Drums of War

By The Messengers

The Horseman of War will be speaking at an international energy summit and it is up to our heroes to figure out which attendee is the victim and which is the Horseman before someone dies. Meanwhile, one of the Messengers is in jail and The Man (Diogo Morgado) is determined to keep him there. Shantel VanSanten, Anna Diop, JD Pardo, Jon Fletcher, Joel Courtney, Craig Frank and Sofia Black D’Elia also star.

Season 3: Mini-Movie

By Star Wars: The Clone Wars

With enhanced technology and improved production pipelines, Lucasfilm Animation is able to bring The Clone Wars to life like never before – promising a mini-movie every week, with theatrical quality animation and high-spirited adventures unlike anything else on television.


By Star Wars: The Clone Wars

An aimless Asajj Ventress joins a team of bounty hunters under the leadership of young Boba Fett. On an alien world, they undertake a dangerous but profitable mission that tests the limits of their skills, and the strength of Asajj’s character.


By Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The Republic and Mon Calamari forces have been defeated and captured by Riff Tamson, who seeks to rule Mon Cala as its new king, backed by the Separatists. With Ahsoka’s help, it is up to Prince Lee-Char to unite the people of his planet — Mon Calamari and Quarren alike — to rid the oceans of the Separatists invaders.

Gungan Attack

By Star Wars: The Clone Wars

The evil Separatist Riff Tamson launches a surprise attack that scatters the Mon Calamari and their Jedi allies, forcing them to hide in underwater caves. Ahsoka Tano and Prince Lee-Char must evade capture on their own. Meanwhile, the Jedi Council rallies reinforcements to help Mon Cala — the amphibious Gungan Grand Army from Naboo.