Children of War

By Bryan Single

Filmed in northern Uganda over a period of three years, CHILDREN OF WAR is a unique and incandescent documentary which follows a group of former child soldiers as they undergo a process of trauma therapy and healing while in a rehabilitation center. Having been abducted from their homes and schools and forced to become fighters by the Lord’s Resistance Army–a quasi-religious militia led by self-proclaimed prophet and war criminal Joseph Kony–the children struggle to confront and break through years of brutal abuse, extreme religious ideology, and participation in war crimes with the help of a heroic team of counselors. As these fearless allies guide the children forward into new lives, CHILDREN OF WAR illuminates a powerful and cathartic story of hope and renewal in the aftermath of war.

The Mediterranean and North Africa

By World War II In Colour

Mussolini’s ambition had always been to recreate the old Roman Empire. The trouble was, militarily he as a disaster. After failed attacks in North Africa and Greece, his armies were on the run. Hitler now faced a difficult choice. Did he divert troops needed at other fronts to support his ally, or did he let Mussolini fall? Hitler chose to support him – a decision that would spell disaster for both of them. Hitler would, lose hundreds of thousands of troops. Mussolini would lose his life. This film tells the extraordinary story of the war in North Africa and features the heroics of the tiny island called Malta as it withstood wave after wave of Nazi assault. It ends with the Allies fighting their way up Italy and Germany in retreat.

Caliban’s War (The Expanse)

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The second novel in James S. A. Corey’s SF New York Times bestselling Expanse series. Now a major television series.

We are not alone.

On Ganymede, breadbasket of the outer planets, a Martian marine watches as her platoon is slaughtered by a monstrous supersoldier. On Earth, a high-level politician struggles to prevent interplanetary war from reigniting. And on Venus, an alien protomolecule has overrun the planet, wreaking massive, mysterious changes and threatening to spread out into the solar system.

In the vast wilderness of space, James Holden and the crew of the Rocinante have been keeping the peace for the Outer Planets Alliance. When they agree to help a scientist search war-torn Ganymede for a missing child, the future of humanity rests on whether a single ship can prevent an alien invasion that may have already begun . . .

Caliban’s War is a breakneck science fiction adventure following the critically acclaimed Leviathan Wakes.

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The Yoda Chronicles, Episode I: The Phantom Clone

By LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Brick Saga So Far

The action-packed adventure begins when Darth Sidious unveils his plan to create a new super-weapon, an enhanced Sith clone named Jek-14, to help him defeat the Republic once and for all. It’s up to Jedi Master Yoda and his young Padawan students to work together and save the galaxy!

Red Sun Rampant

By World War II In Colour

December 7th 1941 is “a date that will live in infamy” proclaimed President Franklin Roosevelt. That was the day that Japan entered World War II, with its surprise attack upon the US Fleet in Pearl Harbour. Japan swiftly followed this up with the defeat of a huge British army in Singapore. For a while Japan was rampant in the Pacific. But gradually, America, the sleeping giant, awoke. The war that would follow would be characterised by major innovations. In particular it saw the battleship consigned to history and the emergence of the aircraft carrier as the decisive weapon of the seas.

World War Ii: A New History

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This book is a magisterial global history of World War II. Beginning in 1937 with the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese War, Evan Mawdsley shows how the origins of World War II lay in a conflict between the old international order and the new and then traces the globalisation of the conflict as it swept through Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. His primary focus is on the war’s military and strategic history though he also examines the political, economic, ideological, and cultural factors which influenced the course of events. The war’s consequences are examined too, not only in terms of the defeat of the Axis but also the break-up of colonial empires and the beginning of the Cold War. Accessibly written and well-illustrated with maps and photographs, this compelling new account also includes short studies of the key figures, events and battles that shaped the war.

Part 4: The Art of War

By The Night Of

At Rikers, an inmate named Calvin takes Naz into his confidence as Freddy continues to make protection overtures. On the outside looking in, Stone plays detective and uncovers some important information about Andrea’s troubled past. Alison and Helen discuss a possible plea deal for Naz as Chandra counsels the accused.