Libby Baldwin New fashion custom Cute Cartoon Halloween Gift Lilo & Stitch movies hight quality Laser Technology TPU & Plastic Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Case


(as of Jun 11,2019 23:58:19 UTC – Details)

Our delivery time is 7-15 days(usually in 10 days), not a month, if you need a faster delivery, we have a DHL express for that, and you just need to pay another $15, the delivery time will be shorten to 5-7 days. Have any questions, do not hesitate, just e-mail us.
You can send us any pictures to customize your very own phone case, it will be wonderful to be your own designer! Try it now!
The Back part is made from plastic, and the other 4 sides are made from TPU material, this case is built to withstand sudden drops or accidental falls.
The pictures on the case are printed by laser technology, which ensures the pictures will not fade. This case can be a perfect gift for any Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus users.Meterial: The Back is made from plastic, the other 4 sides are made from TPU.
Safeguard your expensive device from the the drop damage, scratches, spills, soil, dust, and daily wear-and-tear.
Pictures are printed by laser technology for lasting effort.
Delivery time is 7-15 days(usually in 10 days), not a month. Offer a DHL express for faster delivery, if you need, please contact us.
Our customized service will absolutely make you stand out among your friends, just send us any picture you like to custom without any extra fee.

Make: More Props and Costume Armor: Learn How to Work with Foam, Thermoplastics, Resins, Rubber, Electronics and More!


(as of May 18,2019 07:48:02 UTC – Details)

This follow-up to Shawn Thorsson’s bestselling Make: Props and Costume Armor takes readers even farther into the world of making realistic science fiction- and fantasy-inspired prop replicas and wearable costume armor. It’s designed to be useful for everyone from the beginner all the way up to the experienced craftsman looking to expand his or her repertoire. The author’s clear, step-by-step approach to explanations and his entertaining, humorous style of writing make it easy for readers to follow along and reproduce amazing-looking creations. This standalone sequel to Make: Props and Costume Armor introduces a host of new tools and techniques, including:

  • Reusing existing objects to make props
  • Working with foam and thermoplastics
  • Creating clear parts with resins and vacformed plastics
  • Incorporate electronics (including programmables) into props and armor
  • Designing costumes with non-human outlines, including “dog-leg” stilts
  • Making storage and display bins, racks, and stands

    This book is for cosplayers, science fiction and fantasy fans, film fans, comic fans, anime fans, and anyone who gets carried away on Halloween. Written in a casual, humorous style that includes detailed descriptions of methods and materials, the easy-to-follow instructions are accompanied by lots of full-color photos to clearly illustrate processes. New costume and prop makers will benefit from shortcuts and lessons learned from years of experience of a seasoned professional.

  • Make


    (as of Mar 20,2019 08:24:48 UTC – Details)

    In this issue of Make: , go from zero to maker and beyond with expert tips for taking your robotics, cosplay, and crafting interests to the next level. Then in our cover story, littleBits creator Ayah Bdeir talks about the origins of the iconic snap-and-play electronic blocks, plus teaming up with Star Wars and Marvel, and where the company is headed next. And learn how Oakland, California’s, Black Girls Code is bringing expertise — and a diverse voice — to technology’s future.

    Plus, 16 projects including:

  • Hack cheap distance sensors to make tiny objects float in mid-air
  • Add a digital eyeball to a creepy charm you can wear for Halloween — or all year
  • Roast coffee beans automatically with spinner, stirrer, and heat gun rig
  • Assemble a cute robot arm to draw the current time in luminescent numerals

    And more!

  • My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist: A novel

    $14.00 - $13.05

    (as of Mar 01,2019 13:17:56 UTC – Details)

    Welcome to Mark Leyner’s America, where you can order gallium arsenide sushi at a roadside diner, get loaded on a cocktail of growth hormones and anabolic steroids, and support your habit by appearing on TV game shows. Welcome to a wildly post-Einsteinian fictional universe where the locals include a speech pathologist with a waterbug fetish, a kamikaze airline pilot, and the lead singer for Brazil’s most notoriously nihilistic samba band.

    10 LED Projects for Geeks: Build Light-Up Costumes, Sci-Fi Gadgets, and Other Clever Inventions

    $24.95 - $16.96

    (as of Feb 14,2019 16:42:10 UTC – Details)

    10 LED Projects for Geeks is a collection of interactive and customizable projects that all have the humble LED in common, but don’t write them off as basic! You’ll learn how to make challenging and imaginative gadgets like a magic wand that controls lights using hand gestures, a pen-sized controller for music synthesizers, a light strip that dances to the beat of music, and even an LED sash that flashes scrolling text you send from your phone.

    Every project includes photos, step-by-step directions, colorful circuit diagrams, and the complete code to bring the project to life. As you work your way through the book, you’ll pick up adaptable skills that will take your making abilities to the next level. You’ll learn how to:

    -Design versatile circuits for your own needs
    -Build and print a custom printed circuit board
    -Create flexible circuits which you can use to make any wearable you dream up
    -Turn analog signal into digital data your microcontroller can read
    -Use gesture recognition and wireless interaction for your own Internet of Things projects
    -Experiment with copper tape and create circuits with paper and foi
    -Build “smart” gadgets that make decisions with sensors

    If you want to experiment with LEDs and circuits, learn some new skills, and make cool things along the way, 10 LED Projects for Geeks is your first step.

    Timeless Halloween Collectibles: 1920 to 1949, a Halloween Reference Book from the Beistle Company Archive with Price Guide (Schiffer Book for Collectors)


    (as of Jan 24,2019 22:08:23 UTC – Details)

    The definitive reference guide for vintage Halloween collectors looking for accurate information on each piece, as well as for designers looking for the best in Halloween graphics. nThe collectibles showcased span what some people consider the “Golden Years” of Halloween production–1920 through 1949. You’ll be charmed by the artwork of the many invitations shown and wonder how a host ever survived without the myriad party helps. Dozens of die cut items have graphics so vivid they almost jump from the pages! See the artist’s creativity at its best when you pore over the party games and hats. And what Halloween would be complete without the Jack-O’-Lantern? nThe stock number, initial release year, and object’s proper name, are taken directly from holiday sales catalogs and interspersed with the author’s comments. Over 350 photographs include some never-before-seen items. A value guide accompanies each entry.Used Book in Good Condition

    Make: Special Issue: Halloween

    $14.99 - $14.31

    (as of Oct 12,2018 13:40:30 UTC – Details)

    If there’s a holiday made for makers, it’s Halloween! In this special issue collecting Make: projects past and present you’ll learn to control off-the-shelf electronic decorations using Arduino, use simple make-up effects to create classic monsters, replicate your favorite costume props, and more.

    More than 35 projects including:

  • Construct realistic costume chainmail from steel wire
  • 3D print Arduino-powered, light-up flexible costume spikes
  • Pneumatic-powered creatures for quick haunted house scares
  • And much more