Under Armour Braces – Strapless Mouthguard – Youth (Age 11-) –


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Under Armour Armourbraces has a patented ArmourFit Material that shapes to braces to provide protection, safety and a custom fit. The ArmourFit material is hydrophobic. It will not absorb water and will not deteriorate. The Under Armour Braces is a better orthodontic mouth guard that is specially designed by a doctor. The Under Armour Braces Mouth Guard is the first microwaveable, boilable, re-fittable and chew resistant mouth guard designed specifically for braces. This mouth guard was designed for competition in all contact sports.Provides protection to the teeth, jaws and gums
Chew resistant material is hydrophobic so it will not absorb water and will not deteriorate
Easy breathe, easy talk
Generally, size Youth (age 8-11) and size Adult (age 12+)
Latex Free