Animal Fight Night Season 3

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Animal Fight Night is back for a third season that features pound-for-pound battles between some of the biggest, baddest and often surprising fighters in the animal kingdom. From expected contenders like lions and tigers, to more surprising creatures such as porcupines and roadrunners…contenders hail from across the globe. Animal Fight Night delivers the drama and testosterone of the UFC and dissects the science behind the tactics and bodily weapons that human champions wouldn’t and couldn’t employ. No holds barred – anything goes in the wild.

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Sub-Mission Master, Expanded Deluxe 3 DVD set


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Learn the 75 different ways how Sub-Mission Master by Yoshiaki “Kumicho” Fujiwara can give YOU the equivalent of a “Masters Degree” in Submission Grappling!! If you have never seen this material (originally produced back the same year as the very first UFC, in 1994!!), it will open your eyes to submission grappling like few instructionals ever have before. If you’ve been into MMA as long as I have, just imagine how different your ground game would have been if you had watched these tapes way back then! They are so good that they are STILL light years ahead of almost every other instructional out there today. When I asked Mr. Fujiwara to re-issue these, there was LITERALLY only one complete set in existence (yes, all ten tapes) gathering dust at Mr. Fujiwara’s office in Japan. I have been able to put all ten tapes onto 2 DVDs and re-release them to a whole new generation of grapplers. Now you can learn from the man at the VERY top of the list recommended to me personally by the “God of Wrestling” Karl Gotch for legitimate Catch Style Submission Grappling instruction. Mr. Gotch calls Fujiwara his best student. Period. This set is long out of print and often referred to as “The Holy Grail of Submission Grappling”. It has been brought back in its entirety in the original Japanese language (don’t worry there are plenty of diagrams used so even the simplest of minds could follow it!). Just to give you an idea of Fujiwara’s influence and pedigree: Fujiwara’s training partners: – Nobuhiko Takada (Takada Dojo founder and PRIDE booker) – Akira Maeda (Fighting Network RINGS founder) – Satoru Sayama (SHOOTO founder) – Antonio Inoki (the professional wrestler famous for the mixed match with Muhammad Ali) Some of Fujiwara’s better known students: – Ken Shamrock (If you don’t know who he is, you probably shouldn’t be reading this) – Masakatsu Funaki (he taught the legendary Frank Shamrock) – Minoru Suzuki – Yoshiki Takahashi – Takaku Fuke – Ryushi Yanagisawa (all founding members of Hybrid Wrestling PANCRASE) – Yuki Ishikawa – Katsumi Usuda – Alexander “Diet Butcher” Otsuka (all former PRIDE competitors) – Bart Vale and many others! Here is a taste of what to expect on DVD 1: Legs I 1) Applying shin locks with the elbows and knees 2) Inside and outside Achilles locks (from standing and the ground) 3) Transition to heel hook 4) Simple escapes and reversals from leg locks 5) The near side inside toe-hold Catch Wrestling Conditioning 1 6) Hindu squats the Karl Gotch way, fully demonstrated from multiple angles. 7) Jump squats Legs II 8) Transitions from shinlock with the elbow to toe holds 9) Step-over toe-hold variations 10) Rough & tumble and gouging set-ups for toe-holds 11) Toe-hold variations when someone has your back with hooks in. 12) A clever set-up to a toe-hold from the side-double wristlock (this one is nasty!) 13) Toe-holds from leg rides 14) Introduction to knee bars 15) a BRUTAL reverse banana-split submission Catch Wrestling Conditioning 2 16) Hindu push-ups 17) Twisting push-ups 18) Scorpion push-ups 19) Diamond push-ups 20) Chair exercises Arms I 21) Brief overview of the bio-mechanics of the arm joints. 22) The proper way to apply the bread & butter hold of catch wrestling, the side double wrist lock (hint: grab the hand, NOT the wrist) 23) How to set-up the DWL by “walking” over to it 24) How to turn a useless top-wrist lock into a CRUEL shoulder lock. 25) A DWL that you can secure with only two-fingers! 26) Armbar from the head and arm (scarf hold) 27) Gouging and rough & tumble set-ups 28) A simple reversal out of a DWL into a hammerlock Catch Wrestling Conditioning 3 29) Attacks the abdominals and core from a variety of angles Arms II 30) Tight wristlock set up into a straight arm-bar 31) “Turking” to apply armbars with your legs! 32) Really mean reverse armbars …and much, much more!!

Ufc 123

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Two of the premier light heavyweights of the modern era finally meet when former champions Quinton ”Rampage” Jackson and Lyoto ”The Dragon” Machida battle it out. Jackson’s aggressive knockout style will be pitted against Machida’s elusive karate skills in a fight no UFC fan will want to miss. And a six-year rivalry will come to a dramatic conclusion as UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes and two division world champion BJ Penn meet in the rubber match of their historic trilogy.Factory sealed DVD