Sunbeam Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser 16 oz, Black, 006131


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The Sunbeam HOT SHOT Hot Water Dispenser can heat 16 ounces of water faster than a microwave. Dispense directly into your favorite mug or bowl. With convenient auto shut off and cord storage this is the ideal complement to your kitchen, office or dorm room. Making your favorite hot cereal or oatmeal in the morning has never been easier and there are no pots to clean. Lunch is covered with a quick serving of hot noodles, making baby food is no hassle, and you can enjoy tea and hot cocoa any time with this handy kitchen tool. The Sunbeam Hot Shot takes care of it all.Heats 16 oz. of water faster than a microwave and auto shut off turns unit off immedialey after cycle is completed
Space saving design fits conveniently on countertops, desktops and more
Cord storage fits neatly under the base
Easy to use heat and dispense buttons
Mesures 10 by 6 by 8 inches; 1-year limited warranty

16″ Bottle Brush Cleaner for Water Bottle – Long Handle Bottle Brush for Cleaning Thermos Hydro Flask Contigo S’Well Simple Modern Narrow Neck Sport Bottles Kombucha Beer Wine Decanter and Jugs

$9.99 - $6.99

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Good long handle bottle brush for a deep-down clean all the way to the bottom of bottles.
Long Bottle Brush hits tight corners and crevices, ensuring every inch of any bottle, pitcher or carafe gets a good scrubbing. Short, firm bristles thoroughly clean the bottom of bottles, suitable for your Beer Bottle, Wine, Brewing Bottles, Pitcher, Carafe, Glass JarsMore than 16″ total length, you can clean almost the tallest water bottles, 8″ long brush head, bendable wire make it easy to reach some curved part inside the bottles
Great for beer bottle, swell bottle, glass jars, baby water bottles, wine, brewing bottle, vases, decanter, tea pots, tumblers, thermos, especially the long narrow neck bottles
For use with all standard, narrow-neck and wide-neck bottles, such as Hydroflask, Contigo, Nalgene, S’Well, Simple Modern, Mira, Takeya, CamelBak, Blender Bottle and other sports bottles
Made of food grade polypropylene, BPA free and non-toxic materials, free from foreign smells, keep safe and healthy
Firm and sturdy handle let you feel good to hold and use, better than just thin wire handle, make the job easier, the hook provided to hang it for drying and storage

LG LT500P Vertical Refrigerator Water Filter, 1-Pack


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Keeping your refrigerator in tip top shape with a brand new refrigerator water filter is a smart move. By changing your LT500P / LT500PC water filter on a regular basis, you’ll continue to reduce contaminates such as iron, partulates and chlorine in your drinking water and ice cubes. You’ll notice the difference! The LG LT500P / LT500PC Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter (part# 5231JA2002A) is compatible with the following LG refrigerators: LFX25973SB, LFX25973ST, LFX25973SW, LFX25974SB, LFX25974ST, LFX25974SW, LSC21943ST, LSC23924SB, LSC23924ST, LSC23924SW, LSC27910SB, LSC27910ST, LSC27910SW, LSC27910TT, LSC27914SB, LSC27914ST, LSC27914SW, LSC27921SB, LSC27921ST, LSC27921SW, LSC27921TT, LSC27925SB, LSC27925ST, and LSC27925SW.Delivers clean, clear water that looks and tastes great
Uses revolutionized technology for water filtration, most of the impurities that water has are filtered away
Designed to provide up to 6-months of life or 500-gallons
Does not remove minerals which may be beneficial to health such as fluoride
The materials used in making LG water filters are top quality materials ensuring that the products last longer
Packaging May Vary

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter, Chrome, Vertical, LED Indicator for Filter Status, Carbon Filter Lasts Up to 3 Months (100 gal.), Fits Standard Faucets, Easy Installation No Tools Required, FM-3700B

$35.11 - $36.72

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The improved next generation of PUR faucet water filter is at your service with the PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter – Chrome FM-3700B. With 1-click installation, superior contaminant removal, and a Two-year warranty, there’s never been an easier or more reliable way to get PUR water. Each PUR faucet water filter gives you up to 100 gallons (2 – 3 months) of clean, healthy, great-tasting water.PUR ADVANCED FAUCET WATER FILTER:PUR Advanced Faucet Filter in Chrome attaches to your sink faucet, for easy, quick access to cleaner, great-tasting filtered water. An LED indicator displays the filter status, so you know when it needs a replacement.
FAUCET WATER FILTER:PUR’s faucet filters are certified to reduce over 70 contaminants, including 99% of lead, so you know you’re drinking cleaner water. They provide 100 gallons of filtration, or 2-3 months of typical use, before you need a replacement.
WHY FILTER WATER? Home tap water may look clean, but may contain potentially harmful pollutants & contaminants picked up on its journey through old pipes. PUR water filters, faucet filtration systems & water filter pitchers reduce these contaminants.
SUPERIOR WATER FILTRATION: PUR faucet water filters reduce over 70 contaminants, including lead & chlorine, by using activated carbon & ion exchange. Using a PUR water filter for tap water is more affordable than bottled water, save up to $1,000 per year.
WATER SHOULD BE PUR: PUR has been providing families with water filter systems for over 30 years. Compare PUR products to water filters from Brita, Kenmore, Berkey, Frigidaire, ZeroWater, Sawyer, Culligan, Aquagear, Soma, Amana and Aquasana.

