Avanti 1962-1991 -Limited Edition Extra


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This is a book traces the development of Studebaker’s Avanti from its 1962 introduction with contemporary road & comparison tests, new model introductions, technical data, driving and road impressions, road research report and buying guide. Models covered include: R1, R2, R3 and Avanti II in Coupe and Convertible forms.

Avanti: The Complete Story

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Avanti is Italian for “forward” or ‘advance,” and the car lived up to its name. This book tells the amazing story from the Avanti inception in South Bend, Indiana, to its current status in Cancun, Mexico. Many original source documents, factory photographs, corporate records, advertisements and first hand accounts trace the evolution of this American classic. The Avanti design was conceived by one of the greatest industrial designers Raymond Loewy and his associates for Studebaker. The Avanti was Studebakers shining star for a brief period of time (1963-1964 models years) before the company exited the automobile manufacturing business in the United States in December of 1963. The Avanti exhibited phoenix like traits a number of times since and has gone through more than a handful of owners along with updates in design, maintaining a loyal customer base large enough to support production as a luxury specialty car on and off for more than 45 years. Get the full scoop on the companies and people who helped keep Avanti alive.
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Avanti: Studebaker and Beyond

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The Avanti has been produced for nearly 45 years in various incarnations. Factory photographs and other materials document the history of this fine automobile. This photo journey takes us from Avanti’s initial beginnings with Studebaker in 1961 to the end of current production with Avanti Automotive SA de CV – the 2007 models built in Cancun, Mexico.