Aollop Kinesiology Tape, Elastic Therapeutic Sports Tape for Plantar Fasciitis Knee Shoulder Elbow,Water Resistant, Breathable,Latex Free,2″ x 16.5 feet (Including Folding Scissor)


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Choose Aollop Kinesiotape Sports Tape To Boost Your Performance

What Does It Do?
Aollop Tape Pro provides pain relief and support for hundreds of common injuries including ankle sprains, runners knee, lower back pain, carpal tunnel, wrist pain, neck strains, calf strains, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, plantar fasciitis, quad strain, groin strain, hip flexor pain, foot pain, heel pain, bunions,back pain, peroneal tendonitis, abdominal pain, rotator cuff, finger jam, and tricep pain. It is easy to apply and can be worn for several days at a time-including in the shower or pool.

1) Easy to Apply,One continuous roll. 2 in. x 16.4 ft.including folding scissor you can Accurately CUT to any size and shape ,let you customize it for every part of your body.
2) Strong Adhesion and Breathable, comfortable to use and wear up to 3-5 days.
3) Pain relief and support. Aollop elastic athletic tape helps you reduce pain and boost your performance.
4) Water-resistant, designed to withstand humidity, sweat, tears, and even in shower.
5) Made with hypoallergenic medical materials that are water resistant yet skin friendly.
6) Promote blood / lymph circulation and healing

Warm Tips
1) please avoid being directly attached to the skin ,If the skin is inflamed or wound
2) Prepare your skin by first cleaning it remove dirt, lotion or excess hair. Tape is applied directly to bare skin.
3) Tearing off the Tapes, along the direction of the hairs, one hand pulls the tapes, at the same time with one hand gently press the skin, tear down from top to bottom, don’t repeatedly tear,so as not to cause skin discomfort.

All products offer a 45-day money back guaranty and 18-month warranty!

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer you within 24 hours!

poshei Kinesiology Tape Precut (3 Rolls Pack), Elastic Therapeutic Sports Tape Pro for Shoulder Knee Elbow Ankle, Waterproof, Breathable, Latex Free, 2″ x 16.5 feet Per Roll


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Poshei Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape – Designed To Let You Enjoy Your Life

How does the kinesiology tape work?
Poshei kinesiology sports tape is a revolutionary new way to treat common injuries, can offer muscle support joints, tendon related aches, pains and relax muscles, increase the range of motion of the joints and promote blood circulation, and most importantly, relieve pain. Common injuries including ankle sprains, runners knee, lower back pain, hamstring strains, carpal tunnel, wrist pain, neck strains, calf strains, shoulder pain.

Easy to apply(3 rolls)
Ready-to-use 20 precut 10 in. strips with rounded edge.
No need to cut the tape edge yourself and avoid frays.

Boost your performance
Pain relief and support. Poshei elastic athletic kinesiology tape helps you reduce pain and boost your performance.
Water-resistant, the kinesiology tape is designed to withstand humidity, sweat, tears, and even in shower.
Poshei kinesiology tape is Strong Adhesion and Breathable,comfortable to use and wear up to 3-5 days.Turn off the pain and speed up your recovery.

Poshei Kinesiology Sports Tape Tips
Apply on clean dry skin, handle the backing paper to avoid touching the glue, apply 30mins before exercise,
round the edge of the tape, and rub the tape after application to activate the glue.