Waterdrop LT500P Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter, Compatible with LG LT500P, 5231JA2002A, ADQ72910901, ADQ72910907, Kenmore GEN11042FR-08, 9890, 469890, 46-9890, Standard Series, 2 Pack


(as of Sep 20,2018 13:13:23 UTC – Details)

Meet Waterdrop Advanced
An upgraded series based on Waterdrop Standard
NSF/ANSI 53 certified for health effects

Your Needs, Our Priority
Water quality varies greatly from one region to another. Also, individuals attempting to address specific health issues may require different filtration solutions. In such cases, one ordinary filter may not satisfy your special and demanding needs. Therefore, we continuously research and develop innovative technologies to produce filters with different effects, and then launch three series accordingly: Waterdrop Standard, Waterdrop Advanced and Waterdrop Plus, to best suit your filtration needs. We try harder and fight to give you cleaner and healthier water in the most effective way.

We believe drinking clean water is the basic human rights, so we are committed to delivering clean water to everyone. Together with The Water Project, we are investing in better sanitation in schools in Africa to offer children a better future. Every time you buy one filter, one child will get one day supply of clean water. Till now, thousands of students and families are benefiting from this project, enjoying clean and safe water.

– NSF/ANSI 53 & 42 Certified:
Waterdrop Advanced LT500P filters are tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI 53 for the reduction of health-related contaminants including Lead, Cyst, Benzene, Carbofuran and Endrin, and against NSF/ANSI 42 for aesthetic effects by reducing Chlorine, Taste and Odor.

– Lead Free Material:
The filters are tested and certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI 372 for lead free.

– Filter Life:
To achieve optimal performance, it is recommended to replace the filter every 6 months or 300 gallons, whichever comes first.

– 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
We are dedicated to providing top-quality filters which perfectly fit the original without leak. Your feedback matters, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to tell us.NSF 42 CERTIFIED: Reduces chlorine, taste and odor to deliver clean water that tastes refreshing like mountain spring water
NSF 372 CERTIFIED: Lead-free material gives total protection to you and your family
FILTER LIFE: Enjoy 6 months or 300 gallons of clean, great-tasting water straight from your own fridge
GOOD MATCH: Leak-proof technology allows for precise fit without water leaks
EASY REPLACEMENT: Accurate and simple design makes installation easy without tools required
COST-EFFECTIVE: Features the same great quality as original filter at a fraction of the price
NO-WORRY GUARANTEE: 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee promises risk-free experience
ECO-FRIENDLY PRACTICE: Uses renewable coconut shells as the raw material for a better world
FOR DIFFERENT NEEDS: Waterdrop launched Standard, Advanced and Plus filters separately to address different water problems. You may choose the right one based on your water quality.
REPLACEMENT MODEL: LG LT500P, ADQ72910901, 5231JA2002A, 5231JA2002A-S, 5231JA2002B, 5231JA2002B-S and Kenmore filters 46-9890, 469890, 9890, WaterSentinel WSL-1, Tier1 RWF1050, Refresh R-9890, ICEPURE RFC0100A, OnePurify RFC0100A, IcePure Plus P-RWF0100A, Clear Choice CLCH110, Dista DWF-1, GOLDEN ICEPURE RWF0100A, Odoga WFEK00015, Denali Pure WF-LT500P, Aqua Fresh WF290. Waterdrop is an independent brand. This filter is not an original product.
Compatible Refrigerator Model: LFX25778SB; LFX25778ST; LFX25778SW; LFX25973D; LFX25973SB; LFX25973ST; LFX25973SW; LFX25974SB; LFX25974ST; LFX25974SW; LFXS24566S; LFXS24626D; LFXS24626S; LMX25964SS; LMX25964ST; LRSC21934SB; LRSC21934SW; LRSC21934TT; LRSC21935SB; LRSC21935SW; LRSC21935TT; LRSC23915SW; LRSPC266IT; LSC20913SW; LSC20913TT; LSC21943ST; LSC23924SB; LSC23924ST; LSC23924SW; LSC23954ST; LSC23954SW; LSC26905SB; LSC26905ST; LSC26905SW; LSC26905TT; LSC27910SB; LSC27910ST; LSC27910SW; LSC27910TT; LSC27911ST; LSC27911SW; LSC27914SB; LSC27914ST; LSC27914SW; LSC27914TT; LSC27921SB; LSC27921ST; LSC27921SW; LSC27921TT; LSC27925SB; LSC27925ST; LSC27925SW;

