FineVine Charcoal Toothbrush – Pack of 5 Soft Bristle Tooth Brushes – Slim Teeth Whitening Toothbrushes For Adults & Kids – Remove Plaque, Bacteria & Stains, Protect Gums, Eliminate Bad Breath


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Keep Your Teeth Clean, Bright And Healthy

Your oral health should be a very important part of your daily routine, both for health and aesthetic reasons.

If you want to protect your teeth and keep them white and bright at the same time, FineVine has the most effective and safe solution for you.

Introducing The Charcoal Toothbrushes

These black toothbrushes have super soft charcoal bristles that will benefit your teeth and gums in many different ways.

More specifically, the charcoal tooth brush acts as a teeth whitener, since it removes all food, smoke, coffee and wine stains from your teeth.

The charcoal teeth whitening toothbrush will also remove all bacteria and your tooth plaque, as well as reduce gum inflammation and fight gingivitis.

In other words, if you use this gum toothbrush daily (either with regular toothpaste or with charcoal powder), it will brighten your smile and restore your oral health.

5 Teeth Whitening Toothbrushes For Adults And Kids

These activate charcoal toothbrushes come in packs of 5, so every member of the family will have their own toothbrush.

For your convenience, FineVine has created colorful handles, so that you will never mix your slim toothbrush with someone else’s.

Designed To Be Compact And Comfortable

Our black toothbrushes have a slim, comfortable handle, which allows you to brush every side of your teeth with ease.

The charcoal toothbrushes are also very lightweight and compact, so they are easy to pack when you travel.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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CHARCOAL TOOTHBRUSH BRISTLES: FineVine’s charcoal toothbrush will benefit your teeth and gums in the most natural and effective way. The soft bristle toothbrush removes the plaque, bacteria and stains, leaving your teeth bright and healthy. The charcoal teeth brightening toothbrush also fights and prevents gingivitis and other gum diseases, and it gives you a fresh breath.
SOFT BRISTLES FOR SENSITIVE TEETH & GUMS: This charcoal gum toothbrush has super-soft and fine bristles, specially designed for your sensitive teeth and inflamed gums. So brush your teeth daily with our gingivitis toothbrush and rest assured that the soft tips of the charcoal bristles won’t hurt your teeth and gums.
TOOTHBRUSHES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY: Each FineVine pack includes 5 black toothbrushes that are suitable for both adults and kids, and enough for the entire family. The slim handles of the gum health toothbrushes are outlined with 5 different colors (white, blue, green, purple and turquoise), so that you won’t mix your toothbrush with that of another family member.
USE AS NORMAL TOOTHBRUSHES: These teeth whitening toothbrushes are just as regular toothbrushes. This means that despite their charcoal bristles, you can still apply regular toothpaste when you brush your teeth. Of course, you can also use charcoal powder or charcoal toothpaste along with these soft-bristled toothbrushes in order to whiten your teeth thoroughly.
COMFORTABLE HANDLE & COMPACT DESIGN: Our charcoal tooth brushes have super slim and ergonomically designed handles that provide you with optimal control and comfort when you brush your teeth. The slim toothbrushes are also very lightweight and compact, so they will easily fit into your toiletry bag when you travel. FineVine’s toothbrush pack is the best choice in every aspect.

Oral-B 3D White Radiant Whitening Toothbrush 40 Medium 2 Count ( Color May Vary )


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A beautiful smile deserves the best treatment possible. That means whitening even in between teeth for a truly radiant smile. The Oral-B 3D White Radiant whitening toothbrush has unique CrissCross Bristles that are angled to whiten between teeth and lift out and sweep away plaque. The Power Tip Bristles’ extra length helps to clean those hard-to-reach places. Gentle enough for everyday use, the Soft Gum Massagers provide you with the comfortable clean you need to keep your smile feeling clean and looking radiant.CrissCross Bristle technology helps whiten between teeth
Perfectly angled bristles help lift out and sweep away plaque
Power Tip Bristles help clean hard-to-reach places
Helps whiten teeth by removing surface stains
Soft Gum Massagers gently massage and stimulate gums

Water Flosser with FDA 8 Jet Tips for Whole Family, CEITURA Oral Irrigator Teeth Cleaner, 600ml Capacity 10 Adjustable Pressure Level with 3 Minutes Timer, IPX7 Waterproof [NEWEST 2018]

$79.99 - $39.99

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Why is Ceitura Oral Irrigator the best choice for you?

