Hulless (Set of 60) 1ml 1cc Syringe with Luer Slip Tip, No Needle, Non-Sterile (Pack of 60)


(as of Aug 11,2018 18:25:11 UTC – Details)

1ml Syringe (No needle)Package includes: You will receive 60 Syringes (No Needle)
Product capacity: 1ml / 1cc
Product features: accurate scale, only for one-time use.
Product application: suitable for pet feeding, experimental use and industrial use.
Not applicable: this product is not intended for medical use.

60ml Catheter Tip Disposable Syringe with Covers – 5 Sterile Syringes by Care Touch

$10.00 - $7.49

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60ml Catheter Tip Disposable Syringe – 5 Sterile Syringes by Care Touch

There are many uses for these 60ml catheter tip syringes:
Whether you use them for medication, which 60ml is a little over 12 teaspoons
It’s intended use for a catheter
Crafts and home projects requiring large syringes
It is great for jell shotsVALUE PACK-You will receive 5 Syringes, catheter tip
DISPOSABLE – The syringes are disposable, for one time use only
STERILE – Each syringe is individually sealed
SYRINGE ONLY – These syringes are with a catheter tip, it does NOT HAVE A NEEDLE

EXELint 60 ml Disposable Syringe, Sterile Single Pack, 50 ml to 60 ml Medical Grade Catheter Tip


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TIRED OF LEAKY SYRINGES? These high quality syringes will not leak. Used for a variety of purposes in personal healthcare, scientific labs, veterinary clinics and more. Personal use and healthcare: Liquid can be dispensed through catheter tube. Lab use: Science labs use to dispense liquids. Medical use: administer medication. Veterinary use: Veterinary clinics use to administer medications. Pet healthcare. No needles necessary or included. Siliconized gaskets provide a consistently smooth plunger motion and positive stop.DEAL TODAY 43% OFF! 60 ml (2 oz.) Syringe, (50 ml to 60 ml) Single Disposable Syringe Individually Packed
Leakproof. Will hold fluid without leaking.
Sterile. Latex Free. Non-pyrogenic. Non-Toxic.
Disposable. One time use. Medical Grade. Catheter Tip.
FDA & ISO Registered. Syringe is contained in sterilized plastic bag.

Momok 15 Pack – 20ml, 10ml, 5ml, 3ml, 1ml Syringes with 14ga, 18ga and 20ga Blunt Tip Needles and Caps for Refilling and Measuring E-juice, E-Liquids, E-cigs, Adhesives, Vape, Oil or Glue Applicator

$12.99 - $8.99

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Super-value set of 15 Syringes with Blunt Tip Needles and Caps in 5 sizes.

Capacity: 20ml, 10ml, 3ml, 5ml, 1ml
Syringe Color: Clear White, with scale, made from high quality white plastic.
Blunt Tip Needle Specifications: 14ga(dark green), 16ga(light green), 20ga(pink)
Cap Color: Black. Can be used on syringes in each specifications.

Package including:
3x1ml Syringes
3x3ml Syringes
3x5ml Syringes
3x10ml Syringes
3x20ml Syringes
4x14ga Blunt Tip Needles
7x18ga Blunt Tip Needles
4x20ga Blunt Tip Needles

If you want to reuse it, please take care of the measuring numbers, you can use clear tape to cover it to prevent to wash off.

This super-value set will meet any of your needs. Add to cart now!

☆ The tips on the needle are blunt and flat so they cannot pierce the skin. Syringes are only suitable for industrial and craft use. These are not medical appliances, so they are not for injection purposes.
☆ Syringes are consumables and the service life depends on how you use them.

If you have any questions after receiving the goods or during use, you can contact us and we will answer your questions within 24 hours.
Reasonable price of high-quality components of all sizes.
Suitable for refilling and measuring E-liquids, E-cigs, E-juice
Great for essential oil, science lab, flat back rhinestones, hobby crafts, home or industrial precison applications of CA glues, inks, perfume, lubricants, sealants etc.
For industrial use, cannot be used for injection or food