TV Guide [Print + Kindle]

$144.71 - $20.00

(as of Sep 06,2018 06:53:59 UTC – Details)

TV Guide is now Full-Size, Full-Color, for people who are passionate about their favorite shows, characters, and stars. Plus, an easier-to-use national listings section with more highlights and reviews. TV Guide Magazine publishes 29 double or special issues a year. Each double or special issue counts as two of 56 issues in an annual subscription. Cover price is $4.99.

Popular Mechanics


(as of Sep 05,2018 23:17:42 UTC – Details)

Popular Mechanics directly aligns with the mindset of the contemporary man whose everyday life involves technology, data, science and constant flux. Each issue will show you how to turn your everyday passions into tools of change. Features on the latest advances in science and technology will impact your home, your car, consumer electronics, computers, even your health.

Trailer Life

$47.88 - $17.97

(as of Aug 16,2018 01:49:36 UTC – Details)

Trailer Life magazine is written specifically for people whose overall lifestyle is based on travel and recreation in their RV. Every issue includes product tests, travel articles, and other features- ranging from cooking tips to vehicle maintenance.

Garden & Gun

$35.94 - $19.98

(as of Aug 15,2018 23:42:09 UTC – Details)

Garden & Gun is a high-end Southern lifestyle magazine. Its lush photography and award-winning editorial delivers a unique view of art & culture, sporting activities, food & fine dining and travel destinations throughout the South.

Ranger Rick

$49.90 - $24.95

(as of Aug 15,2018 18:34:57 UTC – Details)

Ranger Rick is for children ages 7 and up. Each issue is packed with amazing facts, stunning photos and outdoor adventures that help kids sharpen reading skills and develop a deeper appreciation for nature. A Parent’s Choice Gold Award recipient in 1999. Published monthly.

Diabetic Living

$23.96 - $5.00

(as of Aug 15,2018 09:16:52 UTC – Details)

Diabetic Living is a healthy lifestyle magazine designed especially for people who are living with diabetes. Informative articles help you to understand what diabetes is, how it affects you, and how you can manage your diet and fitness to stay healthy.

Guns & Ammo

$47.88 - $12.97

(as of Aug 15,2018 05:08:55 UTC – Details)

This magazine is edited for sportsmen with an interest in the practical application of sporting firearms and emphasizes their safe and proper use. The magazine delivers an editorial mix that includes hunting, shooting, reloading, antique and modern arms, ballistics and arms legislation. As well, it contains information about natural resource and environmental protection, new products and trends.