Ceitura Oral Irrigator helps you to significantly improve the health of tooth decay, to remove the plaque and to reduce the gingivitis.

The unique water-flossing device uses water pressure and pulse principle to completely eliminate the harmful bacteria in the gums and deep in the teeth that traditional toothbrushes and flossing can not touch.

Removal of tongue bacteria, fresh and good breath, farewell to bad breath.

Effective massage and stimulation of the gums to accelerate blood circulation.

8 multifunctional tips

3 classic tips: 360 degree fully clean deep oral where toothbrush can not easily reach.Can be used for 3 people respectively(family pack).

1 tongue cleaner: Clean coating and bacteria effectively, scrape and flush gently for removing bacteria and sulfur compounds. Keep oral fresh.

1 Dental plaque tip: An appropriate tip with special design for implants, dental bridge, false tooth crowns.

1 Periodontal tip: Massage gums,relieve periodontitis,gingivitis,teeth shrinking,reduce the thickness of pocket.

1 Orthodontic tip: Special tip for person with false tooth, wearing orthotics, dental braces, teeth socket.

1 Hydraulic rotating toothbrush: designed according to the dental scaling tools, the brush covers the whole tooth, thoroughly cleaning the surface of each tooth,

the plaque hidden inside the tooth and the gingival crevice, and will not hurt gums.


Item No: FC166

Water Tank: 600ml

Voltage: AC 100-240V

Working Way: Pulsation

Packing Size: 180*135*215mm

N.W/G.W: 0.85/1.0KG

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Package Content:

1x Main Unit (including reservoir)

1x Instruction Manual

3x Ordinary high-pressure tip

1x Periodontal tip

1x Orthodontic tip

1x Dental plaque tip

1x Tongue tip

1x Hydraulic rotating toothbrush【8 Jet Tips】– CEITURA water flosser includes: 3*Ordinary high-pressure tip, 1*periodontal tip, 1*orthodontic tip, 1*dental plaque tip, 1*tongue tip, and 1*hydraulic rotating toothbrush, convinient for whole family
【360° Rotation】– 360 degree cleaning help to remove the bacteria deep teeth and below gum line. Water flosser allow you to do the full clean your mouth in all direction. Eliminate 99% of food debris and bacterial!
【10 Water Pressure】– 10 files pressure regulation help to massage and stimulate gums effectively, accelerate blood circulation. Water flosser will stop automatically in excess of 3 minutes at any stall so as to avoid overusing
【600ml Large Capacity】– The reservoir uses double-sealing rings to prevent water leakage reliably. Large water capacity of 600ml provides 90 seconds of uninterrupted dental flossing. Easy fill design for fast refills
【12 Months Warranty】– We believe in our water flosser. We value our reputation as an expert on oral Irrigator. That’s why we back all our water flosser with 12 months warranty and provide our teeth cleaner with friendly, easy-to-reach support

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste

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Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal ToothpasteActivated Charcoal Toothpaste Whitening – A natural black toothpaste for teeth whitening
Advanced Formula – Whitens teeth, prevents bad breath, and removes impurities
Natural Ingredients – Derived from natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals
Made in the USA – Manufactured and shipped from the United States

RiseMoV Pro Nano Teeth Whitening Kit


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DIY clean teeth, ideal for removing stubborn teeth stains and tartar. Especially suitable for brown teeth caused by cigarette, coffee, tea, juice, chewing areca-nut, and other food colorings.


1.Moisturize the front white sponge strip,squeeze out excess water.
2.Gently brush the stains by the front side of sponge,the teeth stains and plaque will be absorbed instantly on the sponge surface.
3.Gargle after using.
4.Quick effect on teeth dirt,several time need on teeth stains or brown teeth.
5.Clean teeth every 15-20 days is advised to reduce the dental plaque.