Material: The kinesiology tape is made of 100% synthetic fabric
Contents:3 Rolls kinesiology tapes. 2 in x 16.5 ft. per roll
Packing box dimension: 72*72*153mm
Weight: 300g

3 Rolls x Poshei Kinesiology Tape 
1 x Instruction booklet 

We take responsibilities for orders from Poshei. Don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any problems and we’d be glad to assist. Email us at MOST ADVANCED KINESIOLOGY SPORT TAPE (3 ROLLS)- 2″ x 16.5 feet Per Roll,20 pre-cut 10 inch strips and made rounded edges make it easier to apply, unlike most other long uncut rolls,Poshei kinesiology tape doesn’t need to cut the tape edge yourself and avoid frays. See instructions within the package for different applications.
STRONG ADHESIVE & LATEX FREE – Sticky kinesiology tape can wear up to 5 days and last longer if it’s correctly applied; Poshei kinesiology tape is made from latex free 100% synthetic fabric, extremely comfortable, and based on athletic kinesiology tape standard to help you get through the most competitive events, intense workouts and also prevent common injuries.
WATER-RESISTANT AND BREATHABLE – light weight porous fabric makes skin breathe better beneath the kinesiology tape, so as to recover faster and protect joints. Our synthetic, moisture-wicking, breathable fabric provides maximum water, sweat, and humidity resistance. This kinesiology sports tape can stay in place even when you are wet with sweat after workout.
AID AND SUPPORT – Poshei kinesiology tape has been created in conjunction with Sport and Physiotherapy experts. Designed to reduce muscle swelling and strain on your ligaments by providing support and proprioceptive feedback as well as improving the flow and circulation of blood and lymphatic acids.
FDA CERTIFIED AND 100% SATISFACTION – FDA certified kinesiology sports tape,90 Days Money Back Guarantee & 1 year warranty ,any quality issues about the kinesiology tape please contact us to get a replacement or refund. We cannot guarantee our current special pricing, so be sure to Click Buy Now!

Rocktape Kinesiology Tape for Athletes, Water Resistant, Reduce Pain and Injury Recovery, 180% Elastic Stretch, 1 Roll, 16.4 Feet


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RockTape is a premium kinesiology tape (often mispelled as Kenisology Tape or abbreviated as KT ) with a tighter weave, greater elasticity and stronger adhesive than other kinesiology tapes. It stays on longer and provides enhanced support, even under the toughest conditions.

This makes it ideal for high performance athletes and those competing in extreme sports. Rock Tape provides the same therapeutic benefits as regular kinesiology tape, but is manufactured with superior materials and advesives versus the competition allowing it to stay on longer and with less irritation.

The mechanical lifting effect of kinesiology tape is best observed when tape is used over swollen and bruised areas. Time after time we have seen dramatic changes in inflammation and bruising when kinesiology tape is fanned over the affected area. Often in 1-2 days a bruise is almost completely cleared, and we have seen exciting effects on limb edema following lymphectomies and other procedures that can result in chronic edema and swelling. It is likely that by decompressing the skin and the layers of tissue beneath it, lymphatic ducts can clear fluid more efficiently, resulting in these often-dramatic changes.

Rock Tape ideal for high performance athletes and those competing in extreme sports. The biomechanical lifting action of the tape may allow it to enhance oxygen delivery to muscles. This may translate directly into greater endurance and faster recovery.

RockTape’s taping protocols involves taping entire kinetic chains associated with different movement patterns, which enhances muscle activation for more powerful and efficient movement. This makes Rock-Tape the most complete sports tape on the market. Rock Tape rolls are perfect for sport bags, travel kits and home recovery. Includes a full-color, 2-sided poster showing a variety of therapeutic and performance-enhancing applications.

*Not clinically proven for all injuries. Our products and website are not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Warranties and remedies are limited to replacement cost.RockTape IS THE WORLD’S BEST KINESIOLOGY TAPE – Can be used to treat sports & non-sports injuries: Ankle Sprain, Groin Pull, Hamstring Strain, Knee Injury, Shin Splints, Plantar Fasciitis, Runner’s Knee, Back Pain and various Muscle & Joint Pain*
180% Elasticity is Why We’re Different – Stretching is Good. Kinesiology Tpe with 180% elasticity, allows athletes fuller and better range of motion. Our competitors only offer a 130-150% stretch
Easy To Use: Water Resistant + Ultra-Strong and Sticky Hypoallergenic Adhesive, Latex & Zinc Free
How Does It Work? RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. Stretchier, stickier & stronger than the competition, RockTape is used by over 45,000 medical professionals!
Step-By-Step Instructions on RockTape’s YouTube Channel provides instructions on Taping body Pain points, and relieving pressure off injuries