LG Refrigerator Water Filter (ADQ73613401, LT800P), 2-Pack by LG


(as of Sep 20,2018 03:22:51 UTC – Details)

2-PACK of LT800P ADQ73613401 LG Refrigerator Water Filter Part Number LT800P ADQ73613401 replaces PS10058933. Keep your refrigerator in tip-top shape with the LT800P LG Refrigerator Water Filter. It provides high-quality OEM filtration for your drinking water and ice. The replacement refrigerator filter is designed for quick installation. Once installed it will provide you with up to six months of quality water directly from your refrigerator. The LG water filter has been tested and is certified to NSF standards 42 and 53. The item reduces contaminants ranging from asbestos to mercury and more. Iron, particulates and chlorine are also taken out. Its is important to drink plenty of water on a daily basis.The water that you consume should be as pure as possible. The LT800 LG Refrigerator Water Filter supports a well hydrated lifestyle by cleansing your home’s tap water.LG 6 Month / 200 Gallon Capacity
LG OEM LT800P 2-Pack Water Filter
Certified by NSF 42 to reduce chlorine, taste and odor.
LT800P/ LT800PC Compatibility replacement water filter is compatible with the following LG refrigerators: LMXS30776S LMXS30746S LMXC24746S LSC22991ST LSXS26466S LSXS26366S LSXS26326S LSXS26326W LSXS26326B LSXS22423S LSXS22423W LSXS22423B

Simple Micellar Cleansing Water, 6.7 Ounce (2 Pack)


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Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is our most advanced yet gentle facial cleanser to date. A favorite among makeup artists and beauty editors, this innovative facial cleanser contains no artificial perfumes or dyes and no harsh chemicals that can upset your skin. It is made with skin-loving ingredients perfect for all skin types, including Vitamins B3 and C and Triple Purified Water, our purest possible water. Micellar Cleansing Water from Simple helps remove contaminants known to irritate skin and leaves skin clean, fresh, and instantly hydrated. The many beauty benefits offered by Simple Micellar Water make it easy to see why this gentle facial cleanser should be part of your healthy skincare routine. Micellar Water thoroughly cleanses skin of dirt and impurities – it unclogs pores while working as a makeup remover. Simple Micellar Cleansing Water instantly boosts skin hydration by 90%! Apply with a cotton round to cleanse skin with no residue and no rinsing required – skin is left clean and refreshed in one easy step!Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is our most advanced facial cleanser to date, yet it is gentle on even the most sensitive skin
A complete and thorough skin cleanser, Simple Micellar Cleansing Water cleans the skin of dirt and impurities and unclogs pores – it is also formulated for makeup removal
Simple Micellar Cleansing Water instantly boosts skin’s hydration by 90%

3 PACK – LG LT700P Compatible Refrigerator Water Filters – LG Water Filter Comparable Replacements for LT700P, ADQ36006101, Kenmore 46-9690, NSF 42 Certified

$59.95 - $33.95

(as of Sep 19,2018 17:34:04 UTC – Details)

LT700P LG Refrigerator Water Filters

Look no further than K&J Charcoal Filters for the perfect OEM replacement filter for your refrigerator!

Our filters are higher quality for a fraction of the price of Brand name filters. Why pay for the name when you can put that money toward the quality?

With a K&J Filter you get:

► HIGHEST QUALITY FILTRATION – The activated carbon in K&J Charcoal Filters is ground fine to increase surface area exposure to water, removing more contaminants using the same amount of finite space that your OEM filter uses.
► PERFECT COMPATIBILITY – Many replacement refrigerator filters are a struggle to fit into your fridge due to sloppy manufacturing practices. K&J has dialed in the exact specs of the OEM filter and uses very small tolerances to produce a product that is an EXACT fit, for an easy, leak-free replacement.
► ECONOMICAL – We manufacture filters only. It’s our thing. This means that we don’t have the massive overhead that the manufacturer of your refrigerator has, and can offer very affordable pricing on replacement filters that are just as good (if not better)!
► SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with your refrigerator filter replacement, just send us an email and we will send you a replacement or full refund! That’s the K&J Quality Guarantee!

