He Didn’t Inhale… She Didn’t Swallow: A Comic Review of the Clinton Administration


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The stories involving Clinton/Lewinsky scandals were heard around the world. “I did not have sex with that woman!” became a catch phrase for the last two years of Clinton’s presidency. You may have heard that State Troopers arranged secret liaisons with the then-Governor. But did you know about the claims that Bill Clinton sold plots in Arlington Cemetery for campaign funds? Did you know that Clinton had a connection with blacks that had them saying he’s only passing as white? Hillary was not left out of the loop when she came out smelling like a bed of roses in the Travelgate investigations. An illustrated view of Clinton’s presidential administration, He Didn’t Inhale… She Didn’t Swallow… takes you from the “Green President” in 1992 to Clinton’s retirement in 2000. It takes a comedic look at some of the controversies and scandals, some known and some quietly hidden away. You don’t have to follow politics to enjoy a good, sometimes tasteless laugh. This book pokes fun at some old skeletons in the closet, and shamelessly catches Clinton with his pants down.