Evangelical Theological Method: Five Views (Spectrum Multivew Series)


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How should one approach the task of theology? The question of methodology is increasingly one of interest among theologians, who recognize that the very manner in which we approach theology informs both the questions we ask and the conclusions we reach. This volume in IVP’s Spectrum Multiview series brings together five evangelical theologians with distinctly different approaches to the theological task:

  • Sung Wook Chung
  • John R. Franke
  • Telford C. Work
  • Victor Ifeanyi Ezigbo
  • Paul Louis Metzger

After presenting their own approach―which include appeals to Scripture, context, missions, interdisciplinary studies, and dogmatics―they respond to each of the other views. Emerging from this theological conversation is an awareness of our methodological commitments and the benefits that each can bring to the theological task.



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Studebaker’s XH-9350 and Their Involvement with Other Aircraft Engines


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Before the United States entered World War II, the Army Air Corps conceptualized a large aircraft engine for which fuel efficiency was the paramount concern. It was believed that such an engine could power bombers from North America to attack targets in Europe, a tactic that would be needed if the United Kingdom were to fall. This engine project was known as MX-232, and Studebaker was tasked with its development. After years of testing and development, the MX-232 program produced the Studebaker XH-9350 engine design.

Although a complete XH-9350 engine was not built, Studebaker’s XH-9350 and Their Involvement with Other Aircraft Engines details the development of the MX-232 program and the XH-9350 design. In addition, the book covers Studebaker’s work with other aircraft engines: the power plant for the Waterman Arrowbile, their licensed production of the Wright R-1820 radial engine during World War II, and their licensed production of the General Electric J47 jet engine during the Korean War.

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Size: 11″ (27.5cm) high x 7.5″ (19cm) wide x 1/32″ (0.8mm) thick.
Made from Polypropylene – A high quality waterproof plastic ideal for indoor or outdoor use.


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