New Mexico Foods Beef Jerky 100% Natural and Preservative Free 4 Pack 2.5 oz. Mixed Package, Red Chile, Green Chile, Peppered, Original


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Nutrient-dense USDA range fed beef that has been made light weight by drying.It can be stored for over a year without refrigeration. Our high density bags allow us to nitrogen flush out the oxygen to help eliminate mold and insure freshness. This is dry beef jerky.All natural range free beef with 0 preservatives. High Protein, Low Carb and Paleo Diet Friendly
Free of all common allergens: Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Soy Free, Nut Free and No MSG
Great snack for diabetics that won’t raise glucose levels
Our hatch green and red chili is all natural and the best you can find from New Mexico.
If you would like 4 packs of all one flavor include a note in your purchase and we will ship only that flavor to you.

Dry Trinidad Scorpion Butch T powder | Grounded Trinidad Scorpion Peppers


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Discover the intense hot flavors & deliciously rich character of our authentic Trinidad Scorpion pepper for yourself. Our gourmet, chiles are caringly pampered in the field prior to being selectively hand picked and fastidiously inspected to ensure your complete satisfaction with every one of our premium Trinidad Scorpion Peppers. We invite you to savor and enjoy our flavorful chiles with confidence. This product packed in a food grade, recyclable, reclosable (4 mil thick) stand-up pouch bag with front and back label. The label on the back is a factory technical label to ensure food safety and traceability. In fact, using our sealed, dark colored bags is better for blocking all potential light and it’s greatly help to increase shelf life.World’s Hottest Champion from 2012 to 2013 – It’s Guaranteed to burn!
Extremely Hot Dry Pepper To Make Your Own Hot Sauces
Made From Grade A Trinidad Scorpion Peppers
Use very sparingly, as a little bit goes a long way to add spice and flavor to your food.
Packed in a GMP Certified Facility With Annual Third Party Audit

Johnston County Dry Cured Slab Bacon 2 – 2 Lb


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Our dry cured, hickory smoked bacon is deliciously succulent. Our aging process means that our thick, hearty bacon won’t shrink even under the harshest of cooking conditions. The unique flavor and sweet aroma of our country bacon is uniquely Johnston County. Refrigerate upon arrival. Fry over medium heat in skillet until slices are 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Pre-soak slices to reduce the saltiness and the resulting bacon with be fatter than grocery store bought sliced bacon after cooking. Note: This is cured the old fashioned way with salt and does not require refrigeration for shipment. It has a shelf life of three months. Refrigerating or freezing upon receipt will extend quality and life of the product. All products are USDA inspected and meet all USDA shipping requirements for safety Richard’s Review: The slab of bacon looked so inviting, I sliced a few pieces off of the slab and cooked in my cast iron skillet. Since I really like salty cured meat, I did not pre-soak to remove some of the salty taste. I had to cut each slice into two pieces to make them fit better in my skillet. They cooked up nice and brown with little shrinkage. I also thought I would use our red eye gravy mix (1 heaping tsp with 3/4 cup water) and make a nice meal of bacon, biscuits and ted eye gravy. Well I love the bacon, it was crispy and sort of a mix between streak o’ lean and bacon. I really liked the biscuits with lots of red eye gravy and the hickory smoked taste of the slab bacon. I had a nice cup of dark roast coffee and finished it off with another biscuit with butter and sour wood Honey. Mmmmm Good!Dry Salt Cured Slab Bacon
Two 2 lb. un-sliced slabs, 4 lbs. total. Refrigerate upon arrival.
Hickory Smoked
Use for flavoring in cooking greens and beans
Slice as thick as you want

Mountain House Chili Macaroni with Beef


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Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef cooks up fast in its own bag leaving no mess to clean up afterwards. It is a dish of spicy chili sauce with beef, macaroni noodles, and beans.Dry Weight: 4.8 oz.
Serving Size: 10 oz.
Shipping Weight: 0.49 pounds
Servings: 2
Allergen: Does/May contain:

Frontier Soups Homemade In Minutes Ultimate Comfort Food Care Package (1) Connecticut Cottage Chicken Noodle (1) South of The Border Tortilla (1) Montana Creekside Classic Chili and 3) Jiffy Cornbread


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Frontier Soups Homemade In Minutes Soup Mix, Connecticut Cottage Chicken Noodle 4.25 oz

Makes a nutritious soup that contains a gluten free corn pasta called Lasagne Corte, plus carrot, onion, peas, shallot, corn, celery, leeks, garlic and herbs. Easy to follow directions and recipe variations included for four or five meal-size servings in 30 to 45 minutes.

