Visual Timeline of Inventions

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Traces the history of inventions throughout time, from 3500 BC to the technological advances of today, in an indispensible guide that provides students with a vast array of essential information and makes learning enjoyable.

TIMELINES: A Dozen Doctors in Verse: A Collection of Doctor Who poetry

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‘TIMELINES : A Dozen Doctors in Verse’ is a collection of poetry borne out of a lifelong love for The Doctor and all his adversaries. It covers an array of poetry, in both free form and prose styles and a couple of quirky limericks thrown in for good measure too! The constant theme of ’12’ runs through the book from the Zygons to The Impossible Girl, and The War Doctor to The Quantum Shade. It’s a must read for any fan of Doctor Who.

TimeLines: Solo Overnight Explorations of Some of America’s Most Haunted Locations

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Who doesn’t love a ghost story? But what if it wasn’t a story—what if it was your life?

TimeLines follows solo ghost hunter Patrick Henry Orozco as he visits known haunted locations around America, armed only with a small flashlight, video cameras, and audio recorders.

Alone until the sun rises in these spooky buildings, unburdened by large production crews and oversized equipment, the explorer is free to focus on the main objective of these supernatural outings: observing and documenting.

TimeLines archives, in startling detail, Orozco’s experiences on these creepy overnight explorations—including more than one hundred electronic voice phenomena recordings and no less than three visual sightings of the paranormal—while dispelling common ghost-hunting myths and clichés with a focus on truth through observation.

Accompanied by a six-part web series documenting each encounter, TimeLines addresses skeptics and believers alike in what has been praised as an honest, balanced exploration of the paranormal.

Adding a fresh voice to the debate of whether the otherworld really does exist, TimeLines suggests that perhaps if we step back and take the time to really look—ignoring distractions, fear, and prejudice—the answer is right there in the dark.

Blank Timeline Paper

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Blank Timeline Log. 8.5 Inches By 11 Inches

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Includes Sections For

  • Timeline Interval
  • Timeline
  • Notes
  • Pictures

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The Stickerbook Timeline Collection

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This engaging set contains three What on Earth? Stickerbook Timelines covering a complete spectrum of knowledge from Big History and Nature to Science. Each Stickerbook has been created in association with the American Museum of Natural History and includes a unique five and a half-foot-long fold-out timeline with more than hundreds of pictures, captions and reusable stickers. The perfect gift for curious minds.

Reproducible Maps, Charts, Timelines and Illustrations

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From very simple visuals to detailed drawings, the graphics in the Reproducible Maps, Charts Timelines & Illustrations will enhance understanding of the Bible for Teachers and student alike. It enhances learning with maps, charts, graphs outlines, key verses and time lines that clarify and deepen Bible understanding. The pages are perforated for easy in reproducing overhead transperancies, visual learning aids and student handouts in a Bible study or Sunday school class. A study outline for each Bible book includes a theme, key verses, key thoughts and a time line.

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