Physix Gear Sport Kinesiology Tape with Free Illustrated E-Guide – 16ft Uncut Roll – Best Pain Relief Adhesive for Muscles, Shin Splints, Knee & Shoulder – 24/7 Waterproof Therapeutic Aid


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– Is your current Kinesiology Tape PEELING easily, with no real support?
– Suffer from Back Pain, Sore Muscles, Hematoma, Plantar Fasciitis, Aches and Pains, and Aching Joints?
– Want to reduce Lymphatic Oedema, Stimulate Hypotonic Muscles, Improve your proprioception System, and Increase overall health?


– WON’T PEEL EASILY, like other cheap Kinesiology tapes
– 4 WAY STRETCH TECHNOLOGY, designed breathability, sore muscles relief, reduce inflammation, and workout recovery
– PERFECT ADHESIVE FOR Fibromyalgia Relief, Shoulder, Knee, Back, Neck, Calf, Thigh, any skin surface! Bulk orders available!
– CORRECTION OF THE FASCIA, Shin Splints, musculoskeletal injuries, ACL recovery, MCL Surgery Recovery, Hypotonia and Joint Pains
– WATERPROOF TAPE, designed to alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and relax muscles
– ENHANCE PERFORMANCE, rehabilitate – supporting muscles for sporting events. The ultimate Results & recovery formula



– Multiple User Friendly Techniques for taping across multiple injuries and pains.

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WHILE OTHER KINESIOLOGY TAPES have “rolly” edges loose fabrics difficult to cut or simply stay on for only a few hours your New FDA CE approved Physix KTape Stays put even during that hot sweaty Yoga Classes. Apply it and forget it for several days providing you long product life the best value for money. Customers agree Physix Tape offers reliable fast Muscle Support Helping Ease your pain you’ll even look good doing it with amazing colour options for each day of the week!
GET BACK INTO THE GAME by easily reducing chronic muscular pain conditions in joints Achilles Tendon muscles and tendons. Physix tape will be there for you during chores or a 26 mile Marathon. Avoid the frustration of cheaper tapes peeling-off. When applied using your FREE 82 page illustrated eGuide Physix Tape stay’s in place no matter what even if you’re soaking wet with sweat or after your post workout shower! Maintain PEACE OF MIND and safety as your Ktape works for you around the clock.
SAVE TIME AND EFFORT by avoiding residue or annoying Stickiness once removed. Feel confident at home work or gym and push yourself that extra mile by keeping your knee secure and supported. Get moving again with Reduced Back Pain & Gain Instant Joy as your Physix Tape helps reduce Plantar Fasciitis & chronic muscular pain. Feel new Hope as the new Synthetic 4 way stretch fibers reduces painful Joints and Gain satisfaction as your Physix Tape Facilitates stronger firing of muscles and tendons.
TIPS TO AVOID SKIN IRRITATION – usually the result of trapped moisture or high levels of compression of the skin (Do not use if on blood thinners). Prevent these rare symptoms by avoiding extreme stretching of the tape over the skin. It is recommended your tape be applied at least 30 min prior to activity. Ensure Skin has no oil, sweat, or lotion prior to application & remove with warm soapy water. Physix Gear ensures our tape maintains 100% safety accreditation & Support is available 24/7/365.
GET READY. TO BECOME A RAVING FAN! – We cut no corner in our product and will cut no corners in our support of you! You are making a very intelligent decision doing business with our company. We know you’re a big deal and we’ll only provide you with the finest product and service around or your MONEY BACK! Add your Physix Tape to your Cart and experience the Physix Gear Sport customer experience phenomenon! Add to cart now to begin the amazing journey!