Jollylife Silicone Mold Ice Cube Tray Ball for Star Wars Lovers or Party Theme 2pcs (Blue)


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2 Pack Silicone Mold Ice Cube Tray Ball For Star Wars Lovers or Party ThemeJollylife Ice Cube Molds & Trays: 100% Food Grade Silicone
Freezer and Oven Safe.Made from heat and cold resistant silicone (-40℉ to 446℉)
Makes a large ball of ice 2.4″ decorated in the shape of the first Death Star based on its appearance : A New Hope
Make easy ice cream balls or cake for desserts your family and guests will love. Flexible and easy removal mold, perfect gift for any occasion.

Star Wars: Han Solo in Carbonite Silicone Ice Tray / Chocolate Mold/ Single Tray


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Freeze your own Han Solo! Here comes an innovative Star Wars kitchen product from a galaxy far, far away. This time around, the fun gets frosty with the Han Solo in Carbonite Silicone Tray. Perfect for everything from family fun to Star Wars-themed parties, these handy trays let you capture ice, chocolate, jello, or anything else you can think of in the familiar shape of Jabba the Hutt’s prized possession!A Kotobukiya Japanese import
Ideal for ice, chocolate, jello, or other suitable liquids
Seven figural compartments – six small, one larger
Excellent detailing

Bessmate 2-Pack Star Wars Death Star Silicone Sphere Ice Ball Maker Mold,Ice Mold Tray

$49.99 - $10.99

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-We are the best mate of you!
-100% good quality and 12 month warranty!
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Guaranteed Quality
7-day no-hassle return & refund guarantee-worry-free 1 Years warranty

About the Ice Mold
-The theme is from the movie death star, this ice ball maker is with the feared battle station on the tray.
-The Death Star ice mold is made from heat and cold resistant silicone, so it’s freezer and oven safe.
-This superior BPA Free food grade silicone ice ball maker makes a large ball of ice decorated in the shape of the first Death Star based on its appearance in Star Wars: A New Hope.
-Perfect for making a treat for your family or spicing up a Star Wars themed party, this sturdy tray lets you capture a variety of foods or drinks in the familiar shape.
-Ice spheres are perfect for whiskey, bourbon, or scotch drinks. Chill any cocktail, coffee, or tea. Clever way to draw attention to your punch bowl at your next party or catering event.
-Our product is also 100% BPA free and dishwasher­friendly!
-Made of heat and cold resistant food-safe silicone
-Dimensions: 2.4″ in diameter.

How to make Perfect Ice Spheres – Death Star
You can refer to the Youtube Link

Some tips for better results:
-don’t fill the molds all the way, 80-90% works well and gives the ice/water room to expand
-it’s better to under fill than over fill. the mold has the death star upside down, so if you underfill and end up w/ a flat spot on your sphere, it will be on the bottom of your glass when you pop it out
-distilled water can give you slightly clearer ice (or cooled down boiled water)

Package Includes
2 x Ice MoldBessmate Ice Cube Molds & Trays: 100% food grade silicone
BPA-free, FDA approved, food grade silicone molds easy to clean dishwasher safe. Freezer and Oven Safe 230 degrees C or 446 degrees F
Make easy ice cream balls for desserts your family and guests will love, perfect gift for any occasion
Quickly to make ice balls for parties, holiday celebrations and unexpected guests with these durable, flexible and easy removal ice ball mold
100% brand new and good quality guarantee. Please contact us with no hesitation if you need any help from us

LOHOME® Star Wars Death Star Ice Cube Tray Molds, Silicone Ice Molds Pack of 6


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LOHOME 6-PACK SILICONE ICE MOLDS CREAT YOUR OWN ICE & CHOCOLATE Food-grade Silicone Material Silicone ice trays won’t crack and break, easy to clean. Unique Design Circular ice molds look more cute, surprise your friends and family with ice balls in their drinks. Use Way First, cover with the lid. Second, from the top hole, pour the water into the molds. Finally, put it in the refrigerator. Tips for Make Perfect Star Wars Death Star Ice Cube: 1. Use bottled water with low mineral content. Distilled water would be the absolute best. 2. Don’t completely fill the mold with water. Water expands when it’s frozen so filling the mold 90% with water will mean the mold will be 100% full. 3. Open the mold under luke warm water (but not hot enough to melt the ice), make you get Death Star Ice Ball out of the mold easier. 4. Freeze the Death Star Ice Cube Mold slowly. Turn down freezer settings and put the Death Star Ice Cube Mold in over night to a fully transparent Death Star ice ball. Best Service If you have any issue with your product, please feel free to contact us, our team will respond to you within 24 hours.LOHOME WARRANTY: We promise a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 180-Day Limited Product Warranty. If You’re Not Completely Satisfied, Simply Let us Know and You’ll be Offered a FULL Refund or Replacement, No Questions Asked. Enjoy this Absolutely RISK FREE Purchase Today by Clicking the Yellow ‘ADD TO CART BUTTON” Above.
MAKES PERFECT ICE BALLS FOR YOUR GLASS: The ice balls perfect for Whiskey, Highball, Cocktail and Hurricane Glasses. Surprise your friends and family with ice balls in their drinks while keeping the drinks cold-not diluted.
EASY TO USE: First, cover with the lid. Second, pour the water into the molds from the top hole. Finally, put it into the refrigerator. Quickly Makes 2.4″ large ice ball in the shape of the first death star.

Set of 8 Star Wars Silicone Ice Cube Molds | Candy Chocolate Baking Molds with Novelty Yoda Tray. Create Cake Toppers, Jello, Soaps, Candles and Bath Bombs – Best Gift with E-book


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💚 HIGH QUALITY, SAFE MATERIALS -­ Star Wars Candy molds are made with FDA and EU approved food grade silicone. You can rest assured that when your party guests are enjoying their Star Wars treats they’re completely safe from toxins, and so are you. Choose our Star Wars molds.
💙 FREEZER AND OVEN SAFE – these versatile molds can be used for more than just making ice. Safe up to 440°F, Star Wars character candy, jellies, chocolates, kids’ crayons, and soaps can all be made with silicone Star Wars chocolate molds. So they are also Star Wars soap molds, Star Wars Jell-o molds, and Star Wars baking molds
❤️ COLORFUL, EYE CATCHING DESIGNS – each tray is balanced and compact to fit into freezers. The set is molded in brightly colored, high quality, BPA free silicone. These molds are perfect Star Wars gifts for men, women, kids and friends.
💜 STAR WARS THEMES – these molds produce figures in the shape of various characters from the Star Wars saga. You can mold Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, X¬-Wing fighters, the Millennium Falcon, R2D2, Yoda, and even have Han Solo ice tray, candy, or chocolate.