Toulpuer Battery Jumper Cable 2 Gauge 20 Feet Heavy Duty Booster Cables with Carry Bag (2 Gauge, 20-Feet)

$90.99 - $31.99

(as of Jun 18,2019 10:35:40 UTC – Details)

If you can’t start your car. Don’t worry, Whether you accidentally left your headlights on all night, or you haven’t started your car in a long time, you’re going to need a boost. No need to call for help, because you bought Toulpuer jumper cables, which take up virtually no space in your trunk, thanks to the portable box. These heavy duty jumper cables are color coded and easy to use. Simply clamp onto your car battery, connecting to another vehicle, and you’ll restart your car easily.1.EFFICIENT TOOL FOR EMERGENCY— Toulpuer jumper cable can boost a dead or weak battery easily. The booster cable get more battery, typically from another car, to give the drained or completely dead battery an extra boost of energy. It’s a safe way to transfer power from a 12/24-volt automobile battery. Whether needing a jump-start for someone else, the jumper cable is a useful tool. The long cable enables longer access and rescue range is wider, so you don’t need to try hard to move the car.
2.PORTABLE JUMPER CABLES—When your car’s battery ran out of electricity, you need Toulpuer jumper cables to connect the battery of another car to restart your car. The hard box of the heavy duty booster cables protects them from being crushed or damaged. You can leave it in the trunk.
3.HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS—The booster cables provide heavy-duty alligator clamps. It has four tight-grip clamps, two red and two black, and each one includes a strong spring and a comfortable handle for secure placement and easy positioning. The red and black exteriors make it simple to connect the right color to the batteries’ positive (+) and negative (-) metal terminals, and the different colors can keep you from accidentally crossing wires.
4.APPLY TO MANY CARS—We have a detailed description of how to use this jumper cable on the product packaging, and you can refer to the instructions before using it. It’s perfect for motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. NOTICE: Keep children away from it, in order to avoid electrical shock hazards.
5.SATISFYING CUSTOMER SERVICE—Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problems, either before purchasing or after sale. We would reply in 24 hours.