Conrad and Nature: Essays (Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Literature)

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Conrad and Nature is the first collection of critical essays examining nature and the environment in Joseph Conrad’s writings. Together, these essays by established and emerging scholars reveal both the crucial importance of nature in Conrad’s work, and the vital, ongoing relevance of Conrad’s treatment of the environment in our era of globalization and climate change. No richer subject matter for an environmentally-engaged criticism can be found than the Conradian contexts and themes under investigation in this volume: island cultures, colonial occupations, storms at sea, mining and extraction, inconstant weather, ecological collapse, and human communities competing for resources. The 17 essays collected here ―13 new essays, and 4 excerpts from classic works of Conradian scholarship — consolidate some of the most important voices and perspectives on Conrad’s relation to the natural world, and open new avenues for Conradian and environmental scholarship in the 21st century.

Hurricane Survival 101: Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for a Hurricane or Severe Storm


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Knowing how to prepare for a hurricane and understanding the effects of a serious storm is crucial if you live in an area prone to this kind of extreme weather. From storm-surges and destructive wind to blackouts and devastating flooding, having a strategy in place for a major hurricane will help you weather the worst of the conditions and minimize the adverse effects when the clouds begin to clear. Each year, many parts of the United States experience heavy rains, strong winds, floods, and coastal storm surges from tropical storms and hurricanes. If a hurricane watch is in place or an alert is issued in your local area, it pays to have a comprehensive preparedness strategy and plan of action in place that you can call on without thinking and implement at the earliest opportunity. From structural damage and flooding to power outages and a breakdown of services and utilities, the effects before, during and after a hurricane can cause devastation and serious disruption when a major tropical storm makes landfall. This book covers the essential information that you need to know in order to plan. prepare for and survive a serious tropical storm or hurricane event.

Nature’s Fury: Storm Story Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tornadoes

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Wind is one of the strongest forces of nature. Its energy can be harnessed and used in many ways. But uncontrolled wind can create havoc. The faster it moves, the stronger it gets; blowing away everything in its path trees, houses, buildings and people. As it moves around the earth it shows its destructive nature through storms, cyclones and tornadoes. How does wind turn itself into a whirling pillar filled with thunderstorms? What can we do to protect ourselves from this disaster? Read this book to find out.

Books in this series:
Nature’s Fury: 101 Earthshaking Facts on Natural Disasters
Nature’s Fury: Storm Story Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tornadoes
Nature’s Fury: Terra Tremors Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis
Nature’s Fury: Water Wild Droughts and Floods
Nature’s Fury: Weather Wise Extreme Weather Woes
Nature’s Fury: World’s Worst Natural Disasters that Shook the World

The Flag and the Albatross, The shipwreck of the USS REGULUS (AF-57) in Typhoon Rose


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On March 11, 1971, and the USS Regulus was en route to the Western Pacific for a seven-month deployment in support of the Vietnam War. With the Golden Gate Bridge just a few miles astern, the superstitious among the crew were uneasy; two bad omens in three days! First the American flag fell and hit a chaplain at the moment the ship got its new captain. Then a sailor threw a welding rod at a rarely seen albatross and injured the fabled bird. Some aboard worried that those omens foretold their ship would never return to San Francisco.
This account by the ship’s second in command covers a seven month period in the life of a proud Navy ship with an excellent crew and record. Three days before she sailed from San Francisco the ship got a new captain. In a matter of weeks some of the officers knew he was arrogant and, perhaps, should not be in command. In the following months the Regulus provided supplies to 84 ships in the war zone off the coast of Vietnam, narrowly missed two typhoons, visited six countries, held a Crossing the Equator initiation for the crew, and finally encountered Typhoon Rose – one of the strongest to ever hit Hong Kong.
The first warning for the typhoon was received on August 10th as the ship neared Hong Kong for a long anticipated visit to that exotic port. In the following days Rose grew ever closer, while the captain persistently refused to avoid the storm by going to sea – despite a strong recommendation by the British naval officer in charge of the port and the example set by many other ships. Battered by waves forty-five feet high and winds over 160 miles per hour, will the ship and its crew survive? Can a captain with questionable skills save them? The Flag and the Albatross is the true story of events leading to and following Regulus’ encounter with the worst nature can offer.

Hurricanes and Super Typhoons


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No force of mother-nature so simultaneously captivates us and terrifies us as a Category 5 hurricane or super typhoon. No other event, whether man made or nature’s creation, is capable of creating so much destruction and loss of life. Not earthquakes, forest fires, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, or even nuclear detonations can rival the sheer power and destruction of these weather events. “Hurricanes and Super Typhoons” recounts the history of these storms from 1500’s to 2013 with damage esitmates in USD as well as USD adjusted to 2013 values. Additionally there are special chapters for the most devastating hurricanes and super typhoons of all time in terms of sheer damage and devastation, both physical and emotional. Also included is a chapter on how hurricanes are named, why they are named, and a list of upcoming names as well as retired names.

The Storm is Coming (Ovation Electric Guitars Book 1)


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In 1967 Ovation entered the electric guitar market with a series of guitars;- The Tornado; The Thunderhead; The Hurricane; The Typhoon and the The Eclypse. Collectively ‘The Storms’. Production of these guitars only lasted until 1972. This ebook is a documentary historical outline of thses guitars, including guitar detail, pictures, ads and brochures. It is the first in a series covering all the Ovation electric guitars. Future volumes will include: the Breadwinner and Deacon; The Preacher; The Viper; The GS series.

Ranchero Island: The Bishops own an Island, when you’re rich anything goes, no mater who it hurts!


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Generations ago, the Bishops started a company called Harbor Industries. They ran it with slave labor, but because it was a closed society it stayed that way even until it was no longer needed. When the time came to stop only Cousin Larry had a solution, too bad it was evil. The Wealthy family had their dirty little secrets that they had protected against all odds.