Volcanoes (A Firefly Guide)

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Volcanoes describes in stunning detail 100 active volcanoes around the planet. Every entry describes the principal characteristics of the volcano, such as the geodynamic environment leading to its formation, its structure, special features, morphology, its method of eruption, and the materials erupted. There are also traveler’s directions for reaching each volcano.

The word volcano usually evokes images of cone-shaped mountains with smooth, steep slopes and a plume of smoke rising skyward. This, however, is only one of the five types of volcanoes. In this comprehensive guide, readers will learn about these basic types:

  • Island-Arc volcanoes (Alaska, Japan and Indonesia)
  • Hot-Spot volcanoes (Hawaii)
  • Ocean-Ridge volcanoes (Iceland)
  • Continental-Margin volcanoes (North America and the Andes)
  • Continental-Rift volcanoes (eastern Africa)

Written and illustrated by experts in the field, Volcanoes will appeal to readers interested in science and natural history; travelers to regions of volcanic activity; students; and inhabitants of areas exposed to volcanic eruptions.

The book also addresses predicting eruptions and how to minimize the risks posed by them.

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