STEAM AHEAD! DIY for KIDS: Activity pack with Science/Technology/Engineering/Art/Math making and building activities for 4-10 year old kids


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STEAM AHEAD! DIY FOR KIDS is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction book for parents and children. It introduces kids between the ages of four and ten to the magic of electronics, game and toy designing, printing, understanding basic scientific principles and most importantly, they’ll have a blast making them. Inside this book you will find projects on LED cards, dance pads, handmade soaps, bubble blowers, Play-Doh circuits, cloud lanterns, scribbling bots and more!

Created by NASA STEM certified leader, Sumita Mukherjee, this book is jam packed with projects that will engage any bored child. The hands-on projects are broken into areas of practical implementation: Party, Build, Toys and Art. They have also been sorted according to levels of difficultly and STEAM relevance. Adding one or two experiments per week can get your child excited about science, inventions, science fair projects and overall classroom performance.

There is also a BONUS: Material list for STEAM DIY FOR KIDS, to make it easier for parents to plan and prepare in advance.

Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship: A hilarious sci fi action and adventure book for kids (Catastrophes drawn from the diary of Sascha Martin: inventor, genius, and grade 2 science monitor. 1)


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The audiobook of Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship is free when you download this Kindle book!

Eight year old Sascha Martin is always inventing things, so he knows how they work. Mostly. For class news time he brings in a rocket that towers over everyone, including the teacher … but he’s written “Don’t touch!” on the rocket, so what could possibly go wrong?

“The story is ‘poetry in motion’ for rocket ships! Manuela Pentangelo has visually interpreted John’s verse with all the best icons from rocketry and science in the gorgeous illustrations.” Samantha Ridgway, scientist, mother, and record-holding Australian rocketeer.

This children’s picture book is ideal for kids age 8-10, but readers of all ages, from beginners to preteens to adults, will love this wild, funny, deliciously silly adventure wrapped in verse that rhymes and Manuela Pentangelo’s beautiful full colour artwork. Inside, you’ll find a link to the free audiobook, so if you lose your voice reading Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship aloud, the audiobook can take over.

“Delightful, rhyming story that keeps your fingers turning the pages.” E. C. Kraeft, author of White Castle (Book One in her Elf Kingdoms series of children’s books).

“I am the mother to an energetic young reader that loves all things books. I am constantly looking for new titles that we can read together and I believe I have struck gold with this one! … I was pleasantly surprised to discover the book rhymed throughout (we love rhymes!) and I must add that they are very well done! This book does a great job at turning an already fun story into one that you can practically sing together (which does wonders with a toddler!!).” Thomai Dion, author of the Think-a-Lot Tots early science readers.

Sascha Martin’s Rocket-Ship is the first in a fun new series of children’s science fiction action and adventure books, about a kid who knows just enough to be really, really dangerous!

Author Q&A

Why do you write stories in verse?

Well I’m compelled to write them. I don’t decide to write stories in verse. It’s something my mind does in the background. I’ll suddenly realise there’s this rhyming couplet in my mind and that it’s been there for a while, and it’s the start of a story. Then I have to work out the rest of that story, all in verse, and that’s just hard work. But it begins unconsciously. Mind you, I do love rhythm and rhyme and poetry. Kids do, too. There’s a poetry-shaped hole in everyone, as an Australian poet once said, and I think that’s right.

What draws you to science fiction?

I’ve always loved scifi. It’s what I read as a kid, as a teen, what I read now. Along with mystery and suspense. Scifi sets kids free so their imagination is the only limit. Monsters, aliens, dinosaurs, time travel, travel to the stars, portals to other worlds; you can have all that. With science fiction, kids are free to go anywhere in the universe – in any ‘verse, and it seem there might be lots of universes out there. As many universes as there are kids, at least. It’s a bit like magic. Kids love magic, and there are lots of kids who love sci fi. It’s cool. Sci fi is cool.

What’s coming up in the Series?

Time Travel next, and lots of kids humor. Book 2 is Sascha Martin’s Time Machine. Sascha invents a machine to take his class back in time, and of course there’s a glitch. There’ll be an interactive version for Kindle. It’s a really exciting project, and the results are pretty funny. But it will only work on Kindle devices – Kindle readers or Fire tablets – because the software’s restricted to Kindle hardware.Other books in the series have bizarre balls, zombies, aliens, dinosaurs, space-ships and portals, a bit of an apocalypse. So much action adventure. But one of the books is really embarrassing, super-embarrassing, so kids will cringe even as they’re laughing. Illustrating books takes time, but there’ll be plenty of free sneak previews along the way so kids can get a glimpse of what’s to come.