Villany Redux Syndrome

By The Super Hero Squad Show

An unlikely ally hidden aboard the Helicarrier must rescue the captured Squaddies. Plus, Thanos reveals that he’s behind the Kree-Skrull conflict! Can the squad end an intergalactic war and stop Thanos from conquering the universe?

Revenge of the Baby Sat!

By The Super Hero Squad Show

Attempting to go back in time to stop the Dark Surfer, the Super Hero Squad suffers a time mishap that transforms several of the Squaddies into TODDLERS! It’s up to the unaffected heroes to find a way to fix the Super Hero Toddlers before they’re stuck that way forever!

Superhero Sheep / Pirate Ship

By WordWorld

“Superhero Sheep” Sheep becomes Word World’s first superhero, saving the day with the letter “S”! Duck is eager to be her trusty sidekick, but Sheep repeatedly points out that “superheroes don’t need help.” But Sheep learns that everyone needs help sometimes when she gets stuck on top of Pig’s barn and it’s up to Duck to save her.”Pirate Ship” “While playing on the beach, Sheep, Duck and Shark find a message in a bottle. It’s one of several rhyming clues that will lead them to a special treasure! Like hearty pirates, the trio follows the clues and rhyme their way across the sea-if only they had a ship!

So Pretty When They Explode!

By The Super Hero Squad Show

Iron Man must keep Thanos from using the Power Stone to destroy the intergalactic peacekeepers, the Nova Corps, by assembling the burliest away team ever! Iron Man invites She-Hulk to join the rescue mission. Meanwhile, H.E.R.B.I.E. finds true love.

Support Your Local Sky Father

By The Super Hero Squad Show

The Super Hero Squad must reunite to stop a war between the Kree and Skrull galactic empires. What the Squad doesn’t know is that it’s all part of evil Thanos’ plot to collect the six powerful Infinity Stones for his Infinity Gauntlet. And with the Squad away, Doctor Doom plans a jailbreak!

American Rebels

By Superheroes Decoded

In America, sometimes being a hero means breaking the rules. From the beginning, superheroes like The Hulk, Black Panther, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Wolverine and The X-Men have challenged authority and fought for outsiders, in battles that reflect the country’s most profound real-world divisions and struggles.