Coalescence (I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 3)


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Coalescence is the third book in the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series.

In the first two books of this series, Jame and Ryan forge a friendship (Awakenings), and realize that they have fallen deeply in love (Beginnings). Book three, Coalescence, brings the two together for their honeymoon in idyllic Pebble Beach, where they commit themselves to sharing their lives together.

In their “love shack” they begin to experience and explore the emotional and physical expressions of their love, as well as the conflicts and compromises that plague all new relationships.

Honesty (I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 8)


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Honesty is the eighth installment of the planned twenty-six book serial novel I Found My Heart in San Francisco. The previous books in the series are also available here on Amazon.

In this book, the fun they had on their short holiday is a fading memory as Jamie and Ryan return to the world of family, school and sports. Jamie is determined to have it out with her father over his treatment of Ryan. But Ryan is dreading that discussion, fearing that the secrets she’s been keeping will be revealed.

In theory, Honesty is the best policy. But in practice other concerns can influence when it’s best to hide the truth, even at your own peril

Beginnings (I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 2)


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Beginnings is the second book in the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series.

Seven months, eight months, nine months … a lifetime. Exchanging gentle kisses at the top of Mt. Tam, Jamie and Ryan declare their love for one another. Studying for exams and training for the AIDS Ride, they experience the tentative fumblings and frustrations of adjusting to a new relationship.

Though Ryan is determined to proceed at a pace that is comfortable for her neophyte partner, their need for each other grows stronger with every passing hour — whether they are together or apart.

“We begin a magical journey. A journey of exploration, a journey of wonder, a journey of commitment. A journey we make together.” The speech at the beginning of their 560 mile biking odyssey epitomized their feelings about the Ride, and about the beginnings of the life they plan to share.

Getaway (I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 7)


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Getaway is the seventh installment in a twenty-six book series following the lives of Jamie Evans and Ryan OFlaherty. Jamie, Ryan, their friends, families and the times they live in are chronicled in the series, which was created for the reader who hates to have a book end just when its getting good. In Getaway, Jamie returns from a stressful visit with her East Coast relatives to reconnect with Ryan, who’s been at an intensive volleyball training camp. They’re both in need of a break and they decide to take a trip with Ryan’s cousin, Caitlin. Jamie’s mother Catherine surprisingly asks to join the trio, and they gladly user her connections to make the trip all the more special.

From the Teacups to Space Mountain, the foursome grow closer in the enchantment of the Magic Kingdom. But not all of the thrills and spills come from the rides. Jamie and Ryan experience some ups and downs from long-buried secrets and surprising revelations that may cause a disruption in the Fantasyland they share.

Trust (I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 20)


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Their month in Australia had been wondrous in every way. But four
weeks away from home has both Ryan and Jamie missing their family. It’s
going to be sweet to get back into their regular routine. Now that Jennie’s in
the mix, things will change a little, but the O’Flaherty-Evans-Smith team is
eager to welcome her into the clan. But things rarely go exactly as planned
when Jennie is involved. Catherine’s determination to provide a safe, secure
home for the girl is strong. It remains to be seen if it’s strong enough to reach
the wounded parts of Jennie’s psyche.

Ryan’s ready to get back to work as an unpaid laborer, and Jamie’s just as
eager to return to her life of leisure. Two people could hardly have more
diverse definitions of “taking time off.” Given that Ryan’s always got a few
irons in the fire, it’s no surprise she’s ready to take aggressive action to flush
away the vestiges of the carjacking. Whether she can do that by force of will
is another question that awaits an answer.

Now that Mia and Jordan are back in Berkeley, they have to get their
own routine going. Mia’s certain she can find a lucrative career with her
American Studies degree in her clutches, but Jordan’s resigned to low wages
and a bad schedule while she finishes up her degree. While they’re both very
thankful to be back home, closeness simply gives Mia and Anna Lisa more
opportunities to drive each other crazy—something they’re both masters at.

The O’Flaherty Cousins construction project is rolling along at a good
clip. But the boyos have put in a tremendous amount of work, giving up every
weekend to complete the task. Now it’s decision time again. Will the rewards
make up for the sacrifices?