Only applicable to clean teeth stains and teeth plaque.
Please refill new sponge strip each time for health.
Do not wipe gums.
Do not eat ,keep away from children.
Not available for kids,patients,pregnant women,lactating women and the one who has dental disease.
Do not use the product if you have any of the mentioned case ,few or no effect.
1 Minute White, Instantly removes stains from teeth without hurting enamel
2.Eco-friendly, Chemicals-free, just with Water, 100% Safe 99.9% anti-bacterial, non-toxic
3.Nano technology, Super absorption capacity, different teeth whitening system
4.Convenient, Easily cleans teeth anywhere & anytime
5.As gifts for promotion purpose, Personal Care, DIY Beauty Salon, Dental Clinic

Professional Dental Tarter Scraper – 100% Stainless Steel – Double Ended – Added Tooth Cleaning at Home or Decay Removal- Resistant to Tarnish and Rust – By Utopia Care

$14.95 - $8.99

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Keep Your Oral Hygiene in Top Shape with Professional Grade Dental Tools
This Double-Ended Tartar Scraper allows safe and effective removal of plaque and tartar build-up along the gum line and between the teeth without damaging tooth enamel. Durable metal resists wear and tarnish to keep it going for long.

Safe, painless, and easy to manoeuvre.
100% Stainless Steel.
Tartar remover can be easily sterilized.
Approved for dental use.
Small shovel blade scraper removes plaque and tartar build-up.

How to Use the Scrapper:
The plaque scraper has two ends, use whichever ends that will remove the plaque more efficiently. Go from one side of the mouth and work around the mouth. First, work on the flat surfaces of the teeth of the cheek side. Apply the blade of the plaque scraper on the back of the flat surface. Make sure to place the tip of the plaque scraper toward the gum line, then pull the plaque scraper GENTLY, after each motion. Wipe the plaque off the blade with a tissue, now repeat until there is no more plaque on the blade and start work between the teeth. To remove plaque between the teeth, place the blade near the gum line between teeth, then pull the blade away from the gum line. Go on to the next tooth and finally around the mouth. Then work on the tooth surfaces of the tongue side. And repeat the scraping until the whole mouth is clean.100 percent stainless steel metal resists wear and tarnish providing durability
Long tool with wide reach easily clean the hard to see areas of your mouth
Cleans without causing pain and damaging tooth enamel
Double ended hook scraper removes plaque and stain without a hitch
Wipe the plaque off the blade with a tissue, then repeat until there is no more plaque on the blade

Blkdiamond – Premium Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder with 1 Bamboo Toothbrush – Natural Coconut Charcoal – Enamel Safe for a Whiter and Brighter Smile – Premium Organic Carbon Toothpaste


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For a smile that you will absolutely love! Brush with our Premium Grade Activated Charcoal. This little black jar with get you 150 uses and will last 1-2 months. It’s jam packed with detoxifying ingredients like Powdered Activated Coconut Charcoal and Bentonite Clay to keep your mouth in top shelf condition. Organic Peppermint and Organic Orange Peel Extract help fight germs and detox your kisser at the same time. Harmful chemical teeth whitening is a thing of the past, polish your teeth and straighten enamel the healthy and vegan way!

This includes 1 jar of our Premium Activated Charcoal Powder + 1 Bamboo Toothbrush only!ALL-NATURAL ORGANIC COCONUT ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: We only use the highest quality coconut charcoal. We mix it with organic orange peel and Bentonite Clay for added hygiene and teeth cleansing effects.
NO SYNTHETIC INGRIDIENTS: preservatives, extracts, agents, artificial flavors, colors etc.
SAFE & GENTLE: Highly effective and made with pure ingredients. This premium black charcoal whitening powder acts gently on enamel and decreases inflammation and infections of gums. Great for sensitive teeth.
FIGHTS ODOR & IMPROVES ORAL HEALTH: Mixed with peppermint and orange peel for a subtle flavor. Our tooth whitening powder helps prevent gingivitis and disease for healthier gums.prevent gingivitis and disease for healthier gums.
GUARANTEE: We are sure its natural ability to remove stains, odor, and toxins will ensure a bright white smile.

Impression Material, 3 Pack Included, Can Be Used For Any Billy Bob Teeth OR Instant Smile Teeth!


