It Waits


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It hungers for human carnage…and it will wait no longer. It is a vengeful beast of Native American legend, sealed deep within a cave for over one thousand years. Nearby in a remote forest outpost, troubled young ranger Danielle St. Clair (Cerina Vincent) is struggling to confront dark demons of her own. But when the creature is accidentally released from its secret tomb, Danny’s inner conflicts meet a flesh-and-blood nightmare: A monster that hunts without equal, slaughters without mercy and savors the taste of human torment. Now its wait is over. And tonight, one woman must face – and destroy – its flesh-ripping fury … alone!Factory sealed DVD

Rodney Yee: ABS Yoga for Beginners

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Internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Rodney Yee provides an introduction to yoga. The 30-minute workout includes: ‘Conscious Breathing’, which releases tension and focuses energy on abs; ‘Abs Workout’ which helps you to build stronger, leaner and more supple abs; and ‘Deep Relaxation’, which rebalances energy and calms the mind and the muscles.Factory sealed DVD

The Devil and Daniel Johnston

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His drawings and sketches are exhibited and sold worldwide. Beck, Wilco, Sonic Youth and Pearl Jam have recorded his songs. But beneath Daniel Johnston’s success as an artist and musician is an incredible story of genius touched by madness: diagnosed as manic-depressive, Johnston has spent the last three decades of his life in and out of mental institutions. Told through a compelling combination of interviews, home movies and performance footage, THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON is “a harrowing, hilarious and ultimately moving new documentary film”(Jim Farber, New York Daily News). “★★★★” (Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News)!Shrink-wrapped

When I Find The Ocean

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The journey of a lifetime for young Lily Strickland begins not out of her love for adventure but out of heartache. Longing for the father she lost to the ocean and having no way to say goodbye, Lily strikes out on her own beginning a journey of the spirit and of the heart.

Her mother has found a new man to share her life with and Lily is the bearer of unpleasant secrets in his life which only she knows. Leaving behind a safe, loving environment with her grandparents (Diane Ladd and Lee Majors) and loving mother (Amy Redford), she faces not only her fears but the obstacles the wilderness presents.

With her faith and belief that her father will guide her, she sets out with her trusty dog. With the help of a friendly tugboat captain (Bernie Casey), she follows her dream to find the ocean and to finally set her heart at peace.

Inspired by a true story.Factory sealed DVD

That Night In Rio

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Her girl-next-door looks combined with a sultry singing voice made Alice Faye one of Hollywood’s biggest stars in the Golden Age of Cinema. Don Ameche and Alice Faye pair up as husband and wife, Baron and Baroness Duarte and head to South America in this musical classic. In order to avoid some financial problems, the Baron switches places with impersonator Larry Martin “Direto da Broadway” (also Ameche). When Martin’s affections for the Baroness are too kind and romantic, both the Baroness and Martin’s girlfriend Carmen (Carmen Miranda) realize their men are up to something. Filmed in brilliant Technicolor, That Night in Rio is a delightful comedy filled with rousing musical numbers including Faye’s passionate and romantic, “They Met in Rio.”

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Wade In The Water, Children

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Through a passionate mixture of private videos, uncensored interviews and school-day adventures, the children of New Orleans notoriously violent Central City neighborhood have created a riveting portrait of childhood at the heart of an ongoing American crisis. No one set out to make a film: six months after Katrina, filmmakers Elizabeth Wood and Gabriel Nussbaum moved to New Orleans with a free art program, intended to help students creatively express their thoughts in response to the chaos of the storm. Their documentary-film class at Singleton Charter School at the local YMCA invited students to take video-cameras home and tell their stories on their own terms. The results quickly transcended the classroom. 300 hours of deeply personal video-tape later, Wade in the Water, Children took shape. Through their own remarkably honest and unusual footage, we enter the students’ shuttered housing projects, fractured families, flooded homes and darkened streets. We discover a New Orleans that was a disaster long before Katrina, a place where role models are scarce and gun violence is normal. The children reveal a New Orleans that adults are afraid to discuss, and that a conventional film crew could never penetrate. Wade in the Water, Children offers a poetic and devastating look at life in the Crescent City through the eyes of its youngest citizens.Factory sealed DVD