Every relationship has its challenges. But most of them can be overcome
by love and commitment and, most of all, Trust.

Synchronicity (I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 19)


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Synchronicity is the nineteenth book in the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series.

Summer is drawing to a close. Jamie’s been able to relax, to read, to spend time with her mom, enjoying the fruits of her idleness. Ryan, of course, has filled every day to the brim. If she’s not babysitting or tutoring she’s working full time on the O’Flaherty cousins’ rehab project. But a forced vacation is in her immediate future—if Jordan makes the final roster of the 2000 U.S. Olympic squad.

Wanting only the best for her buddy, Ryan desperately wants Jordan’s dream to come true. Even if it means a long trip to the other side of the world. The trip would be more fun if they could talk Catherine into joining them. But her summer has been filled with plans for taking Jennie into her home. She’s very determined to make that happen, even if it means she’s unable to travel. But it’s been a long time since Catherine had to make a child her priority, and her skills might need a little polishing.

Meaningful coincidences create synchronicity, and getting all of them to Sydney will require that and more.

Renewal (I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 18)


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Renewal is the eighteenth book of the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series.

Degrees in hand, Jamie and Ryan are set to spend the summer doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. Or maybe that’s just Jamie’s plan.

Ryan’s idea of relaxing includes taking a full load of summer school courses and tutoring Jennie nearly every day—nothing like Jamie’s ideal of reading, hanging out with friends and taking a few trips. They both thought being finished with school would give them so much free time they’d never be able to fill it. But that hasn’t been the case. The days just seem to fade away— another thing Ryan hates.

But as much as she hates having time slip away, her bigger irritation is the marriage preparedness class she and Jamie are involved in. For someone who loves learning, she could hardly be less interested in sharing her own feelings, and hearing about other people’s relationships. That has Jamie stumped, but she’s finding that loving Ryan O’Flaherty requires a near constant shifting of expectations. Every day brings new challenges and joys. A continual renewal of their commitment to love one another to the best of their ability.

United (I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 21)


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It has taken over two years, but Jamie’s finally received the one gift Ryan’s held tantalizingly out of reach—a visit to her ancestral home. Having never been, Jamie’s got some preconceived notions that she has to banish quickly. But while the Ireland of her imagination doesn’t exist, the reality satisfies her in ways that continually surprise.

Putting Ryan in context is just one more way of understanding her as fully as possible. Jamie’s constant quest. Through their weeks of travel she learns not just more about Ryan, but about them as a couple.

The Emerald Isle shines like a gemstone in this examination of place, culture, and family, with Jamie finally able to add to her study of the most fascinating, frustrating, fulfilling woman ever to emerge from Ireland’s shores.

Awakenings (I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 1)


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Despite the questions of her roommates and the objections of her fiance, Jamie Evans persists in enrolling in a college course that seems an odd choice for a young woman of her background. What no one can know is that the course, The Psychology of the Lesbian Experience, will propel Jamie onto a journey of self-awareness and realization. For the required fieldwork, Jamie is paired with the darkly beautiful Ryan O’Flaherty – a boldly “out” and sexually adventurous lesbian. This somewhat unlikely pair, slowly, and sometimes painfully, becomes aware that what they feel for each other is more than just friendship. The temptation to live life on her own terms is great, but so are the costs, as Jamie struggles to break out of her establishment-fashioned, pre-ordained mold. If she can summon the courage, however, she might find out that love, and life, have so much more to offer than she ever dreamed.

Disclosures (I Found My Heart in San Francisco Book 4)


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Disclosures is the fourth book in the I Found My Heart in San Francisco series.

June in San Francisco and a young woman’s thoughts turn to … Pride Weekend! Ryan begins to introduce Jamie to some of the “secrets” of the lesbian lifestyle. The first night they make love in her family home, Jamie falls asleep while Ryan whispers “Go goinnne Dia thu.” ay God keep you. He’s going to have to work overtime as specters from Ryan’s troubled past come back to haunt the new lovers.