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Fitting Instructions for teeth: Do not use over braces or caps! 1. Empty the packet of plastic fitting beads (white Beads) into a cup of very hot water. 2. Once the fitting plastic turns clear, remove with a metal spoon. 3. Form the clear fitting plastic into a “worm” shape with your fingers. 4. Press the “clear worm” onto the back wall of the teeth. If there are anchor holes in the gums, try to get some of the fitting material into the holes to help secure it. 5. In front of a mirror, use both hands and gently ease the teeth over your normal teeth. Use your thumbs to “tuck” the excess fitting plastic behind your teeth. 6. Once the fitting plastic begins to harden, gently ease down and remove. Do not allow the fitting plastic to fully harden around your teeth. If you are not happy with the fit, reheat and remold.Thermal Fitting Beads. Soften in Hot Water (Beads begin to soften at 130º F)
Used For All Teeth Styles
Extra Impression Material
Molds In Minutes-Can Be Used Multiple Times
Works Great For Any Billy Bob Teeth/Instant Smile Flex

Charcoal Teeth Whitening Activated Charcoal Powder Proven Safe for Enamel 100% Natural Teeth Whitening Coconut Charcoal Powder 2.11 oz Whitening Teeth Easy suitable for Kit and Toothpaste

$39.99 - $10.99

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Product: Fairywill Teeth whitening Natural Coconut Activated Charcoal Powder

Flavour: Peppermint


Activated Natural coconut charcoal, bentonite clay, peppermint oil

No synthetic additives , preservatives, foaming agents, artificial flavour fluoride etc.

The method of usage:

1.Please be careful when opening lid for the first time.

2.Wet toothbrush and sip into powder.

3.Gently brush your teeth like normal, for 2 minutes.

4.Rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove the charcoal with the water.

5.Brush your teeth with your regular toothpaste again.

It will work better with Fairywill electric toothbrush.

Recommended use twice daily for 14 days for amazing results.


Teeth whitening, Remove the Stains like coffee-stains,wine, cigarettes and more-all without bleach.


1.Keep out of reach of children.

2.Do not use the product while pregnant or under the age of 12.

3.Do not swallow it.

4.Avoid contact with the eyes.

5.If you have any oral health issues like sensitive teeth, irritated or bleeding gums, please consult your dentist before using the product.

Storage condition:

Store in cool and dry place,and keep it out of direct sunlight.


Gross weight: 60g (2.11oz)

Measurements: 2.8*2.7*2.12 (inch)

Shelf life: 2 years

Use it within 1 year after this product is opened.

100% Natural Gentle and Safe, Natural charcoal teeth whitening, The charcoal teeth powder contains natural, gentle and safe ingredients. Made from high-quality, refined coconut charcoal, bentonite clay, peppermint, Activated charcoal works to pulling stains off your teeth through a process of ‘adsorption’. Coconut is the purest form of food-grade charcoal. No Harmful Bleach or Gels.
Easy to Use and Instant Effect, Simply dampen your toothbrush and dip it in the charcoal powder, then brush your teeth for 2 minutes as normal. When brushing done, rinse thoroughly with water. It whitens your teeth safely over time, and effectively. The cool mint flavor can deliver lasting and fresh feeling. Improve your teeth and gums health in 2 weeks.
Enhances Oral Health and Strengthen Enamel, Eliminates Bad Breathing. Potent Stain Remover, Stained teeth is a common problem due to tea, coffee, wine, smoking, and similar activities. Activated charcoal offers the first step of an excellent Teeth Whitening to tackle the problem smartly at home. By balancing the pH level in our mouth, it becomes a formidable fighter of cavities, tooth decay, bad breath, gum diseases and gingivitis.
Extra Fine Powder Provide a Big Smile, Whiten without sensitivity premium ingredients, it is excellent for gum health. Please be careful when opening lid for the first time because of the tiny particles of the Activated Charcoal Powder. Whiten your teeth in just 2 week, Smile impresses people. It will work better with Fairywill electric toothbrush.
FDA Approved and 100% Money-Back Guarantee, Highly Refined Coconut Charcoal and 100% Natural. Your Safety is our Priority. If you are not completely satisfied, we will issue a full refund or replacement.

Amazing Instant Smile Cosmetic Novelty Secure Teeth- Medium Size – Fits Most


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Now you can have a secure smile with a do-it-yourself teeth makeover kit. For novelty use only, these “false teeth” are easy to fit. It takes just a few minutes to customize to your existing teeth using hot water on the thermal fitting beads following the included instructions. Perfect for everyday use… at work, out on the town, reunions, weddings, family gatherings, gag gifts, first dates or any time you feel like having an instant smile makeover.Medium Size fits most people
For aesthetic purposes only. Do NOT eat or sleep while using this product.
This product is NOT a partial denture or a “DENTAL DEVICE” and is intended for temporary use only
Outlined on the foldout are personal fitting instructions. They are easy to follow and take only a few minutes using hot water and can be done in the privacy of your home
Thermal Beads for custom fitting are included.