Getting in the Game, Second Edition: Guiding Your Startup Through the World of Venture Capital and Angel Investors


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Learn how to successfully build and finance your startup using the advice of a venture lawyer with over $6 billion in corporate finance experience. Now in its second edition, this book breaks down the lessons a startup business needs to learn to go from great idea to successful exit. Each chapter is geared to explaining in simple terms what an entrepreneur needs to know about finding and meeting venture capital firms and angel investors and giving them winning presentations. The book guides the reader through challenging concepts like dilution and capitalization tables in an easy-to-understand format. The author shares life lessons from other startups to help the reader avoid pitfalls that other first-time founders can easily avoid with a little forewarning. The book contains valuable examples of term sheets, nondisclosure agreements and other useful information that every startup team should have in their toolboxes.

The Ultimate Start-Up Guide: Marketing Lessons, War Stories, and Hard-Won Advice from Leading Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

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Most start-ups fail. And they die remarkably young: The typical start-up lasts 20 months and burns through $1.3 million in financing before closing its doors. So what’s the formula for success for those start-ups that make it through the early trials, leveraging their early success into either getting acquired or issuing an IPO (initial public offering)? What are the lessons that first-time entrepreneurs and employees need to know to navigate their way to success? The Ultimate Start-Up Guide offers practical advice, insights, lessons, and best practices from the world of start-ups, including: Strategies for hiring and building your team, culture, and values. How to pitch your company, secure funding, and distribute equity. Best practices in launching your business. How venture capitalist investors think, evaluate new companies, and advise entrepreneurs. War stories and red flags from top VC partners and entrepreneurs. Start-ups are a business model and culture of their own, changing the economic landscape as well as the way we live and work. The Ultimate Start-Up Guide offers an insider’s look at this world. It’s a fascinating read for anyone contemplating how to build or participate in a successful start-up.

Cyber Nation: How Venture Capital & Startups Are Protecting America from Cyber Criminals, Threats and Cyber Attacks.


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“The Best Book on Cybersecurity and America’s Top Startups!” What if you could prevent the next great cyber attack? What if you knew about the next World War – an epic battle against states, governments, companies and individuals? Venture capital and cybersecurity expert, Ross Blankenship (, shows you who’s on the most wanted cyber criminal list, what methods cyber hackers are using to attack networks, where these cyber attacks have taken place (Anthem, Target, Sony, and the United States’ Office of Personnel Management), when these attacks happened, and why we need to ensure our nation’s cyber defenses are strong.

Who’s going to protect our networks and technology from cyber terrorists? This insider’s guide to cyber security shows you how venture capital and startups are securing and protecting America from cyber criminals, cyber threats and the growing cyber attacks on small, medium and large Fortune 500 companies.

You need to know which companies are actively fighting cyber criminals, including companies like Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and cyber security focused companies like FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, and CyberArk. There’s also information about newer venture-backed companies like Authy, Lookout Inc., BlockScore, Sift Science, Bugcrowd, and Synack Labs.

Ross Blankenship is an expert on cybersecurity, who has written frequently about the importance of building our nation’s cyber defenses.
You’ll also get inside tips on cybersecurity and what we need to do to protect our nation’s economy.

This book on cybersecurity and America’s top cybersecurity startups in the industry will also answer: -Who are the FBI’s most wanted cyber criminals? -Which foreign governments are sponsoring cyber terrorists and attacks? -What methods are cyber hackers using to disrupt networks? -What are the top cyber security startups? -Where are these cyber thieves attacking: banks, retail, consumers? -When have the biggest cyber attacks occurred? -How can you protect and defend your own data privacy? -How can you invest in cyber security personally and professionally?

Cyber Nation not only includes a detailed analysis of emerging cyber threats and cyber attacks, but also includes systematic remedies for how the Federal Government, corporations, and individuals can better secure themselves with cybersecurity defenses. Cyber Nation is “the definitive guide to understand the world of cyber security, criminals, and the need to better protect the American economy.”

Due Diligence for Startups: a Step-by-Step Guide


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For the elite startups and entrepreneurs asking for investment to boost their ventures to a next step, there is a tough process called “due diligence”. It is nothing more than a final integrity check on all aspects of the business and the team, but it needs preparation, a clean execution and meet some standards in order to get the investor’s trust. In this book you will find exhaustive information not just to survive the process but to excel in maximizing your benefit in the investment agreement and also to get the funds quicker. It has been written by Benjamin C. Lawson, who works for Moos Consulting ( and has more than 15 years of experience in startups and consulting. It is structured as a bulleted guide, in order to get you familiar with the process and the expected outcomes, so you can get a most standardized document any VC or business angel will desire. And that is the beginning of your success in the negotiation.

Founder’s Pocket Guide: Raising Angel Capital


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Talk Confidently with Angel Investors. Created to save you dozens of hours of research and help you avoid common pitfalls, this guide helps you build your angel investing process knowledge base, sort out key terminology, and understand the moving parts of equity fundraising. Review the Complete Funding Process. This concise guide gives entrepreneurs a complete overview of the angel funding process, answering the most frequent questions entrepreneurs face as they build new companies. Save Time and Avoid Pitfalls. If you are new to the startup funding process and need to raise angel capital, start with this book. It strips away non essentials and provides you with fundamental, easy-to-reference information so you can move on to building your venture. Concise explanations help you understand angel investor expectations and go into investment discussions prepared and knowledgeable. Questions answered in this guide include: • Is my startup really “investor ready”? • How much can my startup legally raise? • How much equity should I give up to investors? • How much money is realistic to raise from angels? • What is a pre-money valuation and how can I determine the right amount? • What do terms such as dilution, convertible debt, and cap table mean? • What is a term sheet, and how does it affect an investment deal? • What is the difference between preferred shares and common shares? • What stage does my startup need to be at to be interesting to angel investors?

Founder’s Pocket Guide: Cap Tables


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Sooner or later startup founders face the investor question “How’s Your Cap Table Look?” The goal of this guide is to help you prepare for this question. This highly visual guide helps you understand the key moving parts of a startup cap table, review typical cap table inputs, and demystify terminology and jargon associated with cap table discussions. Along the way, this guide provides easy-to-follow examples for the most common calculations related to cap table building. Expanding on these key skills every startup founder should know, this Founder’s Pocket Guide helps you learn how to: • Build your basic cap table step by step, including founder’s shares, option pools, angel investor rounds, and VC rounds. • Decipher cap table specific lingo, such as fully-diluted shares outstanding, preferred shares vs. common shares, Series A, Series B, and so on. • Establish a stock option pool in your cap table and understand the option pool effect on founder dilution. • Understand the simple math behind cap table formulas and calculations, including calculating fully diluted shares outstanding, investor equity ownership percentages, and share price.

The Startup Funding Book


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Are you an entrepreneur, looking for investors take your venture to the next level? Do you want to start a business and wonder where to get the funds?

This book reveals
* Where to to find investors and the best approaches to win their support
* What investors are really looking for but won’t tell you 
* How to persuade banks, business angels, VCs and public funders
* Insider tips for compiling material that satisfies investors
* Little-known strategies that will boost your success

Written by start-up funding expert Nicolaj Højer Nielsen, this book offers practical solutions and guides you step by step to secure the funds you need.

THE ENTREPRENEURIAL BIBLE TO VENTURE CAPITAL: Inside Secrets from the Leaders in the Startup Game

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40 leading venture capitalists come together to teach entrepreneurs how to succeed with their startup

The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital is packed with invaluable advice about how to raise angel and venture capital funding, how to build value in a startup, and how to exit a company with maximum value for both founders and investors. It guides entrepreneurs through every step in an entrepreneurial venture from the legalities of raising initial capital to knowing when to change tactics.

Andrew Romans is the co-founder and general partner of Rubicon Venture Capital, a venture capital fund that invests in privately held technology companies and enables its investors to co-invest along side the fund on a deal-by-deal basis via innovative sidecar funds right up to IPO or M&A exit.

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Masters of Corporate Venture Capital: Collective Wisdom from 50 VCs Best Practices for Corporate Venturing How to Access Startup Innovation & How to Get Funded


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Andrew Romans captured wisdom from interviews with 100+ Corporate Venture Capitalists (CVCs), independent VCs, CEOs of startups, bankers and lawyers to write the definitive book on the topic of CVC. Masters of Corporate Venture Capital is packed with invaluable advice about how to best raise capital from CVCs, unlock synergies of partnering startups with large corporations for rapid international growth and avoid potential disasters and other dangers related to CVC. More than 20% of all Venture Capital financings include at least one CVC and thus startups need to understand this previously misunderstood area of funding. Corporations need to establish their own CVC arms to access external innovation and learn how to bring this inside via VC investing, partnerships and M&A. We work in a very complex ecosystem and this book captures stories that bring the complexity to life with simple lessons. This book is for: • Entrepreneurs • VCs • Angel investors • Family offices • CVCs • Corporates thinking about launching a CVC • Anyone advising startups.