Life for Sale


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‘Life for sale. Use me as you wish. I am a twenty-seven-year-old male. Discretion guaranteed. Will cause no bother at all.’

When Hanio Yamada realizes the future holds nothing of worth to him, he puts his life for sale in a Tokyo newspaper, thus unleashing a series of unimaginable exploits.

A world of revenge, murderous mobsters, hidden cameras, a vampire woman, poisonous carrots, espionage and code-breaking, a junkie heiress, home-made explosives and decoys reveals itself to the unwitting Hanio. Is there anything he can do to stop it?


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Twelve years have passed since Kei’s husband, Rei, disappeared and she was left alone with her three-year-old daughter. Her new relationship with a married man—the antithesis of Rei—has brought her life to a numbing stasis, and her relationships with her mother and daughter have spilled into routine, day after day. Kei begins making repeated trips to the seaside town of Manazuru, a place that jogs her memory to a moment in time she can never quite locate. Her time there by the water encompasses years of unsteady footing and a developing urgency to find something.

Through a poetic style embracing the surreal and grotesque, a quiet tenderness emerges from these dark moments. Manazuru is a meditation on memory—a profound, precisely delineated exploration of the relationships between lovers and family members. Both startlingly restless and immaculately compact, Manazuru paints the portrait of a woman on the brink of her own memories and future.

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Monkey Business: New Writing from Japan Volume 1


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Monkey Business is the in-translation offspring of the Tokyo-based magazine MONKEY, which was founded in 2008 by Motoyuki Shibata, one of Japan’s most highly regarded men of letters.

Monkey Business showcases the best of contemporary Japanese literature. It aims to translate and present a wide array of established and emerging authors. Issue 1 includes an interview with Haruki Murakami, fiction by Hideo Furukawa, Hiromi Kawakami, and Yoko Ogawa, a manga interpretation of Kafka’s A Country Doctor by the Brother and Sister Nishioka, and many more of the best contemporary voices that Japan has to offer.

Parade: A Folktale


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On a summer afternoon, Tsukiko and her former high school teacher have prepared and eaten somen noodles together.

“Tell me a story from long ago,” Sensei says.

“I wasn’t alive long ago,” Tsukiko says, “but should I tell you a story from when I was little?”

“Please do,” Sensei replies, and so Tsukiko tells him that, when she was a child, she awakened one day to find something with a pale red face and something with a dark red face in her room, arguing with each other. They had human bodies, long noses, and wings. They were tengu, creatures that appear in Japanese folktales.

The tengu attach themselves to Tsukiko and begin to follow her everywhere. Where did they come from and why are they here? And what other invisible and unacknowledged forces are acting upon Tsukiko’s seemingly peaceful world?

The Ten Loves of Nishino

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Following The Nakano Thrift Shop, Hiromi Kawakami’s breakout success, comes a new novel full of charm, subtlety, and style by an author whose readership in Japan numbers in the millions.

“If you like Haruki Murakami and Yoko Ogawa, it’s a safe bet that you’ll love The Ten Loves of Nishino.”―DozoDomo (France)

Each woman in this book has succumbed, even if only for an hour, to that seductive, imprudent, and furtively feline man who managed to glide so naturally into their lives. But who really was Yukihiko Nishino?

Still clinging to the vivid memory of his warm breath, his indecipherable silences, and his nonchalance, ten women who have loved him tell their stories as they attempt to recreate the image of the unfathomable and seemingly unattainable Nishino. Through accounts that are full of humor, intelligence, and the bittersweet joys of love, these women evoke Nishino’s image but reveal themselves. Each perspective is both captivating and sensual, droll but important, and each is a variation on themes of love and identity.

Un grito de amor desde el centro del mundo (Spanish Edition)


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Un grito de amor desde el centro del mundo es la novela japonesa más leída de todos los tiempos. Ha inspirado una versión cinematográfica, una exitosa serie televisiva y ha sido ilustrada como cómic manga.

Una conmovedora historia de amor que ha
enamorado a millones de lectores de todo el mundo.

«Aquella mañana me desperté llorando. Como siempre. Ni siquiera sabía si estaba triste

Sakutarô y Aki se conocen en la escuela de una ciudad provincial de Japón. Él es un adolescente ingenioso y sarcástico. Ella es inteligente, hermosa y popular. Pronto se convierten en amigos inseparables, hasta que un día, Sakutarô ve a Aki con otros ojos, y la amistad cómplice se transforma en una pasión arrebatadora. Ambos viven una historia capaz de trastocar los sentidos y borrar las fronteras entre la vida y la muerte.

«Un relato de amor y pérdida adolescentes que no tardó en superar el récord establecido por Tokio blues, de Haruki Murakami, y que a día de hoy sigue siendo la novela más vendida de la historia de Japón con más de tres millones de copias despachadas.»
Andrés Sánchez, Babelia

«Una historia de amor capaz de trastocar los sentidos y borrar las fronteras entre la vida y la muerte.»
Carlos Rubio, Diario de Navarra

«Hay algo prodigioso en el éxito de este libro que ha entusiasmado a jóvenes de todo el mundo y que invita a descubrir el amor.»
Il Giornale

«Transmite toda la pureza y ternura del amor, como un sentimiento universal, más allá de la edad, la cultura… Tras leerlo es imposible no recordar el primer amor. Invade la nostalgia, pero con una dulce sonrisa en los labios.»
Io Donna

«Una mezcla de modernidad y tradición. Un grito de amor desde el centro del mundo se ha convertido en un auténtico fenómeno social en Japón. Una conmovedora novela que merece la pena leer.»
Le Figaro