On Tour: Real Talk, Vol. 1

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From the people that brought you Killa Tay’s ‘Murder Show’, comes a ride with the family as we venture the road for a nationwide tour with stops in places like Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, Atlanta and other hot spots in the Midwest and South. See ’em doin’ it big at Too Short’s house, C-Bo driving his own tour bus, celebrity interviews, studio sessions, XXX girls gettin’ down, fights, rap battles, practical jokes and much more. Packed with celebrity guests, this hour long DVD feature appearances by Max Julian, Gary Coleman, DMX, Lil Flip, Steve-O from MTV’s ‘Jackass’ Goodie Mob, Too $hort, Yukmouth, Jacka of Mob Fingaz and many more. Of course all of the usual suspects from the Mob are present as well including C-Bo, Killa Tay, 151, Luni Coleone, Lil Cyco, Marvaless,T-Nutty and others.Factory sealed DVD

Forbidden Adventure / Forbidden Women (Special Edition)

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Monkey-Loving Women! That’s the jaw-dropping gimmick at the core of Forbidden Adventure, one of the most outrageous exploitation films ever unleashed. Supposedly based on a 1912 expedition to Cambodia, two explorers lead a safari of topless native women (who, allegedly, were recruited from a Los Angeles whorehouse!) to the lost city of Angkor and find it jealously guarded by apes. Amazingly, the “monkey domination” that destroyed Angkor centuries ago begins to affect the women of the safari who join the apes for a little “monkey adoration” of their own: “The monkey worship had our girls in its grasp!” Alternately known as Angkor and The Gorilla Woman, this mind-melting mix of racism and Darwinian excess was theatrically released by the notorious Dwain Esper (Maniac) and ran afoul of local censors almost everywhere it played. Wow.

Plus: When young Prince Sigore returns to his home “on an Unknown Island in the South Pacific,” he has two goals: bring democracy to his people and, yup, visit the Forbidden Women in the Temple of the Golden Chamber. There, he’s promptly poisoned by the Sultan’s evil sister-in-law who appoints herself ruler and opens the royal torture chamber for business in this sultry stew of Philippine footage and U.S.-added nudity! Two Exotic Oddities eager to “Divulge Heretofore Unheard of Orgies of Wild Women!” Hotcha.

The Toys That Rescued Christmas

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A Holiday Adventure For The Entire Family

T’was the night before Christmas and all the presents in the house have mysteriously disappeared from beneath the tree. Matters become even more complicated when a wise cracking sock monkey named Smuckey, a sensitive train and a sleek red sports car fall into a trap set by toys from Christmas past. It seems they’re hurt by the fact that once Christmas is past, they’re forgotten and they want to protect the new toys from being hurt and forgotten as they were. But once the old, discarded toys see how committed Smuckey and his friends are to making sure the children have their Christmas gifts, the old toys realize they were wrong in hiding the new gifts and do everything in their power to help Smuckey.Factory sealed DVD

USS Franklin: Honored Restored

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The USS Franklin (CV-13). The men in the American Pacific fleet knew her as “Big Ben.” She is known throughout history as “The Ship That Wouldn’t Die.” Even now, more than six decades after the end of hostilities in World War II, the very name Franklin spawns a tidal wave of emotion for her crew and thousands of men in the fleet caught up in what the name represents.

On March 19, 1945, Franklin, sailing less than 100 miles off the coast of Japan, is launching strikes against the mainland. At 07:08, just as her aircraft are taking off, an enemy dive-bomber attacked Franklin. In a split second the 27,100-ton aircraft carrier is transformed into a cataclysmic inferno as rivers of burning gasoline incinerate the ship and her own bombs methodically rip her apart in earth shattering explosions. All hope appears lost. What follows is a story of gallantry, audacity, and human resilience, and one of the most epic accounts of combat at sea and rescue ever recorded in the realms of the U.S. Navy. This remarkable achievement nevertheless was nearly overshadowed when the crew was accused with desertion.

USS Franklin: Honor Restored brings to life the compelling saga of USS Franklin. Directed by award winning director Robert Child (Silent Wings), and narrated by actor-director Dale Dye (Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Band of Brothers, The Pacific), USS Franklin: Honor Restored constitutes the most extensive and vivid visual account of USS Franklin and the carrier war in the Pacific. Coupled with these striking images are interviews of Franklin survivors. You will hear and see the battle as seen through the eyes of the men who were there, as they share their most intimate and emotional memories of the disaster and reveal the anguish from accusations that linger still.