Frontier Soups Homemade In Minutes Soup Mix, South of The Border Tortilla, 4.5 Ounce

Makes a nutritious soup that contains dehydrated black beans, corn, red and green pepper, onion, garlic, epazote and chili spices. All natural ingredients no added salt, MSG, preservatives or trans-fats. Easy-to prepare with all premium seasonings and other dry ingredients included for making homemade-tasting soup. Easy to follow directions and recipe variations included for four or five meal-size servings in 30 to 45 minutes. Squeeze a little lime after prepared to give it a southwestern feel.

Montana Creekside Classic Chili

Three chili peppers, ancho, cayenne and a whole jalapeno pepper, give sweet heat and smokey richness to this meaty Western-style chili with dehydrated pinto beans for a 30-minute meal.

Jiffy Cornbread

Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix – 8.5 oz, Great value comes in the little blue box. Chelsea Mills has been producing fine milled products for over 100 years. Their philosophy of no commercial advertising and use of quality ingredients has made their muffin mixes one of the best values around. This bundle includes 3 8.5 oz boxes Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix to make the perfect combination for a quick dinner

Comes in a box that is Great as a care package, a gift, or for easy dinners for yourself
Natural Soup Mixes with no salt added, no preservatives or MSG
Soups Certified Gluten Free. Facility not dedicated gluten free
Serves 4 – 6 and can be prepared for a vegetarian diet with some substitutions
This Bundle by Lori T’s Gifts and More includes 3 Flavor Sampler (one of each soup flavor) and 3 Jiffy 8.5 oz Boxes of Cornbread

Herbal Tea Basil seed pearl fruit basil fruit top slimming detox Slimming beauty health organic food Slimming 250g skin care

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Specifications: 250G. Storage:sealed, cool, dry, store in a dark ventilated place.Shelf life:12 months after opening the need to drink is completed as soon as possible.
Can cleanse the intestinal tract jianwei, cure constipation, and improve the skin, detoxification, weight loss, can lower blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, promote the metabolism of the body.
100% pure natural Taiwan endemic plant seeds, no pesticide pollution, without any preservatives and additives, long-term edible won’t cause chronic and side effects, suitable for all age group, for young and old.
Spearmint contact with water or digestive juices in the body, on the surface of the seed polysaccharide insoluble dietary fibre, with the expansion of the water absorption after autologous characteristics, can effectively inhibit the hollow feeling, reduce heat and excess intake of food and increase satiety, healthy weight maintenance is the best ingredient food management.
Brewing method:1:Bring some fresh, tea bag water to a boil.2:For hot tea, place one Tazo tea bag in your cup, mug or gourd.3:Pour 8 fl oz of water over the tea bag.4:Steep black teas and herbal infusions 5 minutes;Green teas for 127 minutes; If iced tea is your desire, steep normally, and then pour over ice.

Mountain House Chili Mac with Beef


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SPECIFICATIONS of the Chili Mac With Beef by Mountain House Dry Weight: 4.8 oz. Serving Size: 10 oz. Shipping Weight: 0.49 pounds Servings: 2 Allergen: Does/May contain: Soy: yes Wheat: yes Sulfites: yes Pkg. Net Weight: 4.80 oz Servings per Pkg: 2 Serving Size: 1/2 pouch Total Calories: 290 From Fat: 70 Total Fat: 8 grams Saturated Fat: 3 grams Transfat Acid: 0 grams Cholesterol: 35 milligrams Sodium: 810 milligrams Carbos: 39 grams Dietary Fiber: 3 grams Sugars: 4 grams Protein: 15 grams Ingredients: Cooked Beef (beef flavoring, salt), Enriched Macaroni (durum semolina, niacin, iron [ferrous sulfate], thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, folic acid), Kidney Beans, Tomato Paste, Chili Seasoning (chili pepper and other spices, dehydrated onion and garlic, hydrolyzed soy protein, potassium chloride, paprika, sugar, maltodextrin, beef extract, disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate, autolyzed yeast extract, caramel color, natural flavors, citric acid), Modified Corn Starch, Salt and Dehydrated Onions. Contains Wheat and Soy.Dry Weight: 4.8 oz.
Serving Size: 10 oz.
Shipping Weight: 0.49 pounds
Servings: 2
Allergen: Does/May contain: