The Top 50 Chrome Extensions for the Classroom


(as of Mar 24,2019 07:21:48 UTC – Details)

Spend more time working with students and less time dealing with mundane tasks.

If you’ve ever wished there were a way to add more minutes to the day, Chrome Extensions just may be the answer. In The Top 50 Chrome Extensions for the Classroom by Chris Craft, PhD, you’ll learn time-saving tips and efficiency tricks that will help reduce the amount of time spent in lesson preparation and administrative tasks—so you can spend more time with students.

Each tool highlighted in this book correlates to one of the 4 Cs of modern education—communication, creativity, collaboration, critical thinking—so you can be sure you’re making the best use of your time and efforts. From extensions that keep students safe to those that cut down on repetitive tasks, you’ll find the tools you need to make tech integration simple and fun. Try one, or try them all and discover just how productive you can be!

+Bonus 25 Extensions just for fun!

“This phenomenal book is packed with practical tips and tricks for teachers, administrators, and students.”
Mari Venturino, teacher and blended learning specialist

“Educators everywhere have been waiting for something like this; it’s something they can use in their classrooms today!”
Natasha Rachell, EdS, digital learning specialist

“This book is an incredibly rich resource . . . . A must-own for all educators and technologists alike.”
Jesse Lubinsky, director of technology and innovation, chief information officer