Please see below for a list of models that these filters will easily replace:

LG MODELS: LT700P, LT700PC, ADQ36006101, ADQ36006101, ADQ36006101-S, ADQ36006101S, ADQ36006102, ADQ36006102-S, and ADQ36006102S
KENMORE MODELS: 9690, 46-9690, kenmore 469690, ADQ36006102, 04609690000p, Water Sentinel WSL-3, WLF-01, RFC1200A, WF700, RWF1052, and EFF-6032A “lg replacement cartridge adq36006101″► HIGHEST QUALITY FILTRATION – The activated carbon in K&J’s LG replacement filter is ground ultra-fine to increase surface area exposure to water, removing more contaminants using the same amount of filter space. This results in the cleanest-tasting, purest water.
► EXTRACTS CONTAMINANTS – K&J ensures the highest standard of contaminant retention, including filtering out 99.99% of chlorine and sediment. WQA and NSF 42 and 372 certified.
► IMPROVES WATER TASTE – In addition to keeping you safe from unwanted chemicals and particulates, these filters are designed to even remove off-flavors and odors. There is nothing quite like the taste of 100% pure water!
► REPLACE AS RECOMMENDED – Be sure to keep up on replacement intervals. It is recommended to replace your fridge filter every 6 months or sooner to ensure constantly perfect water. Enjoy!
► FITS THE FOLLOWING REFRIGERATORS – LG LT700P, LT700PC, ADQ36006101, ADQ36006101-S, ADQ36006101S, ADQ36006102, ADQ36006102-S, ADQ36006102S, Kenmore 9690, 46-9690, 469690, ADQ36006102, 04609690000p, Water Sentinel WSL-3, WLF-01, RFC1200A, WF700, RWF1052, and EFF-6032A

Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Water with Sea Salt – 4.4oz Can (Pack of 12)

$27.55 - $27.36

(as of Sep 19,2018 13:10:06 UTC – Details)

Delicious Wild Planet Sardines in Spring Water are a healthy and sustainable addition to your regular diet that you can feel good about. Meaty and flavorful, Wild Planet sardines are a nutritional powerhouse that are rich in omega 3, protein, calcium, and iron. They are also gluten-free, non-GMO and OU Kosher Pareve, so you can snack with confidence. Try them on a sandwich, salad or in your favorite recipe. 

-Excellent source of Omega 3, Protein, Calcium, and Iron
-Sustainably caught in the North Pacific
-Paleo-friendly, keto-friendly
-Non-GMO Certified
-OU Kosher Pareve

Wild Planet Foods is dedicated to maintaining the ocean’s natural ecosystem while sharing delicious, healthy and sustainable wild seafood.WILD SARDINES IN WATER WITH SEA SALT – Enjoy the subtle, rich deliciousness of wild caught sardines, sprinkled with a bit of sea salt to fully bring out that flavor you crave.
RICH IN NUTRITION & FLAVOR – A nutritional powerhouse, Wild Planet sardines are an essential source of omega 3, protein, calcium, and iron.
FROM THE NORTH PACIFIC – Feel confident that the sardines you’re enjoying are harvested in the Pacific with sustainable methods, making them healthy for the Earth and your body.
SUSTAINABLE & NON-GMO – Wild Planet Sardines are 100% sustainably caught via free school purse seine methods, and are Gluten free, non-GMO, OU Kosher Pareve.
WILDLY GOOD – Wild Planet Foods is dedicated to maintaining the ocean’s natural ecosystem while providing delicious, healthy and sustainable wild seafood.

12-Pack of Cuisinart Compatible Replacement K&J Charcoal Water Filters for Coffee Makers – Fits all Cuisinart Coffee Makers

$19.99 - $8.99

(as of Sep 19,2018 07:40:11 UTC – Details)

12-Pack of Cuisinart Compatible Replacement K&J Charcoal Water Filters for Coffee Makers – Fits all Cuisinart Coffee MakersFITS ALL CUISINART MACHINES – These Cuisinart compatible filters made by K&J will fit all Cuisinart coffee makers, both newer machines and older machines. See below for full list.
MICROMESH MATERIAL – Ensures the charcoal stays in the filter and does not clog up your Cuisinart coffee maker. K&J is the highest quality of any filter currently sold!
IMPROVES BEVERAGE FLAVOR – Removing impurities, calcium, chlorine, and odors with activated charcoal filters creates the best-tasting beverages.
ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING – We ship your Cuisinart filter replacements not in a bulky box, but with minimal packaging.
ULTRA FINE-GRAIN CHARCOAL – Finer charcoal granules increase the surface area exposure to water and maximize the effective filtration. K&J makes the most effective Cuisinart water filter on the market!