Construction Dictionary, Pocket Edition


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This handy reference measures 7 1/4″ x 4 1/4″– which means it fits perfectly in your pocket or briefcase. The Building News Construction Dictionary: Pocket Edition can be used for easy reference. This dictionary offers you extensive coverage of construction terms, which can help any Construction Professional in his/her daily operations. Expand your knowledge of construction terms with this very useful reference.Used Book in Good Condition

Learn Coding Basics in Hours with Python


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Tired of huge boring coding books that don’t actually give you any real experience? Or expensive online tutorials that just leave you more confused than when you started??

Here’s what this book has to offer:

– You’ll be surprised how easy it is to read and learn from this book

– This is Python for ABSOLUTE beginners. No prior experience is necessary to start learning the essentials.

– Carefully chosen examples that illustrate new concepts guide you effortlessly and concisely through each project.

– The Best way to learn Python is by DOING it. By the end, you’ll feel that unmatched exhilaration of turning lines of code into a project that actually works!

– Lastly, learn it fast! With this book you’ll get all the key concepts in an easily understood format and when you complete the last exercise, we know you’ll feel encouraged to learn more

– Works with PCs and MACs

Some of the topics included in this book:

– Basic definitions & Python specific definitions

– The five key elements of programming

– Variables, Math, Boolean Logic

– How to Comment code and why

– Statements, strings, lists and tuples, functions, loops and dictionaries

– Many many examples and practical assignments

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HIMSS Dictionary of Health Information Technology Terms, Acronyms, and Organizations (HIMSS Book Series)

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This significantly expanded and newest edition of the bestselling HIMSS Dictionary of Health Information Technology Terms, Acronyms, and Organizations has been developed and extensively reviewed by more than 50 industry experts. The fourth edition of this dictionary serves as a quick reference for students, health information technology professionals and healthcare executives to better navigate the ever-growing health IT field.

This valuable resource includes more than 3000 definitions, 30 new organizations and 76 new references. Definitions of terms for the information technology and clinical, medical and nursing informatics fields are updated and included. This fourth edition also includes an acronyms list with cross references to current definitions, new word-search capability, and a list of health IT-related associations and organizations, including contact information, mission statements and web addresses. Academic and certification credentials are also included.

HIMSS North America, a business unit within HIMSS, positively transforms health and healthcare through the best use of information technology in the United States and Canada. As a cause-based non-profit, HIMSS North America provides thought leadership, community building, professional development, public policy, and events. HIMSS North America represents 64,000 individual members, 640 corporate members, and over 450 non-profit organizations. Thousands of volunteers work with HIMSS to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness, access, and value of healthcare through IT.

HIMSS Vision

Better health through information technology.

HIMSS Mission

Globally, lead endeavors optimizing health engagements and care outcomes through information technology.

A Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering (Oxford Quick Reference)

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A Dictionary of Mechanical Engineering is one of the latest additions to the market leading Oxford Paperback Reference series. In over 8,500 clear and concise alphabetical entries, and with many helpful line drawings, it provides definitions and explanations for mechanical engineering terms in the core areas of design, stress analysis, dynamics and vibrations, thermodynamics, and fluid mechanics.

Topics covered include heat transfer, combustion, control, lubrication, robotics, instrumentation, and measurement. Where relevant, the dictionary also touches on related subject areas such as acoustics, bioengineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, aeronautical engineering, environmental engineering, and materials science.

To expand its coverage, the dictionary also lists useful entry-level web links which are regularly updated on a dedicated companion website of the dictionary. Extensively cross-referenced, this excellent new volume is the most comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of its kind. It is an essential reference for students of mechanical engineering and for anyone with an interest in the subject.

Oxford University Press USA

Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms (Barron’s Business Dictionaries)

$14.99 - $12.74

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This updated edition includes the most recent terms relating to constantly expanding computer and internet technology.

More than 3,200 terms and definitions deal with:

  • Practical guidance for business software users
  • Computer security, law, and ethics
  • Computer programming, with examples in several computer languages
  • Internet culture and latest developments

Previous editions of this user-friendly book have proved especially helpful to readers who feel intimidated by computer technicians’ jargon. The authors clarify technical terminology while keeping to the highest standards of accuracy. One grateful reader called this book the “Rosetta Stone” for deciphering computer terms. Features many line illustrations and tables.

Technology Basics Dictionary: Tech and computers simplified


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The Technology Basics Dictionary: Tech and Computers Simplified is a dictionary for anyone. Whether you’re completely inexperienced with tech or you’re an experienced technology expert, this dictionary defines complex terms in an easy-to-understand fashion. It was created by Jack Stanley and Erik Gross, the Co-Founders of The Tech Academy. If you want to easily define words you hear everyday, this is the dictionary for you! Purchase your copy today!