Hunt-U.S. Marshal Vol 39: Return To Denver


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Hunt-U.S. Marshal Vol 39

Hunt returns from Washington D.C. with great news. The train ride out of Washington D.C. has a shock in store for Hunt. Hunt’s youngest brother that Hunt hasn’t seen for nearly sixteen years boards the train after spending the last three years in a Union Prison Camp.
Being utterly destitute, Hunt takes his little brother under his wing and helps him get a fresh start in life.
Hunt discovers that the young couple living on his ranch in Hudson have vacated months ago and never said a word to Hunt about leaving his ranch.
Hunt and Beth travel to Indiana to buy more Polled Herefords and check on his pig farm at the Thayer Water Stop.
Hunt becomes angered with the manager’s snobbish wife and fires them to prevent the other employees from walking off the job.
Hunt’s men are sent on missions across Colorado to stop murders, cattle theft, and thieves. Hunt loses a Deputy Marshal on a mission and attempts to have Earl fulfill his promise to U.S. Deputy Marshal
It doesn’t take Hunt long to adjust to the normal life of U.S. Marshal.