Collector Protector Vinyl Record Spray Cleaner and Anti Static Carbon Fiber Record Brush. The Perfect Combination To Keep Your Records Sounding Great


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Collector Protector Cleaning Kit can help you keep your cherished LPs in premium condition. This kit consists of a bottle of cleaning solution as well as a hand-held carbon fiber brush.

First thing to know about cleaning vinyl records is that playing a dirty record will damage the vinyl and negatively affect the sound quality. Maintaining clean records will preserve not only the life of your LPs but also the life of your record player. Here’s a few tips for cleaning:

If your record is visibly dusty, do not contaminate your brush by dry dusting. You will harm both brush and record. Wet clean your record first.

To use your carbon fiber brush, spin record on turntable and lightly mist brush with spray cleaner. Place brush at a 90 degree angle on the record. With light pressure on the brush, allow record to rotate a few times and then slowly slide brush towards you. Lift brush straight up. Rotate brush bristles back and forth against underside of handle to clear the dust from the fibers.

Dry dusting your records with a carbon fiber brush before and after play is the best way to keep your records clean and sounding great.

Do not touch/pull on bristles of carbon fiber brush. Incorrect use may cause bristles to shed.

Always remove surface debris and dust before any deep clean.

New records are not necessarily clean records. Clean your records before the first play.

Less friction is better. Be gentle with your albums.

A turntable or stylus in bad shape will damage your record. Keep your stylus clean in between records by using a stylus brush. Always brush cartridge back to front, never side to side or front to back.HIGH TECH CARBON FIBER RECORD BRUSH not only cleans but also eliminates static charges. Bristles reach deep into the grooves of the vinyl to take out the smallest dirt particles.
SELF CLEANING brush rotates to allow handle to clean bristles providing for a fast, safe & effective way to remove dust and dirt.
PURE VINYL RECORD CLEANING SOLUTION specially formulated for its deep-cleaning, anti-static, and residue-free properties. 10 ml spray bottle contains no alcohol or ammonia. 7oz refill is also available through Amazon. (Bottle is a vacuum pump therefore it is tubeless).
HELPS MAINTAIN the life and sound quality of your records. An economically effective vinyl record cleaner!
STYLISH RED METAL HOUSING. 2 YEAR WARRANTY against defects. Storage Pouch included.

JENSB445 – Studebaker SB445 Record Cleaning Kit


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Vinyl doesn’t clean itself. Luckily for you, Studebaker has the answer. The Record Cleaning Kit combines a unique brush with CleanIt cleaning solution to remove the fingerprints that can accrue on your tunes.Model_Number – SB445
Depth – 8.60
Height – 2.75
Width – 4.80
Weight – 0.0085

RCA RD1006 Discwasher Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit


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Removes Dust Dirt & Fingerprints From Vinyl Records. Ideal For Use With All Vinyl Records, Wet System Includes Vinyl Record Cleaning Pad, Mini Dust Brush & Cleaning Solution. Includes Handy Storage PouchUnique Microfiber Pad
D4+TM Fluid Safely Removes Dust And Dirt From Record Surface Without Scratching
Includes 1.25 Oz Cleaning Fluid And Storage Box
Quick Healing For Stains
Easy And Safe To Use

Vinyl Styl Deep Groove Record Washer System


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The Vinyl StylTM Deep Groove Record Washer is simply the best record washer on the market today. Starting with the uniquely designed and stylish, self-contained storage system, you will never need to go looking for parts of your device. The label protection clamp lets you wash records without the fear of ruining your labels. The included washer fluid solution can be filtered with the accompanying funnel and filter system and reused several times. The innovative drying rack means you can wash more records than with other cleaning devices in a fraction of the time. Includes: 1 x Vinyl StylTM Deep Groove Record Washer Reservoir, with Lid. 1 x Drying rack (located inside the bottom of the washer reservoir) 1 x 16oz Vinyl StylTM Record Washer Fluid 1 x Label protection clamp wheel 1 x 45 RPM adapter 1 x Washer fluid reusable funnel 1 x Washer fluid strainer 3 x Washer fluid filters 1 x Instruction manualTotally Self Contained
Stylish Modern Design
Cleans 7″, 10″ and 12″ Records
Your Record Collection’s Best Friend
Complete Washing & Drying System