Tigerflex Ureflex UFC Series Heavy Duty Transparent PVC Material Handling Hose, 50 PSI Max Pressure, 1-1/2 inches ID, 100 feet Length


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Kuriyama Tigerflex UFC series Ureflex heavy duty polyurethane lined material handling hose. Transparent construction allows for visual confirmation of material flow and the ability to see if material or condensation has collected in the hose tube. It is constructed from PVC cover with polyurethane liner and rigid PVC helix. General applications include agricultural dry fertilizer; air seeder lines; industrial vacuum equipment; material handling – heavy duty abrasive; milling machine scrap recovery; plastic processing equipment; shot blast recovery. Thick abrasion resistant polyurethane liner is designed for dry applications where severe abrasion is a factor; provides for longer hose life and lower operating costs versus rubber or PVC hoses. Static dissipative cover specially formulated to help prevent the build-up of static electricity for added safety and to help keep material flowing smoothly. Cold-Flex material remains hose flexible in sub-zero temperatures. Convoluted outer cover provides increased hose flexibility. Oil resistant polyurethane liner resists most animal and petroleum based oils. Service temperature: -40 to 150 degrees F. Working pressure: 50 psi at 68 degrees F and 25 psi at 104 degrees F. Vacuum rating: 29.9 inHg at 68 degrees F and 28 inHg at 104 degrees F. RoHS compliance. Made in USA. Bending radius: 2 inches at 68 degrees F.Abrasion resistant plus – hoses designed to help resist internal wear caused by the transfer of abrasive materials
Cold-flex materials – hoses formulated to remain flexible in sub-zero temperatures
Oil resistant – hoses which exhibit resistance to animal and petroleum based oils
Hoses formulated with static dissipative compounds or hoses containing a grounding wire to help prevent the build-up of static electricity
Transparent construction allows for visual confirmation of material flow

Speed Dummy Suples with Legs (Large, 50 lbs, 68in, Synthetic Leather) Wrestling Throwing Dummy (MMA, Wrestling, Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Grappling Dummy, UFC, Judo Dummy, Suples, Combat Sports, Kickboxing)

$454.98 - $440.00

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– The Speed Dummy is designed to be almost half the weight of the regular throwing dummy. That makes the speed dummy a lot more functional while practicing throws, techniques, and combat fitness movements.
– The difference of the stuffing materials makes the speed dummy much more flexible and a lot easier to practice than the traditional throwing dummy that we use for building explosive power and technique.
– The arm dimensions are designed with extra length to allow a more convenient hold and grip.
– The Speed Dummy is designed to bounce off the mat while throwing. That helps the athlete to quickly reset for the next throw without lifting it every time.
– The Speed Dummy is designed to develop speed and intensity while executing throws.

Suples Dummies are hand-made from the highest quality material and built to last a lifetime! Suples Ltd is well experienced in all models of training dummies that are beneficial for wrestling, MMA, self-defense, and general fitness. Based on the type of training you need for your individual goals, we have a Dummy for you. We are proud to say that our wrestling throwing dummies were purchased for supplying all the combat sports during the 2012 London Olympic Games. When it comes to throwing dummy training, remember nobody knows more than Suples.Hand made in Bulgaria. Built to last. 1 Year Warranty. No questions. No B.S.
Best tool to learn how to throw with proper technique.
Invented by wrestling Olympian Ivan Ivanov to train United States Olympic Greco team.
See photos for size recommendation.
Go to WWW.SUPLES.COM for more information and questions.

50 Diet Tips for MMA and Combat Sports


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50 Diet tips that will help you put together a nutrition plan optimal for your goals. Whether that be fat loss, muscle gain, making weight or performing optimally in combat sports, this will give you 50 tips to help keep your diet on track in the real world!