Triumph United Open Palm MMA Glove, Black, Large


(as of Nov 17,2018 21:51:32 UTC – Details)

Full leather construction. Features reinforced finger loops with open thumb and palm. Lined with printed quick drying, anti-slip fabric. 2 1/2 inch wide hook and loop closure for added wrist support. Signature 2 tone design with iconic graphics.Full leather construction
Features reinforced finger loops with open thumb and palm
Lined with printed quick drying, anti-slip fabric
2 1/2 inch wide hook and loop closure for added wrist support

UFC 5oz MMA Gloves – SM/Med – MMA Gloves, Blue, Small/Medium


(as of Nov 17,2018 09:03:39 UTC – Details)

Comfort-fit grappling glove ideal for training. Pre-curved, anatomically correct impact-dispersing soft foam layered over knuckles enhances protection during intense training sessions. Maintain control and range of motion with open-finger design and soft flexible synthetic leather. Adjustable, secure wrap-around hook & loop closure supports wristOpen palm design
Great for grappling
Secure hook & loop closure
Soft finger compartments for comfort while gripping
Durable engineered synthetic leather

Venum Giant 3.0 Boxing Gloves – 16 oz, White/Gold, 16 oz


(as of Nov 17,2018 03:36:48 UTC – Details)

Because you deserve the best, the Venum team carefully designed, assembled, and built the giant 3.0 boxing gloves in Thailand. Made with 100% Nappa leather, these premium gloves keep a good hold, fight after fight. The Venum giant 3.0 boxing gloves are padded by a triple density foam. Their anatomical shape perfectly hugs the shape of your fists and helps to disperse the shock. The addition extra padding on top of the glove, enhances shock Absorption. The smooth inner-lining of the Venum giant 3.0 boxing gloves ensure fast drying and moisture wicking features, for enhanced comfort and odor protection. Finally, the wide Velcro closure system offers you a secure hold to stabilize the articulation of your wrist/hand. The Venum giant 3.0 boxing gloves bring you their signature bold quality. You’ll be sure to strike a lasting impression.100% nappa leather
Triple Density foam for advanced shock Absorption
Velcro closure System for a custom fit and stabilization
Long cuffs for enhanced wrist protection
Handmade in Thailand

Venum Elite Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves Kit – Grey/Grey Gloves, Black/Black Shinguards, Black/Black Headgear, Black Handwraps – 16-Ounce Gloves, Large Shinguards


(as of Nov 15,2018 14:33:39 UTC – Details)

This bundle comes with boxing gloves, shin guards, headgear, and hand wraps so you have everything you need for a complete training session. This is the perfect set of training equipment for the amateur to professional athlete.Includes the following 4 items
1 pair of Venum Elite Boxing Gloves (16-Ounce)
1 pair of Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards (Large)
1 unit of Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear (One Size)
1 pair of Venum Boxing Handwraps 4M (One Size)

NSG Jr Training Boxing Set – Includes Bounce Back Punching Ball & Kids Boxing Gloves

$29.99 - $27.79

(as of Nov 09,2018 17:42:04 UTC – Details)

“With a focus on fitness, boxing teaches balance and hand-eye coordination while building confidence. Set includes a pair of junior boxing gloves and a blow-molded base that can be weighted with water or sand. Inflatable punching bag sits on top of spring loaded, height adjustable steel shaft.
• Ages 3+
• Assembled size H 43” x W 14”
“ACTIVE PLAY: Jr. Boxing Set puts a focus on fitness, boxing teaches balance and hand:eye coordination while teaching confidence. Don’t be surprised if you find the big kids trying to go a few rounds.
PLAY ANYWHERE: Simply fill the freestanding blow molded boxing base with water or sand for stability, easy quick set up and your ready to box on the grass, decking, concrete and even sand!
GREAT STARTER: Whether your just wanting active play focused on fitness or training for the ring our Jr. Boxing Set is great way to get started and just what your looking for.
PORTABLE: Ideal size to take just about anywhere! A top of the spring loaded adjustable pole is an inflatable stitched punching bag that can be deflated and reinflated quickly. (pump included)
INCLUDES: Base, Spring loaded adjustable shaft, Inflatable stitched punching bag, Pair of 4oz. Boxing gloves, Pump (to inflate punching bag) Dimensions: 14x43x14 (inches) Weight: 2.5lbs. Ages 3+

Ringside Combat Sports Pro Style MMA Gloves, Neon Orange, Large

$29.99 - $28.94

(as of Nov 05,2018 17:29:24 UTC – Details)

MMA fight gloves meet all state regulations for professional competition. Youth Sizes: YM (5-8 year old), YL (9-12 year Old)These Pro Style MMA fight gloves meet all state regulations for professional competition requirements
These 5-ounce weight half mitts have 3/4-inch padding for increased safety of the hands and opponent
Muay Thai grappling gloves feature an open palm design that allows full gripping capabilities
Made of durable leather construction for resiliency and longevity
Please reference size guide with hand measurements for optimal fitting

UFC Official PRO Competition Fight Gloves – Men’s MMA Gloves, Black, Large


(as of Nov 03,2018 07:51:44 UTC – Details)

The official competition glove used by all UFC fighters, this is a highly sought after glove. Pre-curved, anatomically correct design offers a secure and comfortable fit. Layered gel protection over the knuckles with open finger design, gives you more flexibility and free range of motion. Made of high-quality premium leather. Features propriety dual-locking closure system for premium wrist support without sacrificing comfort.Comfortable gel protection in knuckle area
Tight, secure fit
Great wrist support & knuckle protection
Premium leather construction

UFC 6oz Fitness Gloves – L/XL – MMA Gloves, Black, Large/X-Large


(as of Nov 02,2018 07:25:27 UTC – Details)

This comfort fit MMA fitness glove is your best training partner. Whether you are using this glove for cardio kickboxing, bag work or grappling you can rely on this glove for durability, protection and comfort. Constructed of a soft high-quality engineered leather with an open palm design, it will not hinder your range of motion while the layered foam protection at critical striking zones offers the right level of protection.Open palm design
Comfortable hand compartment
EVA foam protection in striking area
Hook and loop closure for a secure, adjustable fit
Great for bag work and striking mitts

UFC Long Curved Focus Mitts (1 Pair) Focus Mitts, Black, N/A

$58.52 - $57.79

(as of Nov 01,2018 08:05:09 UTC – Details)

Develop speed, accuracy and agility with your coach or training partner. These ergonomically designed UFC long curved focus mitts are a great complement to your training regimen. The ball in hand gives the trainer more control over target placement while the extended foam wedge in the forearm area enhances comfort.Long focus mitts for working all strikes (kicks and punches)
Ball in hand compartment for improved grip
1/2 inch (12 mm) Hood over fingers for added protection
Extended foam wedge in forearm area for comfort
Curved for the perfect catch whether kicking or punching

UFC Hand Wraps – Hand Wraps, Black, 180″


(as of Oct 30,2018 13:50:49 UTC – Details)

High-quality hand wraps constructed of a slightly elastic cotton blended material are a staple product for anyone who is into boxing. The UFC 180 inch hand wraps are no exception. You can wear them with confidence in knowing they are built to last. Each hand wrap comes with a Starter thumb for ease of use and the hook and loop closure at end ensures a secure fit. Now you can focus on training.Poly-cotton blend
180 inch (4.5 M) hand wraps
Long lasting with rubber label
Hook and loop closure ensures secure fit and added protection
Great for Boxing, bag work, mitt work, MMA training