Venum Elite Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves Kit – Black/Black Gloves, Black/White Shinguards, Black/White Headgear, Black Handwraps – 14-Ounce Gloves, Large Shinguards


(as of Oct 16,2018 16:23:03 UTC – Details)

This bundle comes with boxing gloves, shin guards, headgear, and hand wraps so you have everything you need for a complete training session. This is the perfect set of training equipment for the amateur to professional athlete.Includes the following 4 items
1 pair of Venum Elite Boxing Gloves (14-Ounce)
1 pair of Venum Challenger Standup Shinguards (Large)
1 unit of Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear (One Size)
1 pair of Venum Boxing Handwraps 4M (One Size)

Ringside Pro Punch Mitts, Red/Black

$99.99 - $67.95

(as of Oct 15,2018 04:43:57 UTC – Details)

The Pro Punch Mitts put a new, innovative spin on our classic mitt design. The mitts feature a slightly angled striking surface with a recessed contact target, forming the perfect sweet spot. A full 1 1/2″ of foam padding in the striking area combines with a supplemental 1 1/2″ of protective padding on the wrist, making the mitts virtually impenetrable.Internal palm ball maintains the hand in a natural position during the most energetic mitt routines
The fingers are protected by a padded hood that incorporates Ringside’s exclusive Flex-Panel Technology
The padded hood feature allows the hood to expand and contract for a solid, custom fit

Ringside Combat Sports Pro Style MMA Gloves, Electric Blue, X-Large


(as of Oct 13,2018 14:55:10 UTC – Details)

MMA fight gloves meet all state regulations for professional competition. Youth Sizes: YM (5-8 year old), YL (9-12 year Old)These Pro Style MMA fight gloves meet all state regulations for professional competition requirements
These 5-ounce weight half mitts have 3/4-inch padding for increased safety of the hands and opponent
Muay Thai grappling gloves feature an open palm design that allows full gripping capabilities
Made of durable leather construction for resiliency and longevity
Please reference size guide with hand measurements for optimal fitting

Ringside Apex Boxing Kickboxing Muay Thai Punching Bag Gloves


(as of Oct 11,2018 21:53:09 UTC – Details)

Fight your way to the top with Ringside’s Apex Boxing Gloves. Boxing is the undisputed champion of the all-inclusive, comprehensive workout and these durable synthetic gloves will help you push your body each and every time you put them on.Boxing is the undisputed champion of the all-inclusive, comprehensive workout and these gel sparring punch bag mitts will help you push your body to reach your athletic and fitness goals
A tapered wrap-around closure provides non-slip secure wrist support while the full hook & loop closure allows you to take them on and off in seconds
These punching MMA Muay Thai gloves feature Stay-Dri Lining which promotes microbial protection and ventilation holes in mesh palm and thumb to rapid dry water and sweat for optimal comfort
IMF (Injected Molded Foam) Technology is superior to layered-foam and some Molded Foam gloves providing better protection and durability – Our exclusive pre-curved molded hand compartment supports natural hand and fist alignment when striking
Include a traditional boxing grip bar that allows a tighter fist and reduces hand fatigue and made of affordably durable and easy to clean textured synthetic leather material

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves – Black/Black – 16-Ounce


(as of Oct 10,2018 04:01:48 UTC – Details)

The Venum Challenger 2.0 gloves are the best choice of fight gear for all fighters on any level! made in Thailand, home of the finest quality fight gear, brings you the most perfect pair of gloves at an affordable price. Designed with a triple density foam padding, top hand protection, and a large Velcro wrist strap, keeps your hands locked and loaded to pack a powerful punch. Their premium PU leather construction will bring you an excellent fighting experience, lasting durability, and extreme comfort. The signature embossed Venum logo and vibrant colors are sure to make a bold impression.Breathable interior mesh , large velcro enclosure with elastic for a perfectly safe customized fit
100% fully attached thumb
Designed in Thailand

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, Black, 16 oz

$79.99 - $74.90

(as of Oct 06,2018 19:47:42 UTC – Details)

Our Elite boxing gloves are fully handmade in Thailand with a 100 percent Skintex leather in order to bring you the best Fighting experience at the best price. We used Triple density foam for an unbelievably balanced shock distribution: fight after fight, you will be able to increase your striking level while minimizing the stressful sensation at the impact areas.Triple Density foam
Strengthened seams for long lasting quality
Reinforced palm for maximum impact absorption

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves (Black, 16 oz.)

$39.99 - $26.00

(as of Oct 04,2018 22:28:49 UTC – Details)

Pro style gloves designed for optimum training. Our gloves promote proper punching technique because they are conformed to the natural shape of your fist. Dense, innovative two-layer foam provides better shock absorbency and full padding on the front, back and wrist to promote proper punching technique. These gloves also utilize our exclusive ThumbLok feature for added safety. Choose from traditional laceup or hook-and-loop wrist strap for quick on and off. Made of durable synthetic leather.


Everlast warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 120 days from date of purchase, provided they have not been subjected to obvious abuse, neglect or misuse. Everlast’s sole liability is limited to repairing or replacing products that are returned within this 120-day period, unless specific product literature specifies otherwise.

Please contact customer service for full details, and for replacement assistance at 1-800-821-7930.

Dense two-layer sandwich of foam for added protection
Dense two-layer sandwich of foam for added protection|Full padding on the front and back of wrist to promote proper punching technique|Conformed to the natural shape of the fist for comfortable training|Thumb-lock feature|

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves – Black/Black – 14-Ounce


(as of Sep 30,2018 07:15:30 UTC – Details)

The Venum contender boxing gloves are designed to withstand any powerful jab, cross, hook or UpperCut. Made with 100% premium synthetic leather for longer durability. The curved anatomical shape, offers great versatility and lasting comfort. The Venum contender boxing gloves multi-density foam padding absorbs shock with each strike you make. Large Velcro strap for enclosure ensures a secure fit and provides protection to minimize the risk of injury during training. Whether you are training, sparring, doing bag or mitt work, these Venum gloves are sure to direct you towards success.100% high quality synthetic leather for extended service life
Multi-density foam for better Absorption of shocks
Full attached thumb to reduce the risk of twisting
Large Velcro enclosure for a secure fit