Container Atlas: A Practical Guide to Container Architecture

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This book presents a wide range of projects in container architecture – a contemporary architectural phenomenon. It features container structures used as pop-up stores and temporary exhibits as well as sophisticated housing and office spaces that provoke and inspire while setting new standards in functionality and aesthetics. But the book is not only visually inspiring. Because it documents plans, describes associated costs, and suggests concrete solutions for common problems, it is a practical reference for architects, planners, and cultural activists as well as event and marketing managers, to guide them in deciding what types of containers are best suited to their upcoming projects.Container Atlas A Practical Guide to Container Architecture

Canmaking: The Technology of Metal Protection and Decoration

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Metal protectin, including both metal treatments and coating systems. affords mutual protection for both can and contents. this book is the first reference to meld the knowledge of chemical companies and canmaking companies, covering materials and processes used in both protective and decorative aspects of metal packaging. Topics include basic substrates (aluminum and steel), demands of the markets served, basic metal-forming processes, and the specific decorative and protctive needs of different packaging types, with emphasis give to the technologies most likely to be used, such as ultraviolet curing. This practical reference gives readers a backround and familiarity with terminology and technology and gives insight into why certain technologies are used over others.

The Handbook of Painted Decoration: The Tools, Materials, and Step-by-Step Techniques of Trompe L’Oeil Painting

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The essential reference for amateur and professional alike, The Handbook of Painted Decoration is the first book to cover the whole spectrum of trompe l’oeil decorative painting, from classic marbling and wood graining to ancient techniques of decorative painting that have been nearly forgotten.

In this authoritative and practical guide, two distinguished teachers and award-winning artist-painters share their knowledge and the secrets of their trade, providing clear step-by-step instruction on all the techniques and expert advice on tools and materials. From the simplest geometric borders to panoramic murals, they cover every conceivable subject, providing a vast repertoire of fine visual effects. Among them are: basic patinas and variations, marble, wood, bricks and stonework, mosaics, ivory, terracotta, mother-of-pearl, leather, parchment, decorative friezes and ornamental devices, drapery, trelliswork, and many other faux materials.

Illustrated in full color throughout, The Handbook of Painted Decoration is a necessary reference for everyone who loves trompe l’oeil-whether painter, decorator, interior designer, or homeowner. 830 illustrations, 775 in color

Minimalism: The Unspeakable Joy of Less: Discover Your Path to Radiant Joy, Unshakable Peace and Deeply Satisfying Liberation (変える Book 1)


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What will it benefit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?

There are so many people that are consumed by the rat race of life.They are forever trying to find a way in which to possess senseless things which can never bring true happiness and fulfillment, and throughout the process, they have lost things which are truly valuable. They end up being so overwhelmed, depressed, and purposeless despite all they have achieved.

Tabata Yukio used to be one of them until one day when he finally had enough of it. He discovered minimalism in 2004 at the lowest point of his life when his business went bankrupt. He has found his deeper meaning of life through minimalism after years of incessant learning and self-discovery. Now, he has dedicated his life to helping others achieve the same as well.

In “The Unspeakable Joy of Less”, Tabata Yukio reveals his secrets on:

  • How to experience the joy of letting go
  • Realizing how all the stuff you own imprison you
  • How to reprogram your belief system
  • How to invite minimalism into your life
  • How to cast out your fears and be truly liberated
  • How to truly love yourself
  • How to set powerful minimalist goals that actually work
  • Much, much more!

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A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor: in All Countries and in All Times (Dover Military History, Weapons, Armor)

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Widely considered the classic book in the field, George Cameron Stone’s A Glossary of the Construction, Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and in All Times is an indispensable resource and reference tool for anyone interested in arms and armor. Originally published in 1934, it remains an essential guide to the field. To describe the worldwide range and variety of weaponry, Stone drew upon the more than 4,000 items in his private collection of Eastern arms and armor, as well as the European arms collection of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, and a variety of other sources. Since the author subsequently bequeathed his entire collection to the Metropolitan Museum, this volume serves as an abbreviated visual reference to that institution’s Arms and Armor collection.
By profession a metallurgist, the author focused on techniques of manufacture and workmanship to derive his method of codifying the typology of weapons, relying on an alphabetized dictionary format to avoid the confusions he found in a field without standardized nomenclature. This “glossary” format makes it easy for anyone to locate material on the astonishing variety of weapons covered. These include arquebuses, blunderbusses, flintlocks, wheel locks, matchlocks, and other antique guns; German armor; French rapiers; Roman short swords; Turkish crossbows; all the Japanese bladed weapons (katana, wakizashi, naginata, etc.); the East Asian kris in its countless permutations; and many more.
Illustrated with 875 detailed figures, incorporating thousands of individual photographs and drawings, the book was written from the unique viewpoint of an expert who devoted a lifetime to the field. Hard to locate today (original editions are worth hundreds of dollars), Stone’s Glossary represents a peerless resource for scholars, experts, collectors, students, hobbyists, and institutions — any student of the long history and development of weapons and armor around the world.

Design and Technology of Packaging Decoration for the Consumer Market (Sheffield Packaging Technology)


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Packaging for the “fast moving consumer goods” market plays a vital role in promoting the product to the customer, as well as in carrying informative and legislative detail. Combining these roles requires commercial awareness, detailed knowledge of the relevant technologies, creative care and consideration of the effects of colors, typefaces, and images that must support the brand.

Design and Technology of Packaging Decoration for the Consumer Market guides you through the technical and commercial factors to consider when planning the decoration, or label, of a package:

  • the printing technologies
  • their relevance to the labeling formats or structural package
  • the application of the label to the structural package
  • the development of artwork
  • the use and impact of labeling on a range of consumer products
  • some legal considerations
    The book concludes with a chapter on future labeling systems.

    The role of the packaging technologist is to ensure that the creative design is translated into a functional representation. The challenge is to have both the design and the execution working in harmony. With an emphasis on technology, this practical handbook will help you achieve this.

  • Product Decoration Technologies: Understanding the primary methods for decorating a product

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    There are many different ways of decorating the wide range and variety of products found on supermarket shelves and in other types of retail outlets, from sports goods to garden centers or pharmaceutical chains. The aim in each case is to attract shoppers with the, often, highly colorful graphics and provide them with all the necessary information about the product, its contents and its use.

    No one product decoration solution however, can meet all the different packaging requirements. In some instances, a carton, pouch or sachet itself will be printed with visual information; in other cases, a separate label or sleeve is the main carrier of information. In many instances, it can often be unclear as to how a product has been decorated, or even by what process.

    This Label Academy book has set out to look below the surface and explore the wide variety of product decoration technologies in use today, highlighting their unique characteristics and help in their identification. As the chapters unfold the reader will gain a comprehensive insight into the whole decorative process as it relates to consumer packaging – from material selection, print and finishing technology, and finally to the application onto/or integration into the pack itself.

    The pros and cons of each decoration system are identified, but more importantly, the cost implications underpinning the selection of a particular decoration system are examined. The book provides a valuable and convenient reference source for label converters and package printers, industry suppliers, packaging buyers and many brands.

    Chapters include:

    • Market overview
    • Conventional direct printing
    • Direct digital printing
    • Pressure-sensitive labels
    • Glue applied labels
    • In-mold labels
    • Sleeving
    • Flexible packaging
    • Total applied costs