RF Design Software Learning Kit: Step-By-Step Examples on Using ADS Software for an Introductory RF/Microwave Course


(as of Oct 13,2018 19:53:22 UTC – Details)

Learning RF/microwave design fundamentals for the first time can be challenging. Keysight Technologies has created the RF Design Software Learning Kit to make it easier. Many texts used for introductory RF/microwave courses contain examples using CAD simulation software; however, they do not explain how to set up those simulations. This learning kit includes a 170-page downloadable book, along with links to the associated ADS projects and videos. This book provides step-by-step examples highlighting the theory and application of an RF/microwave curriculum within the Keysight ADS software environment. Keysight ADS is the world’s leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave, signal and power integrity applications. ADS is used by RF engineers in a range of industries. This text aims to provide the reader with the basic tools necessary to succeed when entering the workforce. Therefore, the intended audience is a student enrolled in an introductory microwave course, and the material is presented in the familiar homework style format. The topics covered range from basic transmission line theory to passive filters, and include three design projects intended to be used in the laboratory setting. The structure of the homework questions is designed to teach the user to apply the theory, expect a solution, and validate the hypothesis. Often, the problem with using a CAD tool is that the user does not know how to set up a correct simulation, and the software will only simulate what it is instructed to do. These examples are designed to show the capabilities of the software while building an understanding of how it works and how to set up correct simulations. Although the material is presented in a classroom setting, the emphasis on fundamental theory opens the demographic to anyone interested in learning basic microwave theory and how to use ADS software.