply by spraying onto the palms of your gloves.Glove Glu for goalkeepers
Enhances grip and performance
Works in wet and dry conditions
Helps your gloves last longer
Suitable for all goalkeeping gloves

Nathan Power Wash Odor Eliminator 8 Ounce


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NATHAN POWER WASH ODOR ELIMINATOR 8 OUNCE :: Get more mileage out of your running gear and eliminate sweat stench with the Power Wash; Odor Eliminator. The eco-friendly and non-toxic formula is hard on bacteria and neutralizes odors, but goes easy on your high-tech fabrics and even your running shoes.

Meister Glove Deodorizers for Boxing and All Sports – Absorbs Stink and Leaves Gloves Fresh


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The Meister Nunchucks Glove & Shoe Deodorizers are the ultimate solution to sweaty and smelly gear. Post-workout moistures and odors are not only unpleasant, they also break down your gear over time. The Meister Nunchucks Deodorizers are a must for your gym bag to dry out your gloves and leave them smelling fresh for your next workout. Constructed from high quality flannel, these deodorizers are built to last. Stuffed inside is your choice between two highly absorbent and aromatic options: premium red Cedar chips or activated Fresh Linen blend. The porous flannel and superior absorbent fillings combine to draw moisture out of your gear, and leave it smelling refreshed. The Meister Deodorizers are built to fit perfectly into nearly all gloves and shoes, and the nunchucks design keeps your pairs together. They work great for boxing gloves, goalie gloves, ski gloves, hockey gloves, lacrosse gloves, shoes, and more. Get your Meister Nunchuck Deodorizers today and take the stink out of your stuff!Absorbs unwanted moisture and odor to keep gloves hygienic
Leaves gloves smelling fresh with Cedar or Fresh Linen aroma
Increases life of gloves by avoiding breakdown from moisture
High quality flannel and premium aromatic, absorbent fillings. Nunchucks design keeps gloves together
Works great for Boxing Gloves, Goalie Gloves, Hockey Gloves, Ski Gloves & more. Even fits perfectly in shoes!