Water and Power: a story of privatization of the water supply in Los Angeles


(as of Mar 24,2019 06:35:58 UTC – Details)

Nancy Taylor, an investigative reporter tracks the activities of Marty Percival, an award winning environmentalist/opportunist, from Chicago who comes to Los Angeles. She uncovers that his sole intent is to leverage his financial advantage by seizing upon the Los Angeles region’s continual threat of drought and water shortages. Mr. Perceval guarantees water to the wealthy and politicians -no matter what- as being exclusive, private shareholders in his corporation. As his capability proves successful the corporation is given increasingly more authority of the water distribution as the sources of water from the Delta, Colorado River, and Owens County supply of City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power becomes irreversibly diminishing. Percival’s promise to maintain water rates as an assurance to gain the City’s support is soon broken. At the insistence and subsequent pleasure of the shareholders, the water rates are doubled; causing serious upheaval between water have’s and have-not’s; including the known Mexican Mafia’s lieutenants. Adding to this unrest are terrorist attacks on the open aqueducts bringing water to Los Angeles and numerous open reservoirs. Nancy Taylor’s life is continuously threatened by Percival’s forces -which she cannot prove, as she relentlessly does her job as a responsible reporter. The question is; Who is going to stand up against this juggernaut that Perceval has engineered? Certainly not the current city incumbents who are shareholders! Certainly not those whose wealth continues to expand! As life itself is fast succumbing and being threatened by the vast majority of Angelenos, who will stand up for them?